Can Your Period Stop On The Pill

Can Your Period Stop On The Pill – Even though it’s “your body, your choice,” sometimes it feels like you’re really living at the mercy of your birth control pills. At some point you’ve probably cursed them to warrant a reduction of your desired duration.

But maybe you’ve heard the myth from your camp buddies or someone on the Internet that you can actually just switch your birth control pills to skip your period altogether. Sounds a bit sketchy, no? In fact, “it’s perfectly safe to do,” says Raquel Dardick, MD, clinical associate professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at NYU Langone Medical Center. Who’s in charge now, huh?!

Can Your Period Stop On The Pill

Can Your Period Stop On The Pill

Here’s how it works: Instead of taking the row of placebo pills you normally take for your period, you skip them and go straight to your next pack of pills. You can either toss the sugar pills and skip your period altogether this month, or you can delay your period by waiting until next week to take them. However, if you do decide to take them, your doctor may recommend taking inactive pills for only three or four days (rather than the full seven), according to the Mayo Clinic.

Birth Control For Beginners: 5 Things To Know Before You Start The Pill

You can do this with all birth control pills, says Dr. Dardak, but it’s more difficult to do with some types of pills, especially those that come in more than one “phase.” Most pills are monophasic, meaning there’s only one phase: According to the Mayo Clinic, you’ll take 21 equal-dose pills in a pack and then a week of inactive pills. But other types can be biphasic, triphasic, or even quadriphasic, meaning the dose of hormone in each pill changes throughout the month. For example, triphasic pills come in three different doses.

It may sound confusing, but pills are usually color-coded in the packaging if they have multiple phases. As long as you take them in order, you don’t really need to keep track too closely, says Dr. Dardak.

Regardless of the type of pill you’re taking, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before doing so. Of course, you should always take your medication exactly as your doctor tells you, and that’s technically “breaking the rules.” But, despite what you may have heard or understood, intentionally skipping your period isn’t bad. Now, if you are

If you’re on birth control and don’t have a period, it’s definitely something to talk to your doctor about, Dr. Dardak says. However, if you’re “on the pill, it’s not harmful at all to not get your period.” In other words, your doctor will probably be completely on board with your switcheroo. Dr. Dardak says the only downside to skipping your period is that some women will experience spotting.

What You Need To Know About The Sugar Pills

And if you’re worried that once you cycle around your pills your cycle will go on, don’t. “If you skip a week, obviously your next period will be a week earlier,” says Dr. Dardak. “But [it] shouldn’t otherwise affect your cycle.”

Keep in mind that there are birth control methods available that can prevent your period altogether or at least make it significantly lighter (such as a hormonal IUD), so you Might consider replacing one of these if it’s really a problem. Most months for you. Otherwise, even delaying your period is allowed.

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Can Your Period Stop On The Pill

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What Happens If You Stop Taking Birth Control Pills Mid Pack?

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Can Your Period Stop On The Pill

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Does Birth Control Stop Your Period?

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How Soon After Coming Off The Pill Can You Get Pregnant?

You don’t have to deal with a period if you don’t want to—how to stop your period safely with birth control.

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Can Your Period Stop On The Pill

You can skip your period with the birth control pills you already take or you can choose to take the pill continuously. Tawfiq Ahmad/Getty Images

Reasons For Missed Periods: 7 Reasons Why Your Periods Are Missing And You Are Not Pregnant

Do you feel like your period is getting in the way of living your best life? You may have extremely painful periods, debilitating PMS, or a disability that makes it difficult for you to cope with your period. Or, maybe you just resent the discomfort of monthly bleeding. =

Regardless, you don’t need to stop your period. It is possible to live a period-free life by using birth control to stop your period. Not to mention, doctors say this method is safe.

These pills are usually packaged in 28-day packs, where there are three weeks of hormones and then one week of pills with no active ingredients. When you’re on these placebo pills, you get a period — simulating the cycle that’s happening right now, says Dr. Jonathan Shaffer, M.D., an OB-GYN and clinical professor of OB-GYN at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. When one is ovulating naturally. The center

However, just because pills are packaged that way, doesn’t mean you need to use them that way. If you want to stop your period, you can skip the last row of pills and immediately move on to start a new pack so there’s no break in hormones, says Schaffir. By keeping these hormones stable, you prevent bleeding.

Period Wont Stop? Reasons For Long Abnormal Bleeding

Additionally, White says there are some forms of birth control pills that are specifically designed for continuous dosing, with 84 active pills. after the

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