Job Description Of A Juvenile Probation Officer

Job Description Of A Juvenile Probation Officer – When probation officer Elizabeth Brown works with incarcerated teenagers, she knows what they’re going through. He really does. It does not come from empathy training. He was one of them.

He just had his first anniversary as a county employee. His long, difficult road there included several stints in juvenile hall and years as a probation client.

Job Description Of A Juvenile Probation Officer

Job Description Of A Juvenile Probation Officer

Elizabeth’s personal turnaround is remarkable and inspiring. It also reflects one of our biggest stories in the county in recent years: the transformation of our probation department, particularly for juvenile justice. We’ve had a lot of changes in our organization, but perhaps none more dramatic than how we approach young people whose lives have gone astray.

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Take Elizabeth’s story as an example. He grew up in an unstable household, regularly exposed to family members’ drug use and violence to the extent that he says it was normal for him. He had a lot of anger, started fighting, and at the age of 15 he went to juvenile hall for the first time.

Given the environment from which it came, the results are not surprising. In fact, unfortunately, they are quite typical. So the foundation of our changes in juvenile justice is firstly the recognition that many of these children’s behaviors are the result of poor circumstances. They need help, encouragement, stability, and someone who believes in their worth.

“Whatever these kids push your buttons, they may be experiencing something that we just don’t know why they’re behaving the way they are,” says Elizabeth. “And sometimes some of them are hard to come by. It takes a while to break through that wall for them to start accepting you and slowly change. As you know, this is a long process. They have been through a lot. “

This means a shift for probation officers, whose role is now less of a police officer and more of a counselor and coach. Their training includes learning about adolescent brain development, trauma-informed care, and restorative justice. They really know the youth and the root causes of their challenges. This approach really made the difference for Elizabeth. He says that those who took a personal interest in him made him want to improve his life. He didn’t want to let them down.

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An officer helped her remove her tattoos, took her to her appointment, and stayed with her during the procedure. He touched Elizabeth with an effort. These types of relationships and this level of engagement are now becoming more common in the department.

Elizabeth says that when she went to juvenile hall, it was traumatic to lose ties to friends and family. We now know that children have a better chance of successfully reentering society when we help maintain positive networks. We make it easier to increase visiting hours and take young people away from remote locations that many families struggle to get to. For the past few years, prisons have hosted Thanksgiving dinners so relatives can join the youth and they can all be together for a traditional family time.

In general, we worked to make the environment more home-like. We intend to take a much bigger leap in this direction in the next few years with the creation of a new campus to replace the existing minor hall. The $112 million project will create smaller residential units with more private spaces and recreational opportunities. It also includes improved facilities for staff, such as lounges where they can decompress from high-stress work.

Job Description Of A Juvenile Probation Officer

Of course, it’s even better to help kids stay in any kind of institution, and we’re working harder than ever to do that. Our number of juveniles in custody is down to less than a third of what it was at its peak, and we want to maintain that trend. Each year, thousands of youth participate in alternatives to detention and various diversion programs. Our recently opened Achievement Centers offer structured, pro-social activities after school hours.

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All of this is an illustration of how we work with these clients as people – individuals with complex and unique needs. It requires a comprehensive approach to achieve the results we strive for. So probation will also become more involved in the community, engaging with a variety of partners and working more closely with Health and Human Services and other county departments. This allows us to provide bundled services and build more relationships to proactively reach at-risk youth.

Elizabeth hopes to work in the community someday. Although she tried to move on from her coming out years, she continued to struggle: domestic violence and life as a young, single mother. But he continued, got a degree in criminal justice and eventually ended up in the probation department. He is currently in the East Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility, where he has turned his troubled past into an asset.

“My history helps me to be more understanding,” she says. “I don’t worry when they do things they shouldn’t do. I’m just taking time to talk about it.”

I thank Elizabeth for sharing her story and congratulate her for her courage and all that she has done to get to where she is. And let me express my gratitude to all probation officers for the demanding work you do to improve lives and keep us safe. Community Treatment Efforts to care, protect, and treat indigent juveniles include various forms of such treatment: probation treatment.

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Presentation on theme: “Community Treatment Efforts to Provide Care, Protection, and Treatment for Indigent Juveniles Among the Different Forms of Such Treatment: Probation Treatment.”— Presentation Transcript:

2 Community Treatment Efforts to care, protect, and treat indigent juveniles include: Probation treatment services such as individual/group counseling Restitution Foster homes Small group homes Boarding homes Counseling Vocational training LO1.

Correctional facilities operated by federal, state, and/or county governments. Restrict the movement of residents by means such as staff monitoring, locked exits, and internal fence controls. Different types of such treatment include: reception centers specialized facilities training schools ranch/forest camps suppression camps. Effect: Reduction in the number of arrests per year after release from a secure facility LO1.

Job Description Of A Juvenile Probation Officer

4 Juvenile Probation Nonpunitive, legal disposition of juveniles that emphasizes community treatment with close supervision. The primary form of community treatment used in the juvenile system is characterized by: Prescribed treatment in the community Community-based programs that provide services ranging from group counseling to drug treatment LO1.

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5 Question 1. A minor can compensate the crime victim or donate money to charity or public purposes; This is called: a. Public service b. fine c. monetary restitution d. monetary probation

In England: specialized procedures for working with juvenile delinquents as early as 1820 in the USA: juvenile probation as part of social reform in the second half of the 19th century, Massachusetts took the first step in 1869. By 1890, probation became a mandatory part. Court Structure The rapid expansion of juvenile courts in the early decades of the 20th century helped further develop probation to rehabilitate young people and society was responsible for their protection LO1.

7 Question 2. Murray and Cox report that there is a ___________________, a decrease in the number of arrests each year after release from a secure treatment facility. A. Sensitization effect b. Suppressive effect c. The effect of brutalization d. Endurance effect

8 Question 3. ______________________ is the primary form of correctional treatment used by the juvenile justice system. A. Probation b. Electronic monitoring c. Shelter maintenance d. Individual consultation

Rethinking The Role Of The Juvenile Justice System: Improving Youth’s School Attendance And Educational Outcomes

Modern Probation: Considered the Backbone of Community Treatment of Juveniles Most Popular Juvenile Dispositions for Juvenile Court Judges: In 2008, 322,900 juveniles were placed on formal probation by a direct court order that allows youth to remain in the community under court supervision. Basic rules such as attending school/work, keeping regular hours, staying in jurisdiction and staying out of trouble are often ordered indefinitely LO1.

For youth who can be supervised in the community, probation is an appropriate disposition. This problem with the justice system continues to rely on rehabilitation and also takes into account the demands of legal control and community protection.

Rules and regulations that require a juvenile probationer to do certain things: restitution or reparation intensive supervision intensive counseling participate in a therapeutic program participate in an educational or vocational training program maintain a law-abiding life maintain housing in a family environment. Certain types of people will stay in a particular area unless the Supreme Court decides that a juvenile is generally entitled to legal representation and a hearing if cited for a probation violation LO1.

Job Description Of A Juvenile Probation Officer

Typically involved in four stages of the juvenile process: Admission Screen

Juvenile Probation Officer: Salary And Career Outlook

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