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What Are The Job Duties Of A Correctional Officer

What Are The Job Duties Of A Correctional Officer

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Correctional Nurse Cover Letter Examples

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Central Role Of Social Worker In Correctional Setting

Ready to unlock the potential of your correctional officer resume? Let’s craft a resume that showcases your skills like an impenetrable cell block. If you focus like a surveillance camera on the right accomplishments and skills, you’ll put a spotlight on your application.

You are about to see a sample correctional officer resume that you can modify to fit any correctional officer position. Plus, you’ll get easy steps to write a correctional officer resume that will land you 10x more interviews than any other.

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What Are The Job Duties Of A Correctional Officer

Offered advice and reworked my resume in a way I never could. It helped me frame things in a much more intelligent way and landed me my dream job.

Idoc: Duties & Responsibilities

Professional correctional officer with 7 years experience in inspections and conflict resolution. Seeks to help Thornberg Correctional Facility reduce addiction and increase employee safety. At Houghton, CF discovered an illegal trafficking pipeline used to deliver contraband into the facility.

Your correctional uniform shows at first glance that you are a guard, not a prisoner. Your correctional officer resume should work the same way with formatting. Also – it should show that you are employable and not a moron. how? By arranging the right elements in an easy-to-read way that shows professionalism.

There are two other resume formats you can use. Check out our guide: How to choose the best resume format

Experience is the best way to get a correctional officer job. But you’re not guaranteed a roster spot just because you have one. Your correctional officer resume should list it the right way. So—use a combination of action words, accomplishments, and numbers in your resume in the right order.

What Is A Correctional Officer? A Look At Life As A Jailer

Amazing. The first of these is like a recently dry-cleaned Blauer uniform. The supervisor or HR manager will read it and think,

A correctional officer resume with no experience should use the same trick. But how can you show experience if you don’t have it? By indicating unrelated jobs with transferable skills. If you were a security guard or even a retail supervisor, you can show off your skills at correctional facilities.

Eha. Someone is employed and someone is on leave. Why shouldn’t you do it as example #2? Because being “responsible for” something can mean you’ve dropped the ball. But in example #1, you showed yourself to be as solid as the Cook County Jail.

What Are The Job Duties Of A Correctional Officer

Pro tip: Should you put references on a resume? no But if you must—for example, if the facility requires it—list the name, title, company, and address of the reference.

Free Correctional Officer Job Duties

When you’re making a resume in our resume builder, drag and drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check?

A degree in psychology would really help your correctional officer resume. But even if you don’t have one, you have to show that you went to school. Do it the right way and it can make your job search easier. So – add some Orange County level school records to prove you know an IPD inmate.

Look at this? A degree on a resume looks a lot better when you haven’t just played beer pong.

Pro tip: If you’re taking conflict resolution or validation classes, don’t be afraid to brag. Continuing education on a resume shows a commitment to improvement.

Corrections Officer Cover Letter Examples

Should you write your degree or shorten it? Check out our guide: Big and small in a resume

This next part is everything. That’s pretty much the only thing that matters on a prison officer’s resume. Ready? Don’t list every skill you have. It’s a good way to look like you don’t have one. The real trick is learning what skills the facility needs. Then prove – don’t enumerate.

Guess who will be on the payroll soon? When you put correctional officer duties on a resume like this, employers notice. The key? Start each sentence with a resume word. Then add numbers. The numbers make it solid!

What Are The Job Duties Of A Correctional Officer

Pro tip: Worked for yourself? To list self-employment on a resume, find transferable skills in your work history such as leadership or problem solving.

Work With Us

How many employers want to see adaptability on a correctional officer’s resume? Check out our guide: +30 best examples of what skills to include on a CV.

Here’s another massive tip. The prison needs to know what you are like. Will you crack under pressure? Walking around cocky and making every inmate want to pinch you? You should expand your resume beyond experience and education to demonstrate competence. Add non-work accomplishments to your resume to make it happen.

Certifications are vital on a correctional officer’s resume. Don’t confuse these with online courses, but if you have them, list them, especially if you’re at the entry level. Here are some to ponder:

Are you in the ACA or ACHP? They can show that you are the kind of person who can walk behind these walls every day. This goes double if you volunteer or mentor other employees.

Correctional Officer Resume: Templates & Examples

What language do the prisoners speak? If you speak their language, it could be the small detail that leads to a big job offer.

Maybe you went to ICPA or the AJA conference a few years ago. Think this doesn’t belong on your resume? It can show that you’re excited about your career, not just about the weather.

Can you include food drives and hospital volunteer work on your resume? Absolutely. Proves you’re not just looking

What Are The Job Duties Of A Correctional Officer

Pro tip: Make your resume ATS-friendly to get more job offers. Use an ATS compliant template. Then mark your sections in a way that the tracking software understands.

About The Role

Warning – the warden has a stack of resumes next to the vandal-proof lights. He doesn’t want to look for your skills as a federal marshal after escaping. Help him by putting them all together in a career profile – called a resume objective or resume summary. It goes at the top of your correctional officer resume.

Professional correctional officer with experience maintaining order in a large prison. Seeking to use my extensive education and superior experience in prison management to help my future employer excel in their correctional operations.

At first glance they look the same. But take a closer look. The first of these corrections officer resume samples has it all. He has experience, skills, a purpose that helps the prison, and a great achievement for corrections. The second? This is an empty cell.

Create a career objective if you are writing a correctional officer resume with no experience. Worried about not being able to show accomplishments ready for Dallas County? You can – from the academy, from on-the-job training and from non-correctional jobs. Maybe your instructor gave you a good compliment, or you used teamwork skills in a restaurant.

Experienced Correctional Officers

Supervisory Correctional Officer with experience in supervision and conflict resolution. Looking to provide expert handling of inmates at HiLeah Maximum Security Prison. As an undercover security guard for Boston Loss Management, monitored security cameras resulting in a 10% client

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