How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home – No one likes mosquito bites, but they come with the area when summer embarks, especially near areas that contain stagnant water and swamp-like conditions. A simple itch is still quite annoying, but there are concerns, and with good reason, about more serious conditions that can occur from mosquito bites.

If there is a way to avoid these pests, and avoid diseases like the Zika virus carried by mosquitoes, and home remedies for mosquito bites are quick and effective.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home

Well, I have good news: There are several home remedies for mosquito bites, and many ways to avoid them. Take, for example, my Homemade Bug Spray – a great repellent for all kinds of insects, including mosquitoes.

How Long Do Mosquitoes Live Indoors?

But high-quality, safe, natural bug sprays aren’t your only option. Check out the top five home remedies for mosquitoes and tips on how to avoid those itchy bites in the first place.

Did you know there are over 3,000 types of mosquitoes in the world, and nearly 200 of them live right here in the US? That’s true, and it may explain why mosquitoes have long been a menace, with a reputation for delivering some serious results from their bites.

If you get bitten, here are some of the best home remedies for mosquito bites that are natural, safe and very effective.

You may have heard of witch hazel for blemishes on the skin, but it’s not just great for acne — it can really help reduce the pain, annoying itching and swelling that often comes with biting bites, including mosquito bites. In addition, witch hazel can help speed up the healing process.

How To Prevent Mosquitoes On Your Property

How does witch hazel  work? It works as an astringent through the natural chemistry it contains called tannin. These tannins can help reduce swelling and ward off bacteria while healing inflamed skin tissue. You can apply it directly to the skin. This is great when combined with baking soda, form a paste, then apply to bug bites.

Chances are you have seen the old medicine put the tea bag in the bee hive. Well, it is a true natural remedy, not only for bee stings, but also for mosquito bites. It works because the ingredients in white tea help reduce inflammation. You can place a cold tea bag used as a poultice, directly on the bite. Not only does it help with inflammation, but the coolness of the tea bag can help with pain.

White tea and chamomile tea are known as good topical remedies for many skin problems. Because the tea has antiseptic, antioxidant and polyphenolic properties, including apigenin, luteolin and quercetin, it makes the perfect quick remedy and a bit of comfort for mosquito bites.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home

Test the effect of oil from certain plants against mosquito bites. Oils of “citrus aurantifolia (leaves), Citrus grandis (peel), and Alpinia galanga (rhizome),” are used to make lotions and compared against commercial repellents. The essential oil-based lotion revealed an incredible 90 percent protection against mosquito bites for four hours.

Best Home Remedies For Mosquitoes You Should Try

Another study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention focused on the use of lemon eucalyptus oil, which is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and can be found on the insect repellent list. Several scientific publications have documented that lemon eucalyptus oil can provide protection such as low concentrations of the common insect repellent DEET, although I would like to note that lemon eucalyptus oil has not been tested internationally or with mosquitoes that spread malaria. be careful when traveling.

Other essential oil options that mosquitoes may not like are peppermint oil, ylang ylang and lemongrass essential oils. Take a few drops of your favorite and mix it with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil, and rub it into your skin before heading out for an activity.

Neem oil is another option you may want to try. A study conducted by the Department of Entomology and Wildlife at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana and published in the Journal of Insect Science revealed that 95 percent of mosquito larvae died within one day of exposure to powdered neem leaves. However, the water leaf extract takes longer to have a positive effect.

While neem oil can help kill mosquitoes, it’s also great for fighting fungal conditions, like eczema. If it can help fungus, it makes sense that it can help fight the effects of mosquito bites and help prevent infections that can be caused by too much scratching.

Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites Quickly, According To Doctors

Have you considered a soak in a soothing oatmeal bath? This old medicine still maintains its reputation as a great way to calm the itching caused by mosquito bites, in addition to reducing the swelling these nasty bites can cause. It is commonly seen in bath soaps, shampoos, shaving gels and moisturizing creams due to its ability to treat inflammatory skin conditions.

Colloidal oatmeal is used as a moisturizer for itchy skin because it contains emollients, which can reduce the itchy feeling. Oats have been used for various skin conditions for centuries, such as atopic dermatitis and eczema. Oats contain avenanthramides, which are powerful antioxidants. These avenanthramides are the main polyphenolic antioxidants that have been shown to reduce inflammation and itching caused by scratching. It also makes the skin feel super silky.

The good news is that you can make your own remedy at home. Simply use your coffee grinder or similar, and grind the gluten-free oatmeal to a fine powder. Add it, along with a few drops of chamomile, to your bath and soak for 15 minutes once or twice a day.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home

Through research, we know that mosquitoes carry parasites and several pathogens, such as malaria, filariasis, and viruses better known as West Nile and Zika. Today, we still do not have reliable treatment for these possible severe cases – therefore, avoiding mosquito bites altogether is the best approach.

Mosquito Repellents: 5 Tricks To Naturally Prevent Bites From Experts

Some areas are worse than others, such as Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania, and the study shows that “the original inhabitants of the African study area traditionally use 64 plant species, belonging to 30 families” to help repel mosquitoes. bite Orange, eucalyptus, lantana camara and lippia javanica are the most commonly used plants in the area.

People used this in three different ways: One was by burning the plant and letting the smoke act as a repellent – probably where our idea of ​​lemongrass torches and candles came from. Another is to hang plants inside the house or throw leaves around the house. Lastly, essential oils are applied directly to the body. Although more research needs to be done, we have learned a lot from the African continent.

While the home remedies for mosquito bites above are great for treating the itchy nuisance, here are some ways to avoid getting bitten in the first place.

Take the time to survey your home. Check the pool, drains, buckets, tires and anything else that can hold water, and drain the water or dispose of unnecessary items. If there is standing water for four to seven days, you are giving mosquitoes a great opportunity to multiply. You should remove all the water possible to help reduce the risk of a mosquito infestation.

Do Citronella Candles Work? Repellents To Try Instead

Look around for flower pots, trash cans and buckets that can collect water. Take the time to remove your gutters. If you have a bird bath, change out the water weekly. It is also important that you flush the sump pump hole on a regular basis, and do not get those happy, little, plastic swimming pools sitting with water for days on end. If your pool cover collects water, remove that water as soon as you can. And always keep your pools and hot tubs clean.

If you store your recycling container outside, drill a hole in the bottom so water can drain when it rains. If you have several major areas that collect water around the lawn, you can hire a professional landscape architect to help you determine the best way to eliminate the consistent collection of water in that area. Keep mowing the grass. Tall grass and weeds are favorite hang-outs for mosquitoes! The Mosquito and Vector District of Orange County in California recommends stocking ornamental ponds with mosquito fish. Some organizations provide this at no cost, so check with your local agency. (Always avoid invasive species.)

Mosquitoes are most active between sunset and dusk. Try to plan your outdoor activities at different times to help prevent annoying bites.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home

If you must be outside, wear long sleeves and long pants. It is best to make sure they are thick enough because mosquitoes can bite through some clothes. You may even want to spray your clothing with a natural repellant to help stave off these pesky insects. It can help to avoid bright clothing and perfume as well, because these tend to attract mosquitoes.

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It is very important that you think about your travel plans. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has some helpful information on their website, especially about Zika. Most mosquitoes can put you at high risk of some pretty serious diseases, including Zika, dengue or chikungunya.

It is even more critical if you are pregnant or considering pregnancy. Make sure you do proper research for the area you are going to.

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