What Is The Most Important Function Of Management – Planning is the primary and inseparable function of management. It ensures smooth performance and best utilization of resources, including manpower. It defines a clear course of action so that the waste of resources can be minimized.

Good planning is the foundation of the organization and a sign of efficient management. It contributes to the smoothness of future action. The main importance of the planning function of management is given below.

What Is The Most Important Function Of Management

What Is The Most Important Function Of Management

Every organization is created with a specific goal in mind, and all of the organization’s activities are aimed at achieving these goals. Plans help keep the manager and other employees focused on the same goals.

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It defines a clear course of action and responsibility at all levels of management. It removes ambiguity and unintended behaviors. This facilitates the merging of all work units in action and coordination. As a result, good planning is a characteristic of goal-oriented management.

Planning is essential to reduce future risks and uncertainties. It involves forecasting and anticipating future changes and uncertainties. It is common knowledge that the future is uncertain and changeable.

As a result, all companies must operate in a constantly changing social environment. The value of planning lies in the fact that it makes it possible to anticipate future changes and make the necessary preparations to deal with them.

Control starts with planning. It determines the quality of the work to be done. The management provides guidance and training for the work carried out based on the plan. Useful for comparing actual performance with planned performance.

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It also helps in determining the difference between expected and actual performance. Without prior planning, it is impossible to maintain control. On the other hand, control is more effective and significant if it is planned.

Design, as an intellectual exercise, enables managers to think creatively and innovate. Managers are forced to consider the best objective and alternative course of action in designing a successful plan. This is a must if you want to grow and expand your business.

Helps improve staff motivation and morale. Maintaining an up-to-date position in business operations and managing business complexity is also critical. As a result, a well-thought-out strategy helps to develop novel ideas and creative actions.

What Is The Most Important Function Of Management

Planning helps eliminate waste and make the most efficient use of existing resources. This increases productivity and reduces output costs. Planning is the basis for the successful implementation of organizational actions. It improves the effectiveness and efficiency of all organizational activities.

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Design eliminates the need for trial and error. It chooses a course of action that is advantageous from an organizational point of view. It sets a clear path for all levels of leadership to follow. It helps to introduce a system within the organization, which in turn helps to improve the work efficiency of all members.

Planning is an important function that ensures cooperation with other management tasks. It clearly describes the goals and strategies to be achieved, as well as the implementation of other managerial tasks.

Planning is also critical to maintaining a close working relationship between all departments. This is necessary in order to develop a sense of belonging among all members of the organization.

Last but not least, the importance of planning is that it reduces business failures. The primary goal of planning is to reduce the bankruptcy of the business. The fundamental goal of the planning process is to select the optimal course of action from among the many available options. It also defines a clear course of action for all members.

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It helps maintain organizational unity and better coordination between members. It reduces performance uncertainty and risk and waste of organizational resources. Ultimately, it helps increase productivity while reducing production costs. Good managers don’t just go out and do their jobs. Good managers discover how to master the five basic functions: planning, organizing, promoting, directing (leading) and controlling CMagno

Analyzing information Decisions must be made about what needs to be done to achieve a certain goal. Goal Setting Developing strategies to achieve goals by following a plan. There are three main types of plans that a manager uses to achieve corporate goals, including strategic, tactical, and operational plans. CMagno

4 1- Planning: 3 types… Strategic plans: plans for long-term goals, where you want the business to be in 3-5 years or even 10 years. strategic plans give an idea of ​​the organization’s desired future and long-term goals, such as increasing productivity or profitability CMagno

What Is The Most Important Function Of Management

Tactical plans: plans for one-year or shorter goals. Specific goals with specific target dates. These plans make the strategic plan a reality. Tactical plans support strategic plans by turning them into concrete plans. Tactical plans refer to the responsibilities and functionality of lower-level departments to complete parts of the strategic plan, such as testing a new product, etc. CMagno

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Operational plan: it is aimed at the short-term goals of implementing tactical plans. Operational plans are prepared by front-line or lower-level managers and focus on the specific procedures and processes that occur at the lowest levels of the organization, almost at the individual level. Examples of operational plans include weekly employee schedules; stock survey, ordering and stocking or preparing a monthly budget This task will be completed by the end of the week. CMagno

The function of post-planning management. It is a function in which human, physical and financial resources are synchronized and combined. All three resources are important for achieving results. CMagno

In organizational management functions: Define what jobs will be done Who will implement the company’s plan. Determine what materials, equipment, and other resources are needed. Define hiring and training policies as follows: Employee Recruitment Screening Training and Development of Prospective Employees Employee Standards and Development Policies CMagno

2.a-Employee recruitment Define the job. Recruitment through classified ads, job brokers (headhunters), word of mouth and CMagno websites

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2.b- Screening Prospective employees Start with an application or cover letter/resume The interview by asking general background questions. If necessary, test your technical skills Continue with the interview and ask for reference checks CMagno

2.d- Standards and policies must be given to all employees, usually in the form of a booklet containing the following information: Working hours: define the normal working day with breaks and lunch/dinner, policies related to holidays, holidays and sick leave Pay policies: with dates /pay times, overtime calculations, salary and hourly rates and payroll Benefits including health, dental, disability insurance.

3a-Recommendations: occurs when a customer tells a person looking for a service about a particular business. The cost is $0. Keep in mind that referrals can work against your company if problems arise or work is not completed satisfactorily. Tip: deliver more than you promise and never promise what you can’t deliver. This is negative!!!! Ask for referrals (past clients or people who know you) Create a mailing list of existing and past clients. Send some type of information every month to keep your company in the minds of customers. CMagno

What Is The Most Important Function Of Management

3b – Basic promotional tools A-Portfolios: a selection of project photos taken by a professional photographer that show what the company sells. It can be digital, slide, film. A portfolio is a collected sample that showcases your creativity and skills and should be properly presented to the public. CMagno

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3b – Basic promotional tools B-Graphic images: Business cards, letterheads and other stationary business forms. 1. This is usually the first impression a potential customer has of your company. 2. The colors used, the size and font, and the size of the finished format are all important when creating graphics. 3. Hire a graphic designer for a more professional look CMagno

3b- Basic promotional tools C- Logo: a trademark that is a symbolic image of the company. Can be used on all materials associated with the company’s D-Business cards: Typically 3.5 inches x 2 inches, black and white, color, single or double spaced. List logo, company name, employee name and title, address, phone and fax number, address, cell or pager number, There are companies that create multimedia business cards in the form of CD-ROMs, video, text, graphics, sounds and links to websites. CMagno

3b – Basic promotional tools E-brochures: It gives the company an opportunity to present a selection of the best work and tell customers something about the company. The image on the brochure should reflect the image of the company The cover should be eye-catching and interesting The copy should be well written and interesting. Short The copy should inform potential customers about the company, the services offered, list previous customers The purpose of the copies and photos is to give a “taste” of how the company works, but should not “date” the brochure One of the most effective marketing pieces that You can write a brochure. CMagno

21 4-Management: Management means that you give your plans, mandate and instructions to your employees. Employees need guidance and supervision An employer must be able to communicate goals and motivate employees to perform at their best. Effective management also requires the management of equipment, materials and other resources.” CMagno

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