What Is The Role Of Dna Ligase In Dna Replication – An enzyme is a catalyst or chemical produced by cells to speed up a biochemical reaction. It is usually a protein molecule with a characteristic sequence of amino acids that fold to form a three-dimensional structure, which gives the molecule its unique properties. Another molecule with catalytic activity is the ribozyme, an enzyme made of RNA rather than protein. Enzymes can be classified and named according to their reactions: (1) oxidoreductases, (2) transferases, (3) lyases, (4) isomerases, and (6) ligases. Basically, ligases are a group of enzymes that enable the binding of two molecules.

. In biology, ligase is a class of enzyme. But, what does ligase do? Let’s define ligase.

What Is The Role Of Dna Ligase In Dna Replication

What Is The Role Of Dna Ligase In Dna Replication

Ligase is a type of enzyme that brings about the binding or joining of two molecules. It is, as defined in biology, a class of enzyme that binds or joins two macromolecules by forming new bonds such as C-O, C-N, and C-S. Ligase enzyme catalyzes the ligase reaction, e.g.

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Between the corresponding ends of the DNA fragments. Thus, DNA ligase plays an important role in repairing, replicating and recombining DNA. Let us understand the ligase method with the help of DNA Ligase as an example.

Biology/Biochemistry: Ligase is an enzyme that catalyzes the binding of two molecules. An example is DNA ligase which joins two pieces of DNA by forming a phosphodiester bond. Ligases are classified into six subclasses: (1) EC 6.1 (ligases that form carbon-oxygen bonds), (2) EC 6.2 (ligases that form carbon-sulfur bonds), (3) EC 6.3 (ligases that form carbon-nitrogen bonds), (4) EC 6.4 (ligases that form carbon-carbon bonds), (5) EC 6.5 (ligases that form phosphoric ester bonds), and ( 6) EC 6.6 (ligases that form nitrogen-metal bonds).

DNA Ligase is required for DNA replication and the DNA repair process. DNA Ligase is widely used in laboratories to perform DNA replication experiments. The most commonly used ligase in the scientific laboratory is DNA ligase.

DNA ligase binds the 3′ hydroxyl ends of one nucleotide (or acceptor) and the 5′ phosphate end of another (donor) with two covalent phosphodiester bonds in the following steps:

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Generally, these ligases are named according to the substrate or macromolecules involved in the reaction; because, for example, amino acid-RNA ligase catalyzes, C-O bond formation between amino acid and RNA transfer.

A ligase that makes the connection of two macromolecules and uses molecular energy obtained by the hydrolysis of nucleoside triphosphates (such as ATP, GTP, CTP, TTP, and UTP), for example, the hydrolysis of -adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is adenosine. diphosphate (ADP)”

There are six types of enzymes and ligases are one of them. Other classes of enzymes include oxidoreductases, transferases, hydrolases, isomerases, and lyases. Ligase and lyase are closely related classes of enzymes. However, ligase and lyase are different types of enzymes.

What Is The Role Of Dna Ligase In Dna Replication

Based on the molecular bond catalyzed by the ligase enzyme, ligase can be classified into six subclasses (see Table 2).

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