Will There Be A Percy Jackson Titan's Curse Movie – Less than four months. The revival of Rick Riordan’s most popular series will begin airing its first season on Disney + this December 20. Although marketing campaigns are not yet fully integrated,

Gave fans a little taste of what’s to come earlier this month. To celebrate Percy’s birthday on August 18, Disney+ released a new teaser trailer

Will There Be A Percy Jackson Titan's Curse Movie

Will There Be A Percy Jackson Titan's Curse Movie

. Don’t be fooled by this 30-second spot, because this new video really teased fans about what’s to come this season and beyond.

Review: Rick Riordan’s First “percy Jackson And The Olympians” Novel Since 2009

Trailer, Walker Scobell’s Percy is seen entering Poseidon’s cabin at Camp Half-Blood. The house of the sea god is evidently full of dust, as Poseidon has been childless as a demigod for nearly a century.

Although most of the cabin is shrouded in darkness, sea animal skeletons can be seen hanging from the ceiling. Judging by their elongated skulls and tails, these unknown creatures resemble the ophiotaurus of Greek mythology.

In ancient Greek mythology, the ophiotaurus dates back to the beginning of the universe, emerging from the conflict between Gaea (the Greek personage of the Earth) and Ouranos (the sky god). The creature’s roots grant immeasurable power including the ability to descend upon the gods if sacrificed.

, the ophiotaurus reappears. Artemis hunts him down with the goal of killing him before he ends up at the hands of the Titans. Percy stumbles upon the creature as it is caught in the net. Poseidon’s son freed her from the trap and named her Bessie. This leads Bessie to Percy’s waist around the world

Percy Jackson And The Titan’s Curse

, showing loyalty to his savior. After defeating the mysterious General, Percy takes Bessie to Mount Olympus where the gods finally take pity on the creature and allow her to live in an aquarium located on Olympus.

The subtle way of sowing the seeds of nature in the past to indicate what may happen in the future. Nico di Angelo’s book will hit store shelves in the near future, and while it may not be shocking news, it’s undoubtedly a game changer.

When Rick Riordan announced that he would be doing a standalone story in the Percy Jackson universe, from the perspective of some of our favorite characters, my first thought was to get a Nico di Angelo story.

Will There Be A Percy Jackson Titan's Curse Movie

As a fan favorite, Nico will be hard to avoid — that’s what a large portion of the fandom likes — and Rick seems to enjoy including him even in recent books, such as the series Trials of Apollo.

Percy Jackson Live Action Series Coming To Disney Plus

When I wrote about who might get their own spinoff story, a Nico di Angelo stand-alone book was at the top of my list. I can’t wait to see which other players will end up on the roster, but for now, this news makes me jump for joy.

The virtual tour has begun. I was with my Prophecy Radio co-host, Kristen, and we were both looking forward to seeing what Rick had to say about his new book (due out October 26th due to printing delays of COVID).

But we also know that there will be another announcement, which is that Nico di Angelo will get his own book (and Will Solace association)! Rick is co-writing the novel with writer Mark Oshiro

It’s the first time Rick has co-written with another author, and being within the confines of the Percy Jackson universe is very important. I have a lot of thoughts about what this could mean for the future of this series, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Latest Percy Jackson Trailer Features Subtle Tease For Season 3’s Storyline

If you’re worried about other people helping Rick tell Nico’s story—don’t be. Not only is Mark Oshiro part of the LGBTQ+ community, but they are also fans of the series. The love we’ve seen from Mark feels like a testament to how much care they put into this story. I, for one, can’t wait to see the final product.

To say I love Nico and Will is an understatement. To say I am honored to write their story would be an understatement. That’s the biggest benefit I can think of. And to all you Solangelo fans out there: I’m one of you too, and I’m going to write them the best book ever. — Mark Oshiro – INSIDERS is out now! (@MarkDoesStuff) October 7, 2021

Mark has already talked about how he put 30,000 words into the book, which means they’re probably halfway through the story. From his virtual tour event, we know that Rick wrote the original draft for the book, and then Mark came in and made notes. Mark is currently writing the first draft, and Rick will be doing the second. They’re going to keep at it until it’s perfect, and it won’t be long before we have it in our hands!

Will There Be A Percy Jackson Titan's Curse Movie

At this time, we don’t have any additional information about when the book might hit our shelves or what the book is about. However, thanks to

Rick Riordan Presents Roundup: The New Releases Of 2023

, we have a few ideas about what Nico and Will might be up to in the spinoff. (Spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished the Trials of Apollo series.)

, Apollo revisits with Nico di Angelo and Will Solace. Nico seemed to hear a voice calling from Tartara, asking for help. He realizes that it has something to do with unfinished business, and he thinks it might be done with a Titan he left behind.

Iapetus, aka Bob, is the master of the Titan world. We first met him in the short story, “The Sword of Hades”, where Ethan Nakamura released him from Tartarus. After a heated battle between the two, Percy drags Iapetus into the River Lethe and erases his mind, then convinces the Titan that his real name is Bob.

. Bob’s story made Percy realize that he had forgotten and neglected Nico in the same way as his fellow Titan.

The Titan’s Curse: Percy Jackson And The Olympians: Book 3 (audiobook) (cd)

, his memory slowly returned, but instead of being angry with Percy, he knew that he used to be a bad person. Bob chooses to sacrifice himself to save Percy and Annabeth, which causes Percy to mend his relationship with Nico before it’s too late for them too.

To this day, no other line in a Rick Riordan book brings tears to my eyes as quickly as, “Say hello to the sun and the stars.” Seeing Bob (and Little Bob!) again in a Nico di Angelo book makes me so happy I can’t express enough.

“I feel like I should look for him, see if I can figure out what happened,” Nico said

Will There Be A Percy Jackson Titan's Curse Movie

Rick Riordan’s next Percy Jackson book will be co-written with Mark Oshiro, and will focus on the son of Hades and his lover, son of Apollo | @EW https://t.co/lD8WCJ6eL2 pic.twitter.com/w2ia5b2YRA — Kids B🎃🎃kshelf (@PWKidsBookshelf) October 7, 2021

Book Summary Of ‘percy Jackson’ Series By Rick Riordan

Rachel Elizabeth Dare wondered if Hades would be okay with Nico going back to Tartarus, and Nico just laughed. He doesn’t need his father

It was this feeling that confirmed my prediction that Nico di Angelo would be the first actor to get a drama – not least because of the predictions that followed.

Didn’t hear that either. Will Will admit it’s not pretty, but are they already a prophecy of ice cream, cotton candy, and puppies playing in fields of wildflowers?

Although we may not know what the true prophecy actually contains, it is not a leap to think that it will lead directly to Tartarus. Maybe Nico needs to get Bob out of the Underworld prison so that the BFT (that’s the Big Friendly Titan) can help him on his new quest.

Percy Jackson 3′ Release Date Update: The Could Have Beens Of ‘the Titan’s Curse’

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what Rick and Mark do with this character. It’s exciting to know that we’re getting another book set in the Percy Jackson universe, even though the Book of Memories-Blood at Camp is done.

That being said, I think it’s important to talk about Rick’s influence on using a co-author for the Nico di Angelo book. If this project goes well, I think we’ll have other independent stories in the future, all co-written.

This prospect is exciting for many reasons. First of all, it will help lend more credibility to the character. Yes, Nico was created by Rick, but bringing Mark into the fold meant that a book from Nico’s perspective would have a more authentic tone. Mark’s experience will only add to what Rick already brings to the table.

Will There Be A Percy Jackson Titan's Curse Movie

Down the line, this could also mean that Rick gets a book for people who aren’t comfortable writing stories alone. His pictures are different, and although he researches them to make sure their pictures are well represented, he writes stories independent of their point of view.

All Rick Riordan Books In Order

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