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What Is The Organ Of Skeletal System

What Is The Organ Of Skeletal System

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The human skeleton, the internal skeleton that serves as a framework for the body. This skeleton is made up of many separate bones and cartilages. There are also bands of fibrous connective tissue—ligaments and tendons—closely connected to parts of the skeleton. This article focuses primarily on the gross structure and function of the normal adult skeleton.

The human skeleton, like other vertebrates, consists of two main divisions, each of which has its own origin, different from the others, and each has certain individual characteristics. These are (1) the axial, containing the vertebral column—the vertebral column—and most of the skull, and (2) the appendicular, to which the pelvic (thigh) and thoracic (shoulder) girdles attach, as well as the bones and cartilages of the limbs. belong to This article considers a third subdivision, the visceral, as part of the axial skeleton, consisting of the lower jaw, some elements of the upper jaw, and the gill arches, including the hyoid bone.

If we take into account the relationship of these divisions of the skeleton to the soft parts of the human body, such as the nervous system, the digestive system, the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, and the voluntary muscles of the muscular system, it becomes clear that the functions of the skeleton are three different types: support, defense and movement. Of these functions, support is the most primitive and oldest; likewise, the axial part of the skeleton was the first to develop. The vertebral column, corresponding to the chord of lower organisms, is the main support of the body.

The central nervous system lies mainly in the axial skeleton, the brain is well protected by the cranium and the spinal cord by the vertebral column with the help of osseous neural arches (the bony arches that surround the spinal cord) and intermediate ligaments. .

Bones: Anatomy, Structure & Function

A distinctive feature of humans compared to other mammals is an upright posture. The human body is somewhat like a walking tower that moves on pillars represented by legs. This upright posture brought enormous benefits, the main one being freeing up the hands for a variety of purposes. However, the upright posture caused a number of mechanical problems, particularly weight bearing. These problems had to be solved by adapting the skeletal system.

Protecting the heart, lungs, and other organs and structures in the thorax presents a problem somewhat different from that of the central nervous system. These organs, whose function consists in movement, expansion and contraction, must have a flexible and elastic protective covering. This covering provides the bony ribcage, or thorax, which forms the skeleton of the chest wall, or thorax. The connection of the ribs to the sternum — the sternum — is in all cases secondary, provided by the relatively flexible costal (costal) cartilages. Small joints between the ribs and vertebrae allow the ribs to slide over the vertebrae during breathing and other activities. Movement is limited by the ligaments between the ribs and vertebrae.

The third general function of the skeleton is movement. The vast majority of skeletal muscles are firmly attached to the skeleton, usually to at least two bones, and in some cases to many bones. Thus, the movements of the body and its parts, from the lunge of a football player to the delicate manipulations of an artist-craftsman or the use of complex tools by a scientist, are made possible by separate and individual engineering mechanisms between muscles and bones.

What Is The Organ Of Skeletal System

This article describes the parts of the skeleton in terms of their joint performance of these functions. Disorders and injuries that can affect the human skeleton are described in the Bone Diseases article. An expert in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders, Dr. Atwater is one of America’s Top 50 Spinal Surgeons. His passion and experience in helping those suffering from spinal conditions and his holistic approach to orthopedics set him apart. His dedication to helping those who are suffering has enabled him to provide compassionate and effective care.

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Organ Systems In Humans

Pain in the bones, joints and muscles is the most common cause of disability. More than 130 million Americans have painful muscle, bone, or joint conditions. Pain is a major public health and safety concern for Americans in terms of cost, quality of life, productivity, and mobility. In 2011, the annual cost of medical care and lost wages was approximately $213 billion.

More than 300 peer-reviewed studies show that greater health literacy and patient engagement are key to improving health outcomes.

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What Is The Organ Of Skeletal System

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What Is The Organ Of Skeletal System

Copyright © 2021 OSA | Back Orthopedic Physician & Surgeon • All Rights Reserved • Web Design by Your Imprint. The skeletal system is a body system consisting of bones, cartilage, ligaments and other tissues that perform important functions for the human body. Bone tissue, or bone tissue, is the hard, dense connective tissue that makes up most of the adult skeleton, the body’s internal support structure. In areas of the skeleton where whole bones move against each other (such as joints such as the shoulder or between the bones of the spine), cartilage, a semi-rigid form of connective tissue, provides flexibility and smooth surfaces for movement. In addition, ligaments, made up of dense connective tissue, surround these joints, binding the elements of the skeleton together (ligament is the dense connective tissue that connects bones to other bones). Together they perform the following functions:

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