Read Punished by His Love | Suzie’s “Punished by His Love” immerses readers in a gripping romance narrative filled with complex characters, intricate relationships, and unexpected twists. Set against the backdrop of a fake marriage, the story delves into themes of redemption, betrayal, and the transformative power of love. With its extensive chapter count and compelling plot developments, this novel has captivated millions of readers on the GoodNovel platform.


Title Punished by His Love
Author Suzie
Publisher GoodNovel
Status Completed
Language English
Genre Romance
Average Rating 9.0
Number of Ratings 4922
Number of Chapters 2823
Number of Views 3.8M

Punished by His Love by Suzie is a completed romance novel available on GoodNovel. With a commendable average rating of 9.0 based on 4922 ratings and over 3.8 million views, this story has garnered significant attention. With 2823 chapters, it promises to offer an extensive and captivating romance narrative.


A destitute woman, dependent on others for survival, becomes a scapegoat and trades herself, leading to a pregnancy. The man she encounters views her as the epitome of evil, attributing greed and deceit to her character. Despite her efforts to win his affection, she fails, prompting her departure.

However, his fury drives him to search the ends of the world to recapture her, with the city anticipating her demise. In a desperate plea, she questions why he won’t let her go, having left their marriage with nothing. His response, delivered in a domineering manner, reveals his belief that she’s stolen his heart and given birth to his child, making escape impossible.

Plot Overview

Sabrina Scott emerges from a two-year prison sentence burdened by the weight of injustice and betrayal. Forced into a contract marriage with Sebastian, the head of the powerful Ford family, Sabrina grapples with conflicting emotions and suspicions. Despite her guarded demeanor, Sabrina finds herself drawn to Sebastian, even as she remains wary of his intentions.

As Sabrina’s pregnancy further complicates their relationship, tensions escalate with the involvement of the scheming Lynn family and Sebastian’s jealous fiancée, Selene. Amidst the turmoil, Sabrina uncovers shocking revelations about her past and the true nature of the alliances around her. With each chapter, the intricate web of deceit and desire tightens, leading Sabrina and Sebastian on a path of discovery and redemption.

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Character Analysis

  • Sabrina Scott: The resilient protagonist of the story, Sabrina embodies strength and determination in the face of adversity. Despite her troubled past and initial reluctance to trust Sebastian, Sabrina’s compassionate nature and unwavering loyalty endear her to both readers and characters alike. As she navigates the complexities of her relationship with Sebastian, Sabrina undergoes a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, emerging as a formidable force in her own right.
  • Sebastian Ford: As the enigmatic head of the Ford family, Sebastian exudes power and authority, yet harbors deep-seated insecurities and secrets. His initial disdain for Sabrina gradually gives way to genuine affection and admiration, complicating their dynamic and setting the stage for emotional upheaval. Despite his domineering demeanor, Sebastian’s vulnerability and hidden depths add layers to his character, inviting readers to unravel the mysteries surrounding him.
  • Grace Ford: Sebastian’s kind and caring mother, whose illness is exacerbated by her time spent in prison. Desiring Sabrina as a daughter-in-law, Grace sees the good in her and orchestrates a secret wedding between Sabrina and Sebastian as her dying wish. Grace’s warmth brings out Sabrina’s affectionate side.
  • Selene Lynn: Sebastian’s vain, jealous, and scheming fiancee, whose family mistreated Sabrina while raising her. Selene resents Sabrina for marrying Sebastian and plots revenge, feeling entitled to him due to their engagement.
  • Lynn Family: Selene’s social climbing family, who mistreated and manipulated Sabrina. Eager for Selene to marry Sebastian, they are humiliated when he chooses Sabrina instead, leading to resentment towards her.


  • Redemption and Forgiveness: At its core, Punished by His Love explores themes of redemption and forgiveness as Sabrina and Sebastian confront their past traumas and mistakes. Through their tumultuous journey, both characters strive to overcome their demons and forge a path toward healing and acceptance. As they grapple with guilt, regret, and the need for redemption, Sabrina and Sebastian’s evolving relationship serves as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.
  • Betrayal and Trust: The novel delves into the complexities of betrayal and trust, highlighting the fragile nature of human relationships. As Sabrina and Sebastian navigate the treacherous waters of deceit and manipulation, they must confront their own vulnerabilities and learn to trust each other in the face of adversity. Their journey toward mutual understanding and acceptance is fraught with challenges, but ultimately underscores the power of trust in overcoming past betrayals.

How to Read Punished by His Love

Punished by His Love is a captivating novel that promises an exciting read. You can easily access this thrilling story by downloading the Goodnovel app from the Google Play Store. Once installed, simply navigate to the search menu within the app and enter “Punished by His Love” to start reading. Don’t miss out on this compelling tale!


Punished by His Love is a captivating romance novel that transports readers into a world of intrigue, passion, and redemption. With its compelling characters, intricate plot twists, and poignant themes, the novel offers an immersive reading experience that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages. Whether exploring the depths of forbidden love or unraveling the mysteries of the human heart, Suzie’s masterful storytelling captivates and enthralls, leaving readers yearning for more.

For those seeking an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with drama, suspense, and heartwarming moments, Punished by His Love is sure to satisfy.