I Have Friends But I Feel Alone

I Have Friends But I Feel Alone – When was the last time you felt lonely? A week ago? yesterday Maybe a few hours ago?

One of the most common beliefs is that being single means being alone. This means that your periods of solitude are clearly considered periods of your loneliness.


I Have Friends But I Feel Alone

I Have Friends But I Feel Alone

If you choose not to spend time with friends or prefer to spend time alone, it doesn’t mean you’re alone. Loneliness or isolation may be a factor but how lonely a person is does not tell the whole story.

How To Cope With Loneliness

If you’re lonely and upset, you don’t have to be alone. Don’t give solitude a bad rap.

There are people who actually maintain enough social connections. They hang out and attend parties occasionally or regularly, but they are still single and lonely.

Take it personally when a friend unfollows you on Instagram People use social media to send messages. The message is subtle and sent in a passive-aggressive way.

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I Have Friends But I Feel Alone

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