What Salt Is Best For Water Softener

What Salt Is Best For Water Softener – Bought as a tow weight in my sports car for winter, works fine and I reuse when spring comes.

Can’t be the same formula that Morton sold for years. Pellets are tan/greyish in colour, not bright white as previously delivered. A bag fouled my brine tank. Brownish layer with liquid debris. Morton insists it is safe to use. I cleaned my brine tank and switched to Diamond Crystal pellets. The brine is back and is ready without waste floats.

What Salt Is Best For Water Softener

What Salt Is Best For Water Softener

I have used Morton pellets exclusively for years. Always pure white with consistent crystals. I just bought six bags at Home Depot and came home. The first bag I opened had the dirty pill problem that others mentioned. They are brownish gray and instead of uniform crystal sizes, there are large chunks mixed in with the small ones. Second bag the same. Haven’t opened the other bags, will return them. I don’t know if it is safe to use or not.

Best Water Softener Salts Reviews In 2024

This kit worked for me, but not as a standalone solution with the parts it had. The included instructions were pretty clear and simple to follow. I’m using the rod, retaining clip, an appropriate size swivel ball and external nut from the kit, but I had to use extra parts that weren’t included to stop the kind of leakage that many others have written about.. In my case was the original washer that would have fit behind the pivot ball had disintegrated and none of the washers included in the kit were an exact fit. So after my first attempt there was a leak behind the pivot ball and also from the threads on the rod where the pivot ball is aligned. I worked around this by packing in 2 or 3 thin ring washers from a generic assorted washer set I had on hand behind the pivot ball. That stopped the leak behind the pivot ball, but there was still some slow leakage from the threads on the rod itself. I worked around this by wrapping a LOT of teflon duct tape (more than the kit provided and more than would typically be used…) around the threads of the adjustable ball, and also added several extra wraps of duct tape on the exposed threads in front and back of the ball for good measure. This finally stopped all leaks. Submitting this review after about 3 weeks of use and testing – so far so good.

The quality of this product has changed. Pellets are now brown with black specs and they make the brine tank dirty. Stick to the diamond crystal

I was using pills for years and someone convinced me to use stones. Ick. Now I’m back on my Morton pills and happy as a clam

I have been using Morton Yellow softening salt for 12 years. I bought 3 bags in Jan 23 and after I threw them in the fabric softener I noticed they looked gray. When I pulled out a handful, I was horrified to see how dirty and contaminated the salt was. Morton clean…definitely not!

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Morton Salt 40 lbs. Water softening salt pellets, Clean and Protect, are designed to be used in softening plants. The salt cleans the beads in the water softener under the backwash and removes the minerals that were removed from the water and collected by the beads in the water softener tank. The salt and minerals are washed out and sent down the drain.

These used to be good salt pills, but not anymore. Every bag I bought recently had to be returned due to dirt or other contamination in the salt pellets. The pellets left debris all over my brine tank which got into my softener and other items inside the unit. As others have written, Morton will not acknowledge this problem. These no longer meet my expectations of what good salt pills should be.

Poor quality pills. appears that the salt was dirty and poorly formed. I have used this brand for 22 years and was very disappointed with the quality. In the past it has always been bright white, clean and shapely.

What Salt Is Best For Water Softener

Bought from HD in December. When I poured in two bags, I noticed that the pills were not the usual white: they were light gray. Now several centimeters of black dirt around the edge of the salt tank and salt system filters must be located and cleaned (a project in itself). NOT OK for contaminated salt to mess with our $7K system. Called Morton customer service; the rep repeatedly claimed that this is normal and that the dirt is “actual salt” – just not the usual color you expect” – even after seeing these pictures!

Water Softener Salt Vs. Sidewalk Salt

Morton Salt used to be of very good quality. Not anymore! Both the “Clean & Protect” and “Pure & Natural” products are SOOO dirty with soil, black plastic, bits of brown and black gravel, they make an oily slime in our salt tank. EVERY BAG! All come from mines south of our border.

I have used this salt for years and it has been great. Our last purchase was dirty and brown. What happened?

Morton salt pellets are perfect from my softener. I have been buying this for over 15 years and the product is still the best.

Absolutely love Morton pills for my softener. It does a great job of keeping my faucets, water heater (ect) free of debris!

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Worked perfectly, the water is softer and made the shower nice. Thank you. Easy to carry and e…

Worked perfectly, the water is softer and made the shower nice. Thank you. Easy to carry and easy to tear up and it poured straight out

I find this to be the best salt for my water softener. It does not appear to leave a residence…

What Salt Is Best For Water Softener

I find this to be the best salt for my water softener. It doesn’t seem to leave a residue like other salt brands. I am a satisfied, returning customer.

Water Softener Installation: Brighton & Waterford

This is the product and name I trust for my fabric softener. It’s the one I always buy because…

This is the product and name I trust for my fabric softener. It’s the one I always buy because I know I can trust it to do what it’s supposed to. My softener recommends only Morton salt.

I have been using Morton Clean and Protect since 2004. Great product very happy with the results in my fabric softener!!

The 20+ year old Culligan softener was tired and left traces of hardness everywhere. I tested the water and it was over 30 gpg. Got a brand new Fleck unit online and installation took about 4 hours with brand new plumbing from Home Depot. Put 400#, which is 10 bags, of Morton Clean & Protect into the brine tank and fired it up. Within minutes the water running through the house was a perfect 0 gpg and it felt wonderful. Besides making your water feel soft, it’s really important to protect your plumbing and faucets. It is important to use a high quality salt like the Morton product to keep your water softener working properly. In fact, it has a direct impact on how well your fabric softener works and how long it lasts.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Water Softener Salt?

Let’s be clear. We’re not talking brands, we’re talking types. Each brand has about 4 or so different types of salt that you can choose from. The brand doesn’t really matter, but the type does to a large extent.

Today we’re going to help you choose the best type of salt for your home system, while also talking about the type of salt that you definitely want to avoid.

To help ensure you get the most bang for your buck, we cover them from cheapest to most expensive.

What Salt Is Best For Water Softener

Rock salt is mined from underground salt mines and we use it as we find it with little processing. It is the cheapest because it is the least clean. It contains a significant amount of calcium sulfate.

Water Filter & Pelican Water Softener Alternative Combo System

The biggest downside is that it doesn’t dissolve as well as the cleaner fabric softener salts on the market today, and it will leave a dirt residue in the fabric softener’s brine tank. This means more mess and more maintenance, which has to be cleaned out often.

You can probably do better, and maybe you should. This type is getting pretty hard to find and may not be available on the market in your area anymore. We haven’t seen it recently in ours.

As the name suggests, solar salt is produced by evaporating the water from brine using sunshine. It is often made from seawater and you may also hear it called Solar Sea Salt.

Solar salt is more soluble than other types of salt, and you can buy it in up to 99.5 percent pure form. To make solar salt, water is pumped into underground salt deposits to dissolve this salt. Now that it has absorbed the salt and turned into brine, that brine is pumped out into large outdoor ponds. Then these ponds are exposed to sunlight to evaporate the water and leave behind salt crystals.

Amazon.com: Morton Clean And Protect Plus Rust Defense Water Softener Salt Pellets 40 Lb (3 Pack)

On the plus side, many of the salt units have been removed, making solar salt abundant

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