Simple Ways To Save Energy At Home – Following on from Friday’s article on ways to save money using the sun, below are some energy-saving solutions that don’t involve “going solar” or using the sun’s energy in other creative ways.

Using the sun’s heat and light to reduce energy use from other sources (e.g. fossil fuels) is a key energy saving solution (or even 10 solutions). However, there are many other energy saving solutions that focus on energy conservation. Let’s take a look at some of them, starting with what the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) highlights in the solar energy infographic we shared on Friday (also included at the bottom of this article):

Simple Ways To Save Energy At Home

Simple Ways To Save Energy At Home

Plant Deciduous Trees: Trees are wonderful things. Human society cannot exist without them. And, for centuries, humans have used many of them not only for the food they produce, but also for protection from heat and light. Deciduous trees planted on the west side of your home are especially useful because they block summer sunlight and heat (conserving energy) but allow winter sunlight and heat in (again saving energy).

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Apply Low-E Window Films: Windows are awesome. Who doesn’t love windows? But they let a lot of energy in and out, often in the opposite direction than we want. Low-E window film is useful for blocking up to 90% of the heat that hits your window. It’s so beautiful when the light comes in. Especially in the southern US during the summer. In warm or hot regions of the world such as As indicated by RMI, the financial return on such window film is 2 to 5 years, a very wise financial investment.

Install Awnings & Blinds on Windows: This is another great way to block the heat of the sun. The best average payback tie for such an investment is 1 to 4 years.

Install efficient windows: In addition to window film, window awnings, and window blinds, installing more efficient windows (if you haven’t already) is a wise investment for the vast majority of people. This is now common in new buildings, but if you have an older building, a retrofit is one of the first energy-saving solutions you should consider.

Don’t make your home tropical in winter & Canada in summer: It’s easy to turn up the heat in winter or turn up the air conditioner in summer when it’s cold. It’s hot, but before you tap the button on your thermostat, consider saving a bundle of energy by bundling up or stripping down a little. A warm sweater, warm clothes, socks, etc. will go a long way in saving the money needed to visit a true tropical paradise. Taking off some clothing during the warmer months will have the same effect.

Simple Ways To Reduce Your Energy Consumption, Improve Your Homes Energy Performance And Save Money Each Year

Unplug: Nowadays we have a lot of gadgets and electronic entertainment systems. Most of them are useless most of the time. Unfortunately, even if they’re turned off, if they’re still plugged in, your useless electronics may still be draining energy from your electricity socket (and money from your pocketbook). Unplug devices when they’re not in use, or get a smart plug that can be turned off with the click of a switch (perhaps even remotely) to turn off multiple electronics at once.

Get a smart thermostat: Many companies now sell smart thermostats that adjust your home’s heating or AC according to your regular schedule. For example, they can learn when you turn the heat up or down, and then automatically start doing it without you even thinking about it. A popular smart or “learning” thermostat is the Nest Thermostat, designed by the folks behind the design of the first iPhone. It is a very interesting and beautiful device.

Ride a bike: Bicycle is the most efficient (and common) transportation option on the planet. Also, the energy used to propel it forward comes from you, which helps you achieve or maintain good health and good health. Cycling is also great fun. People always ride bikes for fun. Why not try cycling for transport and reduce your fuel usage. This would save the average American $10,000 per year. Pretty cool, right? In my opinion, this is one of the most exciting energy saving solutions out there.

Simple Ways To Save Energy At Home

Get an electric car: Electric cars are much more efficient than gasmobiles. In most cases, they will save you money over the life of ownership. They do not pollute your local environment and are likely to greatly enhance your health. They allow you to never stop at a gas station again (aside from being a relief, you save a boatload of time). They’re very quiet, which is a relief to our nerves in an increasingly noisy world, and have a ton of spunk (ie, torque), which is fun for those who like to get off the starting blocks. I recommend helping the world, improving your health and saving money by switching to electric cars. With home solar panels, the financial, health and energy savings are even greater.

Simple Tips On How To Save Energy At Home

Get an Electric Scooter or Motorcycle: Oh, and want to save even more energy and money? Go for an electric scooter or motorcycle instead of an electric car. Be sure to drive safely!

Ride Transit/Trains: A mode of transportation that saves a lot of energy, helps the environment (we all rely on in part), and saves you a lot of money is mass transit. According to the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) July Transit Savings Report, the average financial savings for an American who ditches their car for public transit is about $10,181. Savings is no joke. Check the assumptions used in that study and plug in your own numbers to see how much you could save. Also, one thing that isn’t commonly mentioned when discussing the transit or train option is that you are free to do whatever you want while riding a bus, streetcar, subway car, or train. In the past, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. But with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, most of us can use that time to work (

Add the value of your work hours to calculate the true economic benefit from switching to transit and trains

) or play or relax or chat with family and friends. Transit and trains have a very negative stigma in most of the US, but I encourage you to give them a try and perhaps find out for yourself how off-track the stigma is.

Tip To Save Energy At Home

Use energy-saving settings on your electronics: I think it’s rare these days that computers, TVs, phones, etc. don’t have energy-saving settings. But you have to go and activate them in many cases. Don’t overlook the obvious financial and energy savings that come from being a responsible electronics user by checking the energy saving section of your settings.

Cut Apps: Apps are a huge power drain on smartphones and tablets. Reduce your energy usage by removing apps you don’t use and turning off or closing apps when not in use. Not only will this save you energy and money, but it will also significantly increase your battery life. You know you want more battery life!

Unplug yourself: Take more time out of your life to truly unplug from the electronics that most of us are now addicted to. Hang out with friends. Take a walk in the park. Watch a sunset. Go for a bike ride. Take a walk around your neighborhood or city. Meditate. Play a sport. Do yoga. Go surfing. Find the “real-world” activity you’ve been missing and incorporate more of it into your life.

Simple Ways To Save Energy At Home

I’m sure there are more energy saving solutions out there. Drop us a note if you have more great ideas to share! RMI’s infographic is below, and be sure to check out the 10 Ways to Save Energy Using the Sun I wrote about on Friday (mostly from the infographic below, but also a few others).

Ways To Cut Down Your Summer Energy Bill

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