Renewable Energy Adoption For Las Vegas Businesses: The Economic Benefits

Renewable Energy Adoption For Las Vegas Businesses: The Economic Benefits – Switch, operator of the massive SuperNap data center in Las Vegas, has signed a contract to purchase a second solar power plant, which will ensure that all of its Nevada data centers are powered by renewable energy.

The company announced last year an agreement to purchase power from a 100 MW solar farm in southern Nevada and pledged to power its data center 100% with renewable energy, becoming one of the leading providers The first two data join White. Homegrown weather forecasting for the private sector. Exchange signed a second PPA, for power from an 80 MW solar project also under construction in southern Nevada, in December.

Renewable Energy Adoption For Las Vegas Businesses: The Economic Benefits

Renewable Energy Adoption For Las Vegas Businesses: The Economic Benefits

The company does not disclose how much the data center costs. However, according to Adam Kramer, VP at Switch, the 180 MW of capacity it has approved will be enough to offset the consumption of the current Las Vegas park and the new one it is building near the Reno, Nevada, anchor site. . the owner will be eBay.

Facts About Solar Energy And Solar Panels

Investments in renewable energy by Switch and Equinix – the second data center provider to join the American Business Act on Climate Pledge late last year – show the rise of renewable energy by data center customers .

Equinix is ​​the world’s largest cloud computing provider, and you’d be hard-pressed to name a cloud provider or other Internet service provider that doesn’t use its infrastructure. Last year, Equinix agreed to buy enough renewable energy to offset the energy consumption of its entire North American portfolio.

Switch, while smaller than Equinix, has some popular brands with 1,000 or more customer names. The company lists Google, DreamWorks, HP, Boeing, Fox, Microsoft, and Cisco as its clients. Many of them, such as HP, Google, and Cisco, have also joined the climate commitment, and many who have not joined still have renewable energy as part of their corporate sustainability goals.

“Interest [in renewable energy] has increased dramatically,” Kramer said of consumer demand. “We’ve seen a lot of interest.”

Is Las Vegas Good For Solar Panels?

First Solar will build two solar projects that will provide clean energy to the Switch. Named Switch Station 1 and Switch Station 2, they are expected to come online before the end of 2016.

Switch will be buying power from southern Nevada utility NV Energy, using a special renewable energy tariff that was established last year, in part as a result of negotiations between data center providers and users. . The exchange rate that will pay for the energy will include all costs associated with solar farming. Welcome to the Top 10 Companies for Clean Energy Use in the Solar Energy Industries Association’s Annual Report

Is the only data center colocation technology company to make the Top 10 based on its commitment to using solar energy

Renewable Energy Adoption For Las Vegas Businesses: The Economic Benefits

LAS VEGAS — (NYSE: SWCH), a global technology infrastructure company, announced today that it has once again been named to the Top 10 of leading companies worldwide for its investment in solar energy. at the Solar Energy Industries Association’s (SEIA) annual event. Meaning of business news.

Tesla Says It Will Power All Superchargers With Renewable Energy This Year

The Solar Means Business Report is produced annually by SEIA and tracks solar adoption by businesses across the U.S., from some of the nation’s largest and most recognizable brands to small businesses in all 50 states. . SEIA is the national trade association for the US solar industry and focuses on innovation and business defining solar energy.

“It is an honor to be named once again as one of the top 10 industry leaders, global technology companies and the world’s only residential data center technology in the Solar Energy Industries Association’s

List,” said EVP of Strategy Adam Kramer. “This recognition supports and further strengthens our position as a leader in sustainability, which benefits our customers, the communities we work in and our world.”

The data center has been powered by 100 percent clean energy since January 2016, and uses new, local resources for its renewable energy needs. now buys nearly 587 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green energy every year, which is enough green energy to meet 100 percent of the organization’s electricity.

Utility Companies Sell Wind, Solar Farms To Shore Up U.s. Power Grid

Abigail Ross Hopper, President and CEO of SEIA said, “These brands are well-known in the world and walk the walk when it comes to their clean energy commitments.” “Businesses are choosing solar power because it can reduce their energy bills and add predictability in uncertain times. We expect the corporate sector to invest heavily in solar. as businesses make and follow clean energy commitments to address the climate crisis.”

Continues to lead the challenge of expanding solar power by breaking through recently on critical projects such as Founder and CEO Rob Roy’s Gigawatt Nevada solar power and battery storage vision. has begun the development of one of the footprints of the solar and battery storage and technology industry.

, Inc (NYSE: SWCH), is an independent global leader in exascale data center environments, centralized data center architecture, leading enterprise communications solutions and modern technologies. Founder and CEO Rob Roy has produced more than 500 issued and pending patents covering data center design that have featured in world-renowned data center and technology solutions.

Renewable Energy Adoption For Las Vegas Businesses: The Economic Benefits

We innovate to advance the digital foundations of a connected world with a focus on enterprise class and emerging cloud solutions. PRIMES, located in Las Vegas and Tahoe Reno, Nevada; Grand Rapids, Michigan; in Atlanta, Georgia is the world’s most powerful exascale data center campus environment with low latency in the main US market. Visit for more information or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. The plan was released this week by the state agency and submitted to Gov. Steve Sisolak on Tuesday outlined Nevada’s first “climate plan” for carbon emissions over the next three decades, what scientists say. is important for governments across the country to prevent the worst effects of global warming – rising temperatures, extreme heat, extreme floods.

Why We Don’t Want To See A Total Solar Panel Eclipse Over Nevada

The plan, a long and detailed document, represents a significant change for a state government that has, for years, made a record of encouraging renewable energy but has shied away from tackling climate change in a coordinated way. together.

“It’s about process,” said Kristen Averyt, who led the writing of the report and is the former president of the Desert Research Institute. “It’s about pushing climate action in the state.”

At its core, the report lays out a path for Nevada to achieve a cost-effective transition from natural gas to the transportation sector, which is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions in the state. While the plan does not specify policies for legislators, local governments, and state regulators, it examines and recommends several policies to pursue.

The plan, Averyt stressed, is a “living document,” which is meant to set the stage for future stories and research. But it was also meant to keep the things that were expected of it. Averyt acknowledged that this report differs from other state efforts. It is deliberately based on challenges and nuances, many specific to Nevada, which comes with a reduction in emissions and net-zero by 2050.

Clean Energy: A Future Unknown

For the 17 key policies discussed in the report, the state established a system that evaluates each recommendation using four metrics: the ability of the law to reduce emissions, the concept of climate justice, economic impact and the legal authority to implement the law.

Climate experts say the report is a big step in the state’s climate action efforts. It is important that yes

A plan, they said. But while the plan addresses climate justice—and climate impacts and climate change costs often affect marginalized communities—activists say more is needed. work to address those issues properly.

Renewable Energy Adoption For Las Vegas Businesses: The Economic Benefits

“Everything [the state does] around climate change – or even when we talk about affordable housing and transportation in general – should be looked at through the lens of environmental justice,” Cinthia said Moore, the Las Vegas organizer with EcoMadres, which represents him. Latino parents and advocates for clean air. “That should be the driver of these laws.”

Switch Contracts For Solar Power For Its Entire Data Center Footprint

The report highlights a nearly two-year effort to rethink the state’s focus on climate change, an effort that began in the 2019 Legislature. During the legislative session, lawmakers passed a bill that set mitigation goals. the state’s first greenhouse gas to reach net zero by 2050.

State officials estimate that, on its current path, Nevada will fall 4 percent short of the goal to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent by 2025, 19 percent of the 45 percent reduction in emissions. percent by 2030 and just short of reaching net-zero emissions. by 2050.

The 2050 goals are consistent with commitments made by governments and other agencies. Although efforts to reduce emissions will require investment, the plan says that meeting the emission goals could prevent between $172 and $786 in economic damage related to carbon pollution by 2030. Achieving the 2050 goals, the report finds, could prevent billions in damages.

In a statement prepared in the news release, Sisolak said that climate action will play a role in building this fish.

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