Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Commercial Buildings

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Commercial Buildings – Our users have been doing this for over a decade. The mobile lighting control solution of choice for creative professionals working in film, television and stage production as well as construction, event venues, art installations, rental properties and other places where creative lighting is used.

It’s time to break away from traditional conventions and embrace the latest software technology and modern user interfaces for ultimate control over your lighting design.

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Commercial Buildings

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Commercial Buildings

4’s new cloud-based DMX fixture library has been greatly enhanced, leveraging the rich profile data we get from Carallon, the industry-leading fixture profiling service for control and console manufacturers.

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Interact with DMX lights using real-world input values ​​such as hertz or degrees. Gobos, gels, and other media selections appear directly above the faders and can be edited with just a tap/click. The new DMX range selection tool displays individual channel metadata and names instead of just generic DMX or percentage values.

The library contains nearly 24,000 profiles and supports nearly all common DMX lights. Profiles for newly launched luminaires are being added continuously.

In the rare case that a profile doesn’t exist yet, you can even create one directly in the application.

With this exciting new development, you can now detect and add RDM-compatible fixtures to your projects. Automatically set DMX channels and select the correct mode for any light that matches an RDM-enabled profile in the built-in library. simple.

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Other RDM fixture details such as lamp hours, modes, number of channels, software version, etc. are also available at any time in the connection window.

Complete wireless freedom and rock-solid reliability are within your reach. 4 Stream DMX via the device’s built-in Wi-Fi hardware. It also supports wired Ethernet connections for robust data transfer.

Supports unified DMX on Art-Net, sACN E1.31 and KiNET (Philips Color Dynamics). It also supports CRMX via the LumenRadio MoonLite BLE interface.

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Commercial Buildings

All DMX-based protocols can be output simultaneously, allowing you to easily mix and match hardware.

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Modern LED lighting has become almost synonymous with color and has been designed from the beginning to control color.

The application provides a wide range of color editing tools. RGB, RGBAW, CMY, HSI, XY, Gel, CCT and Tint color pickers are always just a tap/click away.

Drag a custom color swatch below the color wheel. Adjust individual channels in the mixer. Gel colors are available from popular manufacturers such as Lee, Apollo, GAM and more. Apply the gel color to any color of light, even HomeKit lights.

Color settings are saved in the scene and automatically updated on startup, making it easy to support multiple color selection types for a single light in the same project.

Integrated Machine Vision

Easily control moving lights using the XY selector. Choose from presets such as ovals, figure-8s, arcs, lines, and more, or draw your own custom shapes. The motion generator updates the user interface in real time so you can see the exact value of the light received.

Lock movement to pan or tilt. Use the scrub controls to fine-tune the position. Inverting X and Y allows you to flip the values. The offset option allows you to stagger the same movement between lights.

The motion is stored in a palette that displays a preview of the animated shape. Each movement can be applied to multiple lights, making editing as easy as changing the original movement. The motion editor makes it easy to adjust timing curves, speed, start/end points, reverse, and more.

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Commercial Buildings

The DMX FX engine updates the user interface in real time, always allowing you to intuitively see the current output values.

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Dazzle your audience or create drama with effects like oscillators, random intensity/color, fade-in, color cycle, fire, water, TV, police, warning, siren, and more.

When grouping fixtures, you can use the Group FX Offset option to automatically create a delayed fan effect between multiple lights.

Save FX settings as a “Preset” and later apply these options to any similar light in one action.

We’ve added Apple HomeKit support in 4, which greatly expands the app’s smart lighting control capabilities. Supports products from Signify (Philips Hue), LIFX, Eve, and all other HomeKit certified manufacturers.

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Want to dim the practical light visible on camera in the scene you’re shooting? Want to turn on/off a TV, fan or other electronic device when a scene change is triggered? Now you can do all of this and more. The future is now.

The user interface has been optimized for speed. Beauty meets brains, plus a ton of muscle. Whether you’re using an iPad or an iPhone, the UI is designed to feel and function like a native app.

Customize the layout by showing or hiding side panels, resize faders and scenes with pinch gestures, hide faders, and more. Assign photos or graphic previews to scenes and sequences. Drag and drop to reorder. The list is endless.

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Commercial Buildings

To truly replace the lighting console there needs to be an external tactile control option and we have you covered.

Internet Of Things

Connect external wired and wireless MIDI controllers via Core MIDI support. Connect external OSC controller. Set up geofences to trigger lights based on GPS location. Respond to system key commands on the Magic Keyboard. Respond to commands from other applications on the device via URL sharing. You name it.

Place your light drawings, notes, emails or even games on one side and then on the other.

The user interface is responsive and supports all iPadOS multitasking modes, so size and position are fully customizable.

Use the new Project Viewer to open final edits directly from anywhere on your iPad or iPhone. Monster Illuminessence Multi Color Light Bar With Multi Position Base, Mobile App, Compatible With Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, 1 Pack

That means you can open, edit, and sync using iCloud, Dropbox, and Creative Cloud. Share files through any app that appears in the standard iPadOS and iOS sharing panel.

You can even store and edit files directly on an external hard drive or pen drive connected to your iPad or iPhone for offline collaboration.

Easily create looks and switch between them with the click of a button. Multiple scene selections including basic, merged, sequence and input snapshot.

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Commercial Buildings

Build sequences from the scenes you create. Use the buttons to play the sequence together with other scenes, or play the sequence in sequence mode.

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Group 4 now allows you to combine similar fixtures and add FX sectors on multiple devices

Quickly search all fixtures, parameters and scenes to filter the control view to dramatically speed up scene editing.

Lock down user-specific parts of an application to prevent unauthorized access while allowing access to other parts. Grant access via Face ID, Touch ID, or iOS device passcode.

We’ve all been in a situation where we needed someone else to control the lights. Relax, its UI is so simple that even a novice can operate it after the initial project setup.

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Use the tempo playback controls to click on the beat. Very useful when you want a steady rhythm to trigger scene changes and fades.

Popular requests from earlier versions are new in v4. Dynamically change scene values ​​without affecting current DMX output

Easily replace fixtures in your project using any similar profile and retain scene settings such as intensity and color

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Commercial Buildings

Now works with click input devices. Advanced touchpad and key command support speeds up your workflow Lighting retrofits are often one of the most cost-effective ways for customers to reduce energy use. Improvements in LED luminaire technology combined with advanced controls now allow for even greater savings, with the added advantage of scheduling and energy usage knowledge similar to other building systems.

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Our lighting team has installed projects across the United States for a variety of industries, from single fixture retrofits to highly controlled systems and comprehensive lighting designs.

LED lighting has become increasingly cost-effective over time and is one of the fastest ways for a facility to begin reducing energy use and associated costs. In addition, many professionally designed projects qualify for significant utility incentives to offset costs.

Additionally, lighting can be the first step in a sustainability strategy—done with little disruption, you can start reducing energy use immediately.

Contact us today to schedule your free facility performance and energy analysis to evaluate your lighting and identify savings opportunities.

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“We are very pleased with the LED lighting solution… and the greater energy savings we are able to achieve through increased occupancy control.”

Start with your lighting, then expand your sustainability strategy to your entire facility. The Mantis Innovation portfolio of solutions is designed to work together to achieve optimal results.

LED Lighting and Advanced Controls Lighting controls are programmable systems that allow users to manage light output (sometimes including color temperature), monitor energy efficiency, and even enable device location tracking. These controls are typically defined as Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 systems, with capabilities and benefits increasing with each layer. The most powerful feature of integrated LED lighting technology is the ability to dim fixtures individually to predetermined brightness levels, resulting in further cost savings and longer fixture life. Advanced controls allow:

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Commercial Buildings

The end result of combining LED lighting solutions with advanced controls is increased savings, smart control, and the ability to adjust lighting systems to perfectly match specific environments.

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