What To Do When You Lose Your Purpose In Life – Stuck, aimless, and searching for meaning—if these words define your current state of mind, you may be losing your sense of direction. Although it may not seem like it, almost everyone goes through a phase like this in their life. No matter how lost you feel, it is possible to find direction in life.

Read on to learn more about your lack of direction and what you can do to rediscover your purpose.

What To Do When You Lose Your Purpose In Life

What To Do When You Lose Your Purpose In Life

When you lose your sense of direction in life, it can feel like you’re just going through the motions. A lack of motivation and inspiration is common during this time, as is a general feeling of pointlessness. Sometimes, you may not even recognize yourself.

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As for why you’re disoriented, there could be several factors to blame. This feeling may be caused by a traumatic event, illness, or period of grief. Transitional times in life—such as a career change or the end of a relationship—can also make you feel like you’ve lost your way.

Mental illness and lack of direction often go hand in hand. Those who suffer from a depressive disorder, such as major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder, often report feeling like their lives are meaningless or have lost a sense of purpose.

It is extremely common, affecting nearly 10% of U.S. adults each year. In some cases, a persistent sense of meaninglessness may cause a person to develop depression, leading to a directionless downward spiral.

If you feel lost or stuck in life, there is hope. With the right guidance, you can regain a sense of purpose and get your life back on track. To help you get started, there are some steps you can take to push you in the right direction.

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Here are some simple ways to help you rediscover purpose and joy in life. Practice these steps when you feel lost, and they will most likely help you return to a life of purpose.

When was the last time you sat down and thought about what really matters to you? In today’s fast-paced world, taking the time to reflect on your values ​​can put things into perspective.

To practice reflecting on your values, find a quiet space to sit and think. Try to look beyond the superficial things that are important to you and focus on what matters most to you on a deeper level. Doing so allows you to transcend the mundane routines of daily life and reveal meaningful aspects you may have missed.

What To Do When You Lose Your Purpose In Life

Once you reconnect with your values, it’s time to think about what made you happy before you lost your sense of direction. Whether it’s a hobby, a place, or even a group of friends, rediscovering your passion can help you reignite the spark in your life.

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When you make time to do the things you love, try incorporating new activities into your daily routine. You might discover a new interest that inspires you to get back into your life.

As you work to get yourself back to where you were, take some time to identify your greatest strengths. This can help you find new passions to pursue and motivate you to practice self-love—something you may be missing.

Identifying your strengths may even reveal a part of yourself you’ve been overlooking. Using your newfound strength can give your life the direction it needs.

Now that you’ve discovered your values, passions, and strengths, it’s time to create a plan of action. Sign up for a class to explore a new hobby, make plans to reconnect with friends and family, or apply for jobs in a new field—no matter what, make time for the things that matter to you.

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Thinking of these lifestyle changes as goals to be achieved can be a powerful motivator. Additionally, a sense of accomplishment may give you the strength to overcome a feeling of directionlessness.

Throughout the entire process, it’s important to show compassion at every step. Losing a sense of purpose in life can be frustrating and debilitating—some days can be harder than others.

If you’re having trouble getting out there and trying new things, or if you’re stuck in a situation where you lack direction, don’t be too hard on yourself. With patience and compassion for yourself, you’ll find the space you need to forge a new path.

What To Do When You Lose Your Purpose In Life

No matter how powerful you are, a strong community is crucial to staying grounded. Seek positive connections with others, whether they are friends, family, or a significant other. By surrounding yourself with support, you’ll be less likely to fall back into feelings of meaninglessness.

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Healthy relationships can also protect against the effects of mental disorders such as depression. Relationships are a necessary source of connection and can provide you with a support team when you feel like you’ve lost your way in life and need help getting back on track.

Finding direction in life is often an ongoing challenge that sometimes you can’t handle alone. When this happens, the FHE Health team is here to help. Through a combination of counseling, natural healing, and medical integration, you’ll find the professional support you need to overcome your feelings of misdirection and find your purpose once and for all.

Don’t wait for a mental illness like depression to seek help. Visit FHE Health today to start your road to recovery.

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The FHE Health team is committed to providing accurate information that meets the highest writing standards. If one of our articles is marked with the “Reviewed for Accuracy and Expertise” badge, it indicates that one or more members of our team of physicians and clinicians has further reviewed the article to ensure accuracy. This is part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring FHE Health is trusted as a leader in mental health and addiction care. It seems like every self-help blogger and their mother harps on the idea of ​​finding personal purpose. Without it, your life seems meaningless. At the end of my sophomore year in college, I remember finding myself in an existential struggle trying to figure out what my “purpose” really was.

I found a lot of things interesting. I think virtual reality is cool. The impact of blockchain is fascinating. Climate change is undoubtedly harmful, and we should do everything we can to stop it. However, I wouldn’t say I have a specific purpose surrounding these concepts.

When I took a year away from college, one of my goals was to find my calling. I read blog after blog (and maybe a few pages of a book before I started to get sleepy), and I finally stumbled upon a definition of purpose that seemed to work.

What To Do When You Lose Your Purpose In Life

Purpose is “a stable and pervasive intention to accomplish something that is meaningful to the self and has an impact on the world” – Ph.D. Bill Damon, Director of the Stanford Youth Center

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For a while, I thought I had found my purpose: to help young Millennials (because of course I have to help Millennials) find more fulfilling and financially secure careers (or in other words, I thought I The goal is to help others find their purpose. How meta).

In fact, the reason I struggled to help others find their purpose was because I wasn’t really thinking about my own purpose. This is not to say that one’s purpose cannot be to help and serve others. But I find it easier to hide behind the idea than to really think, “Is this really what I want to do?”

I strive to fulfill this so-called mission of mine. Heck, I started an entire business around it. But when life got in the way and I realized that editing resumes and cover letters and offering people jobs at large financial firms wasn’t actually what I wanted to spend my time doing, I thought I’d failed. That feeling of failure killed me.

When you miss the leap to achieve what you think you should be doing with your life, you’ll find yourself perpetually stuck.

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Not achieving my goals sent me into a spiral of depression. Then, when I fell into the depths of depression, I kept feeling sad that I couldn’t achieve my goals. So I continued further down the spiral.

Even stranger, I was blind to the fact that I actually didn’t enjoy the work I had to do to “achieve my goals.” I was so intent on making it work that I ignored all the signs that I wasn’t truly happy.

Because having at least one goal is better than having no goal at all, even if that goal is obviously the wrong one.

What To Do When You Lose Your Purpose In Life

Until one of my mentors (one of whom I highly recommend) saw what I was doing.

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