Things You Need To Know About Periods – You should always try to take some time to take care of your physical and emotional health, especially when you are on your period. Your body works really hard during your period, so it’s very important to listen to what your body and emotions are telling you.

We get it, when you’re on the emotional rollercoaster that is your period, it can be hard to know what to do! So, to make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways we love to show ourselves a little pampering, so you can try them out for yourself!

Things You Need To Know About Periods

Things You Need To Know About Periods

So go ahead, what are you waiting for, grab your comfy joggers, put on your favorite playlist and dance like no one is watching! It’s time to stop being so hard on yourself and focus on the positives, we’re in this together and we know you’ve got it!

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All you have to say about period pain (to your difficulties) can be the right pain… to pain. Read all about it

A bloody brilliant must-have for your handbag is the Cycle Pack Guide! When you’re on your period, it’s comforting to know you have everything you need in case of cramps, discharge, or flow day! Make it yourself

Period 101 Your one stop guide to all things period related! Whether you want to know what to expect from your first period or you’re feeling great but still have some questions, don’t worry… we’re here to help! Read all In 2016 I started writing a book proposal. I’ve been teaching my Ador Your Cycle workshops around Australia and London and for several years I’ve been working 1:1 with clients around the world on aligning their self-care with their menstrual cycle. I wrote and recorded Adore Your Cycle and you loved it and still do!

But the question was, “Claire, how can I get my hands on this life cycle awareness material?” You wanted a physical, real copy of this information. Something you can keep by your bed, something you can gift to your friends, girlfriends and sisters. Something you can easily turn to on a hectic cycle day for a dose of gentle self-care.

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’50 Things You Need to Know About Cycles: Know Your Flow and Live in Harmony With Your Cycle’ is my first published book and is available for pre-order NOW.

Beautifully illustrated throughout, the book is packed with straightforward science, alignment suggestions, and real-world advice that will encourage you to experiment with new ways of living and bleeding. I mean it when I say it’s beautiful: it’s hard-wearing, colorful, playful, rich, and versatile. This book celebrates our bodies, periods, creativity, and the power of our periods! The truth is, periodical conversation can be too clinical, intimidating, and forbidding, so I told my publishers from the beginning that I wanted this book to feel warm and welcoming. and SCIENCE. I believe we did!

In order to get this book into as many bookstores as possible so that more people can join the menstruation conversation, my publishers tell me that we need as many people as possible to order the book before it comes out in May. .

Things You Need To Know About Periods

Please head on over here to learn more about the book and pre-order it! It’s currently on sale on Amazon, and if you pre-order by May 13th, 2020, I’ve put together an exclusive bonus package to say THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU! Pre-order bonuses include an exclusive menstruation video taught by me, an online mini-course on living your best life, access to a private online book club where you can ask me Q’s and connect with each other. when you read and more!

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My friends, finding the right publisher, writing (and rewriting) and editing (and rewriting and editing) and creating this book for you was a process and a half, but it really is. is actually happening. I’m off to celebrate this announcement now (it’s been a while – I’m in awe of my secret powers, tbh), but please tag me when you pre-order so we can celebrate together. Sending you lots of love and pre-ordering! The onset of menstruation or menstruation can be stressful for some girls because it is associated with other painful symptoms. But how to deal with your period? This post will give you the answer. For most girls, period management and menstrual care are important skills to learn to cope with the discomforts that come with menstruation, such as nausea, weakness, and severe abdominal and back pain. Furthermore, these can lead to irritability, mood swings, lack of concentration and fatigue. Therefore, it is important that young girls are educated about basic healthy menstrual practices to help them manage their periods and overcome any confusion.

During the two to seven days of a normal menstrual period, a girl’s body becomes sensitive and prone to illness because it is constantly losing blood. Therefore, it is important to have a healthy diet, follow proper period hygiene and avoid menstrual discomfort during these days. Read on to learn more about common teenage issues and ways to deal with them.

Menarche is the first period of menstruation. Menstruation and puberty are not always things to worry about if you understand that they are all about growing up and turning from a child into a young lady.

Some girls experience a lot of pain and discomfort, and they end up associating their periods with all their negative feelings. But there are other girls who take it for granted and consider their periods as something natural that they don’t have to worry about. It is important to increase your period awareness at this stage of your life and be prepared to deal with your period at school or anywhere outside the home.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Period

XFats interact with hormones that are necessary for biological processes such as pain, inflammation, and uterine contractions. These chemicals constrict blood vessels in the uterus and contract the muscles, causing painful cramps (1).

For girls who are going through puberty, the unpredictability of their period, especially the first period, is an important issue. But this is the time period – unpredictable. One question that raises their anxiety level is, “What if I get my first period at school?” Most girls worry about how they will feel if they menstruate at school or outside. Staying prepared is key. Here are some tips to follow:

You might be enjoying lunch at school or playing your best shot on the basketball court, and you’ll feel the wetness that indicates your period has arrived. Don’t panic and don’t lose your composure. You can go to your school nurse or teacher and ask for supplies if you are not ready. Maybe you are nervous and want to have your mother around you. You can ask your school counselor to contact your mother.

Things You Need To Know About Periods

If this is your first time, talk to someone you can trust. Instead of talking to your best friend, it’s better to talk to your teacher at school because it’s a new situation and it’s important to get the right information about menstruation. Your doctor can give you information about what to expect and how to manage your period. Another option is to talk to the school nurse.

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Keep some spare clothes in your school closet. This will help you if the clothes you are wearing get stained. However, it is unlikely that your first period will be heavy. If you don’t have anything in the closet, use your shirt to cover the stain. Just tuck the jacket around your waist to go home. You can get permission from your school to leave early. You can also call your mom to bring a set of clothes to school for you to change into.

If you change your clothes, your friends and classmates will notice. Relax. Instead, tell them you spilled something on yourself and that’s why you changed your clothes. There is no need to disclose details or embarrassment.

Getting your period at school, whether it’s your first period or your next period, can be a bit embarrassing and uncomfortable, apart from the discomfort and cramps it causes. In simple words, saving your time in school is not easy, but does it mean that you miss school? Of course not!

Managing your stressful time at school is easier when you have a plan and follow a disciplined approach. In most cases, your friends and teachers won’t even know it’s your period. The most important thing is to have your accessories in place so you don’t get caught out. It is important to understand that you should not be embarrassed, but proud

What Are Periods Like With Pcos?

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