What Is The Real Meaning Of Relationship

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What Is The Real Meaning Of Relationship

What Is The Real Meaning Of Relationship

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The Real Meaning Of Relationship Compatibility, Because It Has Nothing To Do With Love

Success Skills – Develop essential and transferable success skills like never before with this powerful resource to help you thrive in life, academic and business endeavors. The great, unseen possibilities of a real relationship open up in this conversation. Magnificent, without having to understand, here is how two people can explore and be together in a depth of meaning beyond themselves.

“The two of you are building a relationship based on what is known within and unseen, the two of you are building a relationship that is bigger than yourselves.”

Q: You were talking about a man and a woman, that the woman was giving and the man was receiving. What does a man do with the love he receives and does the woman just keep on giving or is there something that happens after that?

What Is The Real Meaning Of Relationship

John: It’s a meeting from within from deeper levels, levels within that have nothing to do with the self. Meeting from within at deeper levels enables travel. Travel in each other. You spend your day doing things and going places in your life. This is all apart from yourself. In a real relationship where there are no filters and boundaries, what is meeting means moving together as one, in each other and through all the deeper levels. The joy of doing things outside of yourself in your day exists because you have it within. Outside of yourself everything is seen and the deeper levels, within you, everything is unseen. The meaning, the depth of meaning of your day to exchange what is in your environment depends on the depth, within you, that you are actually coming from.

A Matrix Of Meaning: Building A Real Relationship

A real relationship invites an exploration of that, an exploration of those depths; a depth of meaning you encounter from within that is, from your own perspective, unseen.

John: If you are really meeting, they are first known, and as you develop as a sense of meaning in the known, the unseen that is known becomes seen. You get to know the inner landscape, know how to move within yourself on all the deeper levels.

John: By connecting as consciousness directly to the deeper levels. Everything deeper, within you, that you have awakened to, is more than what you are, it connects. When you connect these together, you will bring them together, build rapport, build ways of connecting based on the unseen. It emerges in the connection when this deeper connection means more to each of you than yourselves, but yourselves together, making your selves an expression, expressing all that is known within: deeper currents of being, deeper currents of connection at first almost unknown. At first, what you know, within you, the subtlety, subtleties of existence, the delicacies of existence, is to offer yourself almost nothing. You’re not in it for the rewards. As a consciousness you are in it for the truth of it.

Q: So when there is an awareness of this truth within me, is it allowing it to come forth and giving it in the relationship?

One To One Relationship Examples In Everyday Life

John: Anything you give that is unseen, inside, but known will make yourself vulnerable. You will move in what is more than what you are, more than what you are used to. You will give that which is more than what you are yourself. Its expression through your ego reveals, in your experience, that your ego is less than what you are and than what you are giving.

Being fabulous is uncomfortable in yourself. As soon as the feeling of discomfort matters, you will disappear from the fantastic and you will deal with yourself. As soon as you are dealing with yourself, you will make up for it. You will do something in yourself to compensate for the discomfort. You will pass through a filter and boundaries; move filters and boundaries instead of you, meaning, move meaning.

As soon as the encounter, within, is not directed through the deeper levels, compensation is being paid in the ego. It is the form that you have and the form that you use to put together a filter and boundaries so that you can make changes to your experience, as consciousness – adapt to discomfort. Then there is a filter and a limit that meet a filter and a limit.

What Is The Real Meaning Of Relationship

John: And in you. In a relationship, it is easier to open the deeper levels of the body. Also in a relationship, it is easier to close the deeper levels of the body. Everything is magnified because the potential of the two together is greater.

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Q: When you talk about the deeper levels of the body, are you talking about the physical, deeper physical levels?

John: Every deeper level in you, every unseen deeper level, is also in your body and it is physical. The level you are most used to in the body is the level of yourself in the body. When you take something personally or want something personally, it registers in your nervous system. You experience it in your body. This is how your self is experienced as real. It is real in your body.

The deeper levels within you are meant to be realized in your body. You are able to make them real in your body. You are able to realize them in the physical. As seen in the physical, your nervous system changes. Your nervous system becomes accessible to what is deeper within you, instead of your nervous system being accessible to yourself and what you experience in your body as self.

You know there are deeper levels, within you. Even if they are unknown to you, you know they are there. When you connect with what you are knowing, even if you don’t understand what you are connecting with, you know the truth of what you are connecting with. You are able, as a consciousness, to connect directly with what you know within. This direct connection awakens the level that relates to the truth of what you connect with, making that knowing within no longer unseen, but known and seen, known and physical.

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Q: How I feel in my body now, it’s just a feeling and there’s another awareness of how my body feels, but I don’t understand it.

Jon: You don’t understand. You cannot understand it until you develop an ego that is on the same level as the deeper levels, within you. You need to develop and build a larger self and a higher self so that you can understand within yourself the meaning of the deeper levels, within you.

You don’t have to understand them to be in them. You can be in them by connecting directly to what you know, within you. You are in them through absorption. The moment you have knowledge within that which is deeper, that you give up being absorbed by what you are knowing, it takes you in. You don’t have to understand what you’re getting into, inside you. It is enough to know the truth about it. What you are entering is a level of meaning that is deeper than anything you have understood within yourself and that is your home. That’s what you’re in your body for and that’s what you’re in a relationship for.

What Is The Real Meaning Of Relationship

John: Then you didn’t have enough of yourself to record it so you could remember it. Hold a baby. Be present with a child and you know that you cannot use yourself to be with that child. The child is coming from levels, within you, that you cannot understand in yourself and you do not need yourself to

Symbols By Relationship

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