Purpose Of Vitamin D In The Body – Last year Amchara received a lot of interesting information and statistics about vitamin D from Dr. Nyjon Eccles of Harley Street, a renowned Integrative Medicine Practitioner in the UK who has built a reputation for his practices in Complementary Medicine.

He says that around 80% of his patients are vitamin D deficient, and this surprising statistic prompted us to do some research and put together this article to make our readers aware. on the importance of vitamin D in our diet.

Purpose Of Vitamin D In The Body

Purpose Of Vitamin D In The Body

In Dr. Eccles’ recent article, he cites a recent review of medical literature that interestingly shows that almost all cells and tissues have vitamin D receptors. in the human body, showing that vitamin D plays an important role in many of our body’s functions. and systems. But most of us are deficient in vitamin D, and in this article we look at what this means, what vitamin D is and what it does, and how to get it. enough vitamin D in your body.

Benefits & Sources Of Vitamin D

According to Dr. Eccles’ article, vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that comes in two main forms: vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). UVB rays from natural sunlight help increase D3 levels in the body, and the body of a Caucasian person creates 20, 000 IU of vitamin D by sunbathing for 20 minutes. Caucasians who have less skin melanin (pigment) synthesize vitamin D six times faster than people with darker skin.

Dr. Eccles says that vitamin D is not a vitamin at all, it acts like a steroid hormone and is created in the human body from cholesterol. The vitamin D3 is transported to the liver and kidneys where a special enzyme converts it to its active form. This special enzyme is also found in other parts of the body including the brain, skin, colon and more, proving that the body needs vitamin D throughout to do all its work properly . Vitamin D only lasts in the liver for 3 weeks, meaning it needs to be replenished frequently.

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for the body and plays an important role in many functions of the body. It is effective in helping to prevent prostate cancer, breast cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity and depression. Vitamin D also helps the body absorb calcium and phosphate from the foods we eat. This shows why vitamin D is so important in its role for bone health.

Many studies have shown that people who have insufficient levels of vitamin D in the body are more closely related to obesity, and the results of the studies show that those who are overweight seem to be less able to absorb the vitamin Convert D to active form. , meaning that vitamin D is not doing its job properly in the body.

The Body Needs All Forms Of Vitamin D

There is also a strong link between vitamin D deficiency and cancer according to various studies, says Dr Eccles. Studies in both animals and humans have shown that having enough vitamin D in the body helps the body to prevent and fight cancer more effectively. Vitamin D stops the growth of new blood vessels and has anti-inflammatory effects, and it activates certain genes in the body that kill bad cells, all of which help the body to to fight and prevent cancer.

Another interesting fact to note is that as we age, our skin is less able to convert sunlight into vitamin D, meaning that a deficiency is more likely as we age. age

Interestingly, vitamin D is created naturally by the body when your skin is exposed to sunlight. According to an article from Natural News, it is almost impossible to get the vitamin D that your body needs for all its functions from your diet, so it is essential that you get plenty of sunlight. sunlight to allow your body to produce the vitamin D it needs. needs. The sunlight you need can’t penetrate glass, so being indoors or in the car won’t get you enough, you have to go outside and let the sun’s rays shine. -into your skin directly to be able to benefit from it. The further away from the equator you live, the more sunlight you need to allow your body to generate adequate levels of vitamin D.

Purpose Of Vitamin D In The Body

Dr Eccles also says that certain foods are rich in vitamin D, including fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, eggs, meat and mushrooms. There are also many foods available on the shelves that are fortified with vitamin D due to the high numbers of people who are deficient. It also emphasizes however that no food source of vitamin D is anywhere near as good for obtaining adequate levels of vitamin D as the levels created by the body from exposure to natural sunlight. enough

Vitamin D: Relief For Joint And Muscle Pain

If you would like more information or would like to seek advice or treatment, you can visit Dr Eccles at The Chiron Clinic on Harley Street in London.

Dr Eccles and his team offer a range of beneficial services for your health, including natural cancer support, radiation-free breast cancer screening, and a range of Well Man and Well Woman services to help you ‘remain in good health.

At Amchara Detox Retreat, we also offer a range of retreats where you can detox your body, learn about natural nutrition and alternative medicine, practice yoga, learn about the importance of a healthy diet and raw foods and more . every cell in the body, and it is necessary for hundreds of processes every day. It acts as a protector and regulator of all types of cells, tissues, and organs, it can improve the functioning of every system of the body to keep us healthy. A deficiency in vitamin D can lead to impairment or disease in each of these systems – from brittle bones to heart disease, cancer and depression.

Click on the image and text for more information on how vitamin D affects each part of the body:

Sex Differences In Vitamin D Metabolism, Serum Levels And Action

See below for links to detailed posts about how each system depends on vitamin D to function properly, what diseases can result from vitamin D deficiency, and how other nutrients contribute to healthy activity.

Part 1: Musculoskeletal System Part 2: Brain and Nervous System Part 3: Dermatological System Part 4: Reproductive Health Part 5: Respiratory Health Part 6: Cardiovascular Health Part 7: Cancer Prevention Part 8: Digestive Health Part 9: Immune Health

How is the sun good for me? Sun exposure is good for our bodies as long as we don’t burn….

Purpose Of Vitamin D In The Body

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Vegetarian Vitamin D3

Many dietary sources contain vitamin D but D3 (cholecalciferol) is created naturally in the skin when exposed to UV light. And the liver and kidneys play a major role in converting vitamin D into usable forms in the body.

One of the main benefits of having proportionate levels of vitamin D in the body is to regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body. These centers will reduce the chance of osteoporosis (brittle, weak bones); also helps in the normal functioning of the immune system.

Although this sunshine vitamin is available to us in abundance from the sun, some desirable foods such as egg yolks, butter, cod liver oil, cheese, fatty fish such as tuna and salmon are good sources of D.

Vitamin D plays an important role in the various metabolic processes and prevents several diseases. Monitoring the body’s vitamin D levels will definitely increase the level of health, in our current fast-paced lifestyle.

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Purpose Of Vitamin D In The Body

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