What Are The Signs When You Have High Blood Pressure – The signs of someone high on marijuana help to know if you are concerned that a loved one may be abusing cannabis.

If you suspect someone you care about is using marijuana, there are some signs that are common and easy to spot.

What Are The Signs When You Have High Blood Pressure

What Are The Signs When You Have High Blood Pressure

If the person is a frequent user of cannabis, these effects may become less noticeable as they develop a tolerance to the drug’s effects. Where, frequently smelling marijuana or finding marijuana paraphernalia on a person indicates use.

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Depending on the type of cannabis used and its THC content, a cannabis high can make you feel mellow and relaxed or euphoric and giggly with increased energy levels. Some strains of marijuana can cause hallucinations and have a trippy-like effect.

There are now so many different types of marijuana available that the drug can produce very different effects, depending on the particular strain.

The Marijuana high you experience may also be very different from others; even if you use the same strain of marijuana and consume it the same way.

The way in which you consume marijuana can also affect how high you feel and how long it lasts.

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Although different people may respond to marijuana in different ways, there are some common side effects that marijuana causes.

When you are high on weed or marijuana you may also see colors more clearly. Sounds may seem louder than usual and food may taste better. Your sense of touch and smell may also be heightened. Your vision may become distorted, as well as your perception of time. What seems like hours to you, may in reality be just minutes.

How much marijuana you smoke and the specific type you smoke will also affect the high you experience.

What Are The Signs When You Have High Blood Pressure

On occasions where you smoke a particularly strong brand, you may hallucinate and feel out of touch with reality. You are also at a higher risk of having a psychotic episode by using stronger strains of marijuana.

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Marijuana can be smoked (with a cigar or through a bong), vape using a vaporizer, or eaten. There are many edible Marijuana on the market including various sweets and foods. The way in which you take the drug can have an effect on the marijuana high you have.

If you smoke or vape Marijuana you will feel the effects within seconds. These effects will increase within 30 minutes of inhaling the drug. The effects of smoking marijuana can last up to 6 hours. Some residual effects may remain for up to 24 hours.

When ingested, Marijuana travels from your stomach to your liver. Your liver converts THC into a more effective form. This, combined with the original THC consumed, produces a more pronounced high. Furthermore, the high produced from consuming edible marijuana lasts much longer than if you were smoking the drug.

By ingesting marijuana, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 full hours before you feel high. The full effects of edible marijuana can take up to 4 hours to peak.

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That’s twice the length of smoking time. The residual effects of edible marijuana can last up to 24 hours, sometimes longer. [3]

If you yourself have a problem with cannabis, you can learn more about marijuana addiction here and how to get help.

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the UK, both among adults aged 16 to 59 years, and among the younger generation (16 to 24 years).

What Are The Signs When You Have High Blood Pressure

Last year in 2020, 18.7% of 16 to 24-year-olds admitted to using marijuana. This is higher than the second most abused drug, which is powder cocaine[1]

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With Marijuana use on the rise, it’s even more important to spot the signs of someone high on weed. Despite general public opinion, Cannabis is not a safe drug when it is abused.

Marijuana, in any form, has the ability to lead to addiction and dependence; much the same as with any other addictive element.

With edible THC, you are more likely to overdose. This will cause you to feel the adverse effects of the medication and may make you very ill.

Many marijuana users are impatient while waiting to feel a high. Then they assume they didn’t get enough, and so they take more. Eventually, they can be accidentally overdosed. Which happens when the original dose and the second dose are the same.

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This is something to think about; especially, if you are trying edible marijuana for the first time. Just because your friends feel the effects before you, it doesn’t mean you are immune to the effects of the drug. It may take a while for the effects to work on you.

If you use weed or cannabis frequently, over a long period of time, you are more likely to develop an addiction to marijuana.

Addiction and dependence on marijuana can cause long-term health implications and adverse effects. Not all of these effects can be reversed by quitting marijuana.

What Are The Signs When You Have High Blood Pressure

If you or a loved one is experiencing any negative side effects as a result of your marijuana use, this is a sign that you should stop smoking weed.

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If you want to use marijuana, perhaps for medical purposes but are concerned that it might make you feel high, it’s best to discuss your options with your healthcare provider first.

CBD can be a very effective pain reliever and is legal if it has a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content of less than 0.2% and is approved by the EU. [4]

Medical marijuana can only be obtained by prescription. In the UK there are still some reservations about prescribing medical grade marijuana despite its many proven benefits. However, consultants and private doctors are more likely to prescribe if they think it will benefit your condition.

Medical marijuana contains THC but it is high grade and has passed many testing procedures. It’s also the safest way to get marijuana without getting too high.

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If you are addicted to weed, you probably need professional help. Weed addiction is not something you can overcome on your own and is considered a serious substance use disorder.

“Being addicted to weed is more common than you probably realize and there’s a lot of help you can access.”

Recent research suggests that 30% of weed/marijuana users have some degree of marijuana/weed use disorder. [5]

What Are The Signs When You Have High Blood Pressure

We also specialize in treating all types of marijuana addiction, including weed addiction and dual diagnosis. Call our friendly experts today and take our free weed addiction evaluation.

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Our trained addiction counselors are in recovery themselves and can help ensure you access the right help, support and treatment tailored to your specific treatment needs.

Addiction is diagnosed when set criteria are met. This criterion is the same regardless of the substance involved.

Marijuana addiction will have a negative impact on other areas of your life. If your personal relationships, finances, work or mental health have suffered as a result of your marijuana use it’s time to get help!

Marijuana, pot, cannabis, grass, weed, hash all come from the same cannabis plant, just different strains. The THC extracted from the cannabis plant will affect your brain and make you feel high! This is why most people try pot in some form or another.

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THC – tetrahydrocannabinol is the active ingredient in all forms of marijuana that acts on the brain and body. The higher the concentration of THC in the type of pot you use, the more profound the effects you will feel. [7]

“When THC reaches your brain, a lot of dopamine is released and this is what makes marijuana high.”

Dopamine is an organic chemical in the brain that rewards us for performing activities such as eating, exercising and having sex.

What Are The Signs When You Have High Blood Pressure

When dopamine is artificially stimulated through use, the brain stores a new memory of the euphoric feeling. In a person suffering from marijuana addiction, even if they do not use the substance, the brain will remember this feeling (euphoric recall) which results in the person taking it again, and again, and again!

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In addition to the dopamine that is released when you use marijuana, there are also cannabinoids, which affect the type of high you experience. Researchers have identified more than 113 unique cannabinoids in different cannabis plants. Cannabinoids mirror our own endocannabinoids in our bodies. When the two meet, they unlock different kinds of highs.

There are two types of Marijuana high, a head high and a body high. Whether you feel a head high or a body high depends largely on the strain of cannabis plant you are using.

These plants produce different types of high. Marijuana strains related to the Sativa plant will usually produce a more intoxicating type of high – known to stoners as a “head high”. While the effects of Indica strains of marijuana produce a more relaxed and chilled high in the body, known as a “body high.”

Frequent cannabis users can switch between two strains, using Sativa to be more productive during the day and Indica to relax and aid sleep at night.

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With so many different cultivated cannabis strains around today, some marijuana mixes will include both. You can

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