How To Get Rid Of Adipose Tissue – Overcrowding, also known as a double chin, is something many people suffer from throughout their lives. While excess fat under your armpits is not usually a sign of a health problem, it can affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Years ago, only cosmetic surgery would solve the problem but now there are FDA-approved injections that can completely remove unwanted fat cells, without the side effects of surgery or downtime.

The second fold, otherwise known as “submental fullness” is caused by a layer of fat that has been under the chin, and over time is large enough to create wrinkles that cause one or more facial wrinkles. A double chin is usually associated with weight gain, but you don’t always have to be overweight to have one: genetics or loose skin from aging can also cause a double chin.

How To Get Rid Of Adipose Tissue

How To Get Rid Of Adipose Tissue

Weight gain is a common cause of double chin. When you gain weight, fat tends to accumulate all over the body including the face and under the chin. Depending on your body type, gaining weight in your face can creep up on you. If you have a large bust, a few extra pounds on your hips or stomach may escape your notice, until one day you turn sideways in front of the mirror and get an unpleasant surprise. A few extra pounds in your body can be easily hidden by baggier clothes but there aren’t many ways to hide extra pounds on your face.

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Aging can also contribute to wrinkles because as we age, we lose collagen and elasticity in our skin. Skin aging is a normal part of aging, but there are certain factors that can speed up the process, such as poor diet, sun exposure, or smoking.

A person’s posture while using our cell phones, laptops, and tablets, for example, can also change their identity. We tend to look down and bend our necks to see what we are doing while using them, which is one of the worst possible positions for the neck and mouth.

Other factors outside of our control such as facial features and genetics can also contribute double or triple.

There are a number of ways to help reduce facial wrinkles such as neck and face exercises, physical activity, and medical treatments. Exercises that work the muscles in the neck and face are good for you, but done alone instead of in combination with other treatments, they are unlikely to produce satisfactory results.

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Lifestyle changes, such as improving your diet and exercising regularly can reduce fat throughout your body, including belly fat, while improving your overall health. The latest scientific advances now offer the option of subcutaneous fat cells to be destroyed with a standard non-surgical procedure, thanks to a new FDA-approved injection for use in the office.

René Recinos, M.D Ph D. explains, “For those people who want to get rid of fat under the chin, there is a good option available, called Kybella. It is a prescription drug that is injected into the fat under the chin. It causes the cells under the jaw to dissolve. by nature.”

He said, “Most people who are treated need between 2 and 6 treatments per month, in order to achieve the best results. How much treatment is needed depends on the amount of fat present, and the desired effect. ” as announced by Dr. Recinos, a Mason City Clinic Plastic Surgeon, is licensed to administer Kybella.

How To Get Rid Of Adipose Tissue

Common side effects of Kybella include swelling, pain, tenderness, redness and stiffness in the treatment area. More serious side effects such as muscle injuries, blood infections, difficulty swallowing, hair loss and open sores from dead tissue at the injection site are rare but possible.

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The best way to determine if you are a candidate for Kybella, is to consult with an experienced physician. Mason City Clinic’s Board Certified Plastics and Construction Stores are highly skilled and experienced. René Recinos, M.D Ph D. is licensed to administer Kybella, and has used it successfully in his patients. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 641-494-5360. Fat reduction surgery involves a minimally invasive procedure that creates small incisions to reduce the size of fat pockets (fat deposits that sit under the skin, but above the muscles). A number of FDA-cleared treatment options are available, each of which achieves gradual fat loss without surgery or time. Choose from the options below, or read our entire guide to learn more:

For patients who are close to their body weight and do not need significant revision of the area, non-surgical treatment can be an effective way to reduce isolated pouches and exercise without surgery, and none at all. it is important to have realistic expectations about the results that non-surgical treatment can achieve.

No cosmetic procedure, surgical or non-surgical, is intended for weight loss. Medications will not significantly change a patient’s weight, and a healthy lifestyle and weight maintenance are essential to maintain results.

A body without surgery involves much more than just losing fat. Today, you have the ability to lighten cells, tighten skin, regenerate tissue, and remove unwanted hair. The following guide shows your many options.

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The best way to determine if non-surgical fat reduction is right for your goals is to consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Medicine. An ABCS diplomat will be trained in proper surgical and surgical techniques and can help you choose the best treatment for your needs.

Cryolipolysis is a noninvasive technique that uses extreme cold to break down fat cells and help reduce fat pockets. A plate or cup is placed over the skin of the treatment area, where it transmits very low heat to freeze the cells, essentially destroying them. Because the skin, muscles and tendons are cooled to a lower temperature than fat, these tissues are not injured. CoolSculpting is the brand name of cryolipolysis.

Laser fat reduction works by removing fatty tissue using heat. Special laser wavelengths are delivered through the skin, heating the fat to the point where the fat begins to break down. The constant cooling process causes skin damage in the process. SculpSure is the brand name of this laser technology.

How To Get Rid Of Adipose Tissue

Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps break down fat for digestion. In an injectable form, deoxycholic acid can break down fat cells by reducing fat pockets. Currently, Kybella (formerly known as ATX-101) is the only FDA-approved form of deoxycholic acid, and it can be used to effectively reduce the double chin.

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Ultrasound fat reduction uses high frequency sonic waves to destroy the cell walls in the treatment area, thus releasing the fat inside to be transformed by the body and reduce the size of the fat. Ultrasound energy penetrates the skin, causing rapid changes that cause fat cells to break away while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. FDA-cleared ultrasound fat reduction treatments include UltraShape, which uses ultrasound technology, and Liposonix, which uses high-energy focused ultrasound.

One of the new techniques to be cleared by the FDA for non-surgical fat reduction uses red blood cells to reduce the size of fat cells. Instead of removing or breaking down fat, Photonic lipolysis, or “red light therapy,” delivers a specific wavelength of light to the skin through the skin using a special light. This light causes the selected fats to open up and release some of their contents, thus helping them to decrease in size. The FDA has withdrawn the Photonic lipolysis/redness treatment regimen that includes UltraSlim.

Because fat reduction procedures are non-surgical in nature, they can be performed by an esthetician, registered nurse, or plastic surgeon. In general, non-invasive treatments (such as CoolSculpting or SculpSure) can be performed safely by a licensed, trained esthetician who works under medical supervision. Injectable fat treatment, such as Kybella, requires advanced knowledge of anatomy and should only be performed by qualified cosmetic surgeons or providers with training and experience.

A good place to start? Find an ABCS certified cosmetic surgeon near you, and schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and goals, review treatment options, and find out what results you can expect with non-surgical fat reduction.

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How To Get Rid Of Adipose Tissue

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