Who Was I In My Previous Birth

Who Was I In My Previous Birth – Is this your first human birth? Possible. But, it was NOT in my case. Thanks to the Art of Living Immortality Process, I can look (literally!) at my previous life and realize how lucky I am to have this particular life. It was an incredible experience β€” but I wasn’t allowed to share it! πŸ˜‰

The process of immortality is about getting rid of trash – fears, tragic memories, hatred, etc., . It helps enhance our perspective on life and provides a glimpse into its eternal nature. This process allows me to easily get rid of past hurts and fears (from this life and previous lives). I was able to throw away my biggest phobia that had existed since one of my past lives – Aquaphobia. I was also able to get rid of my fear of becoming a widow which came back to haunt me in one of my past lives.

Who Was I In My Previous Birth

Who Was I In My Previous Birth

This process isn’t just about the negative. A person can also awaken dormant skills or abilities that he had in a previous life. For example, I can observe a drastic improvement in my singing ability. Also, my devotion to Lord Hanuman stems from a previous birth.

Gwyneth Paltrow Quote: β€œmy Life Comes Down To Three Moments: The Death Of My Father, Meeting My Husband, And The Birth Of My Daughter. Everythin…”

β€œThere’s no point in being paranoid about anything in life – not even enlightenment!” -For me, after the process of immortality, it is worth realizing!

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