Everything You Need To Know About Twin Pregnancy

Everything You Need To Know About Twin Pregnancy – You might sometimes think of the symptoms of a twin pregnancy. Is it that way because you’re looking at a bigger bump? An ultrasound is a gold standard for confirming the number of babies. When a woman is pregnant, the body begins to produce new hormones that bring about many changes to allow the growing baby to be carried to term and delivered. Although there is no conclusive evidence, pregnancy hormones may be higher in twin pregnancies than in singleton pregnancies. It can cause early and more obvious pregnancy symptoms in many mothers. Keep reading to know the signs and symptoms of twin pregnancy and ways to care for your little ones in the womb.

In the United States, twin births make up about 3 percent of all live births, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Some of the likely factors that can increase the chances of a twin pregnancy are:

Everything You Need To Know About Twin Pregnancy

Everything You Need To Know About Twin Pregnancy

The mother’s family history plays a greater role in a twin pregnancy than that of the father. Non-identical twin mothers have one set of twins per 60 births, while fathers have one set per 125 births (10).

Twin Pregnancy Week 6: Symptoms, To Do List, Questions

Research has shown that the age of the mother can influence the chance of having twins. The CDC chart compares twin birth rates among 1,000 births among women of different age groups in the year 2014 and 2018. Despite the four-year difference, the data consistently showed an increase in the odds of having twins as the woman gets older is becoming. . The birth rate of twins in women aged 40 to 54 was double the birth rate of twins in women aged 20 to 24.

Even if you don’t fall into any of the above categories, you may still have a chance of carrying twins. So, how do you know if you are pregnant with twins?

Mary Burns, mother of adorable twin girls, reflects on the challenges of a twin pregnancy. She says: “Carrying twins not only doubles the number of babies, but sometimes also doubles the pregnancy symptoms. You name it, and I’ve pretty much experienced it while cooking these kids. Morning sickness. Bill. Aversion to food. Bill. Exhaustion. Double check. Uterine cramps, back pain, weird dreams, insomnia, mood swings, acne, anemia requiring iron infusions, heartburn, swelling (oh, the swelling). Did I mention food aversions and exhaustion? Aside from being so physically exhausted that I had to stop exercising altogether, I had the most intense food aversions during my pregnancy. They never went away – well, not until literally the day after I gave birth (i).”

Depending on the first signs, you can decide whether or not you are pregnant with twins. But there are more signs that can help you come to a better conclusion.

Twin Pregnancies: Symptoms, Pain And Advice

A larger belly is a noticeable sign of a twin pregnancy. But does this mean you should gain more weight than with a normal pregnancy?

Here is the table indicating the required weight gain during pregnancy according to the BMI of the expectant mother (5).

XA condition or trait that is present at birth and present from the beginning of a person’s life and is often genetically inherited. disabilities. These babies may suffer from neural tube defects, spina bifida

Everything You Need To Know About Twin Pregnancy

XA congenital condition in which the spinal cord does not fully develop, leading to physical and neurological complications. , digestive tract complications, and heart problems (6).

Choosing Your Medical Team For Twin Pregnancy

Some other complications that may be associated with a twin pregnancy include placenta previa, fetal distress, and disappearing twin syndrome. Additionally, the pregnancy itself can become complicated, and it is important to be prepared to address any issues that arise.

Just like with a normal pregnancy, complications cannot be ruled out with a twin pregnancy. Below we have mentioned some possible complications of a twin pregnancy.

Other complications similar to those associated with a single pregnancy may occur. The doctor should be able to help you with this.

Although twin pregnancies carry a higher baseline risk of complications than singleton pregnancies, not all are high-risk pregnancies. Therefore, a referral to a specialist in maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) may be recommended, but this is not immediately guaranteed once you find out you are having twins.

Symptoms That You Might Be Expecting Twins

Towards the end of your second trimester, your healthcare provider will likely want to see you more often than someone pregnant with a singleton, because twin pregnancies carry a higher risk of preeclampsia and premature birth.

Here are some simple tips to deal with the situation. Ask for help from your family and friends as you will need a lot of support during this time.

Doctors suggest reducing activities and increasing rest to avoid complications during multiple pregnancies. Bed rest improves blood flow in the uterus and prevents fetal growth problems (10).

Everything You Need To Know About Twin Pregnancy

Carrying two lives within you is nothing less than a magical experience. Holding your babies after all the fighting reduces the pain. But make sure you take good care of yourself during your pregnancy and get health checks done regularly.

The Top 10 Early Hidden Twin Pregnancy Symptoms

During your twin pregnancy you may notice brown spots or light to heavy bleeding. Although this is common and may be due to the low lying placenta, you should still contact your doctor. However, the bleeding disappears after some time.

If you take the pregnancy test too early, even before implantation, you may get a negative result. This is mainly because the home pregnancy test cannot detect the low hCG level in the urine. You can wait a few days and take the test again.

If you are carrying twins, you may have higher than normal hCG levels. So there are chances of a positive result if you take the pregnancy test a few days before your missed period.

Your diet should be rich in protein, calcium, folic acid and iron. Make sure you take the multivitamins prescribed by your doctor every day. Eat healthy and avoid junk food.

Early Signs Of Your Twin Pregnancy

You should avoid activities such as jogging or aerobics because they are physically taxing. However, activities such as swimming, yoga and walking can be good for you.

A twin pregnancy can only be confirmed through prenatal ultrasound. It is not possible to definitively diagnose a twin pregnancy based on the hCG levels as they can vary based on the gestational age of the pregnancy and from person to person. Prenatal ultrasound, on the other hand, can identify the number of gestational sacs and fetal poles and whether there is fetal heart activity in one or both fetuses.

During pregnancy, identical twin formation begins at the blastocyst stage after four to six days of fertilization (12). On the other hand, fraternal twins form when two separate eggs are fertilized by two individual sperm cells (1).

Everything You Need To Know About Twin Pregnancy

The position of the twins in the womb can vary and change during pregnancy. However, most twin babies lie head down in the womb (13). It is because the uterus does not have much space to accommodate the babies in foot position as well as in bottom position.

How To Have Twins: Factors, Odds, And Improving Your Chances

Yes. Although a planned cesarean section is typically considered for twins, it is possible to deliver twins vaginally (13). In rare cases, a mother can deliver one baby vaginally and the other twin by cesarean section (14).

As with a normal pregnancy, women with twins should avoid a number of things, including lifting heavy things, very moderate exercise, alcohol consumption, nicotine use and unhealthy eating habits.

While pregnancy is a joyful event that brings happiness to the family, having twins doubles the joy. Pregnancy after age 30, through fertility treatments, or if you have a history of twins increases your chances of having twins. There are specific early symptoms of a twin pregnancy to look out for, including severe morning sickness, increased lethargy, exhaustion, mood swings, and higher than normal hCG levels in blood or urine samples. A twin pregnancy also comes with more risks and complications, so make sure you get enough rest, take precautions, avoid stress, eat a balanced pregnancy diet and keep your prenatal appointments.

Several signs can indicate a twin pregnancy in the early stages. Although not all women pregnant with twins experience these symptoms, the following infographic highlights some of the most common symptoms to look out for. Please note that the only way to confirm a twin pregnancy is an ultrasound. So if you suspect you are carrying twins, talk to your doctor for proper diagnosis and care.

My Twin Pregnancy Week By Week: The Ultimate Planner For Moms Expecting Twins: Tinglof, Christina Baglivi: 9781503045163: Amazon.com: Books

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Everything You Need To Know About Twin Pregnancy

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