Read The Alpha and His Contract Luna | Enter the captivating world of The Alpha and His Contract Luna by Evelyn M.M., where love, betrayal, and redemption intertwine in a tale of passion and danger. Follow Lauren as she navigates the tumultuous aftermath of her chosen mate’s betrayal, finding unexpected solace and passion in the arms of an unlikely ally.

Detail Novel

Title The Alpha and His Contract Luna
Author Evelyn M.M
Publisher GoodNovel
Status Completed
Language English
Genre Werewolf
Age Rating 16
Average Rating 9.9
Number of Ratings 87
Number of Chapters 307
Number of Views 402.3K

The Alpha and His Contract Luna by Evelyn M.M is a completed werewolf novel available on GoodNovel. With an outstanding average rating of 9.9 based on 87 ratings and over 402.3K views, this story has garnered significant acclaim. With 307 chapters, it offers an immersive and captivating werewolf narrative.


Lauren’s world is shattered when her chosen mate, Darren, abruptly leaves her for his fated Luna, Miranda. Left devastated and stripped of everything she held dear, Lauren finds herself adrift in a sea of despair. However, circumstances force her back into the fray, where she encounters Alpha Sebastian Ashford, a feared and revered figure with a troubled past.

Despite their tumultuous history and the bitter rivalry between their packs, Lauren and Sebastian form an unlikely alliance that ignites a fiery passion between them. As they navigate the dangerous waters of their evolving relationship, they must confront external threats and internal conflicts that threaten to tear them apart. In a world where danger lurks at every turn, Lauren and Sebastian must rely on each other to survive and triumph against all odds.

Plot Overview

The plot unfolds as Lauren grapples with the devastating aftermath of Darren’s betrayal, feeling broken and abandoned. Forced to confront her pain, Lauren finds an unlikely ally in Alpha Sebastian Ashford, despite their troubled past. As they navigate their reluctant partnership, Lauren and Sebastian discover an unexpected connection that ignites a powerful attraction between them.

Amidst the backdrop of pack politics and personal vendettas, Lauren and Sebastian’s bond deepens as they confront external threats and internal conflicts. Together, they must confront their demons and insecurities while fighting to protect everything they hold dear. As danger lurks on the horizon, Lauren and Sebastian must rely on each other to survive and triumph against all odds.

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Main Characters

  • Lauren: A resilient and compassionate young woman thrust into a world of turmoil and heartache after her mate’s betrayal. Despite the pain of betrayal, Lauren emerges as a strong and determined individual, unwilling to let circumstances dictate her fate.
  • Darren: Lauren’s chosen mate who abandons her for his fated Luna, Miranda. Torn between duty and desire, Darren’s decision sets off a cascade of consequences that challenge his beliefs and reshape his destiny.
  • Sebastian: A formidable Alpha with a troubled past and a hardened exterior. Beneath his tough exterior lies a man burdened by regrets and haunted by loss. His encounter with Lauren ignites a spark of hope and longing, challenging him to confront his demons and embrace the possibility of a new beginning.
  • Miranda: A character driven by ambition and a relentless desire for power. Her relationship with Darren is fraught with manipulation and deceit as she seeks to secure her position as Luna at any cost. As the story unfolds, Miranda’s true motives are revealed, painting her as a complex and intriguing antagonist.


At its core, The Alpha and His Contract Luna explores themes of love, betrayal, and redemption. Through Lauren and Sebastian’s journey, the novel delves into the complexities of trust and loyalty in the face of adversity. It also examines the transformative power of love and the resilience of the human spirit in overcoming life’s greatest challenges.

Author & Writing Style

Evelyn M.M. is a renowned author in the werewolf and romance genre, captivating readers with emotionally charged narratives and compelling characters. With a string of successful books such as “Falling for My Bully,” “The Unwanted Luna,” and “Ex-Husband’s Regret,” Evelyn has established herself as a master storyteller in the realm of paranormal romance. Her writing style is characterized by vivid descriptions, intense emotions, and intricate plot twists that keep readers engaged from start to finish.

How to Read The Alpha and His Contract Luna

The Alpha and His Contract Luna is a captivating novel that promises an exciting read. You can easily access this thrilling story by downloading the Goodnovel app from the Google Play Store. Once installed, simply navigate to the search menu within the app and enter “The Alpha and His Contract Luna” to start reading. Don’t miss out on this compelling tale!


In conclusion, The Alpha and His Contract Luna is a captivating werewolf romance novel that enthralls readers with its blend of romance, intrigue, and suspense. Evelyn M.M’s masterful storytelling weaves a rich tapestry of complex characters and gripping plot twists that will keep readers hooked until the very end.

Experience the captivating world of The Alpha and His Contract Luna and embark on a thrilling journey of love, loyalty, and danger.