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What Is The Main Function Of Kidney

What Is The Main Function Of Kidney

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Solitary Or Single Functioning Kidney

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Solution: Kidney Function

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What Is The Main Function Of Kidney

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Common Causes Of Kidney Disease

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TIME : FUNCTION OF KIDNEY: The kidney is one of the most important organs in the human body. Basically, its main function is to remove the waste product from the body Kidney System: ➢ Bean like structure ➢ Weight = approximately 150gm in Men and about 120 gm in Women of the spine. ➢ Adrenal gland is placed on top of the kidney. The right kidney is generally smaller and lower than the left, to make room for the kidney liver in three layers: Outermost layer: is a tough connective tissue layer Second (perirenal fat capsule): helps the kidneys in the innermost space. The layer is the kidney capsule Kidney has 3 areas: Outer cortex Medulla in the center of renal pelvis Parts of kidney Nephrons : It is the functional part of kidney. Each kidney is made up of millions of nephrons. Glomerulus : It filters blood Arterial blood: It transports/supplies oxygen-rich blood to the kidney. Renal Blood: It removes deoxygenated blood from the kidney. Adrenal gland: It is located on top of the kidney. It helps in balancing the salt and water level in the body. Tubular Component: It helps in reabsorption of elements Bowman’s Capsule: is a large double walled cup. It is located in the renal cortex. Function of kidney: Removal of waste from the body Kidney removes urea and uric acid from the body formed due to the breakdown of protein and nucleic acid It removes waste by formin…

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Physiology Of The Kidney

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What Is The Main Function Of Kidney

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