How To Get Rid Of Mice Outside Your Home – Finding rodents in your home can be stressful. One moment you’re watching TV, the next you’re standing on the couch screaming at an unwelcome furry guest. While rodents in the house may not sound like a big problem in some cases, they do pose health risks, especially to children, the elderly, and pets. Getting rid of rats doesn’t necessarily require paying an expensive fee to a pest control service—you can usually handle it yourself. If all else fails, calling a professional pest control service is a good option. Although we do not perform pest extermination, we recommend a comprehensive disinfection service after a severe rodent infestation. We understand sanitation best practices and have put together this DIY pest control guide to help you!

One of the best ways to control rodents in your home is to first make it difficult for them to enter. Rats can squeeze through holes the size of a dime, so this can be challenging. Concrete and caulk are the most reliable methods of keeping rodents out, but copper mesh, aluminum mesh or steel wool can be used where more flexibility is needed.

How To Get Rid Of Mice Outside Your Home

How To Get Rid Of Mice Outside Your Home

In addition to shelter, rodents also need easy access to food. While eliminating trash and food waste is one of the best ways to avoid potential infections, it doesn’t solve active infections. Keep your home free of debris inside and out, and follow these simple cleaning routines:

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Keeping outdoor areas clean can also prevent pests. Regular lawn mowing, shrub trimming, and other landscape maintenance can prevent hiding spots/nests from forming. Be sure to clear your yard of clutter such as old lawn furniture, broken equipment, unused flower pots, and other items where rodents can build nests. Store firewood and other materials off the ground to limit access.

Even if you keep your home clean, you may still find mice from time to time. Fortunately, common rats can be dealt with using commercially available mousetraps purchased from your local hardware store.

Note: While poison is an effective way to kill rats, it is not always a healthy or safe option, especially if pets or children are present. Additionally, while the poison will kill the rodents, you still need to find and dispose of the remains. If it crawls into a hard-to-reach corner or wall, it will die there and rot. For these reasons, we will only cover non-toxic mousetraps.

Most mousetraps fall into one of four categories, each with its own unique advantages. Electric and ultrasonic traps are also available, but their effectiveness is questionable and they are less popular so they are not covered here. The four basic types of mousetraps are:

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Apartment

No matter which type of trap you choose, the best place to set it is where rats are most active. This includes attics and basements, in cabinets and behind furniture or appliances. Place traps on walls where mice are most likely to be found. The bait side should face the wall, which will entice rats to investigate the trap rather than go around it. If you think the infestation is serious, set traps in pairs, no more than 2-3 feet apart. In high-traffic areas, consider placing more traps, spaced just a few inches apart.

Finally, since every situation is different, there is no recommended number of mousetraps. Remember, the more traps you set, the more rats you will eliminate.

Contrary to childhood stories and cartoons, cheese is not the best bait for most mousetraps. This is because if you have other readily available food sources in your home, the smell won’t be strong enough or attractive enough to attract mice. Most rats are hard-wired to eat nuts and seeds, so experts recommend avoiding cheese and opting for oily, aromatic foods like peanut butter.

How To Get Rid Of Mice Outside Your Home

Another benefit of using peanut butter is that its stickiness makes it difficult for mice to grab it from the trap. However, be sure to only use a pea-sized amount. This is just big enough for mice to want to eat it, but small enough that they can’t carry the bait away.

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Wear gloves when placing the bait in the trap to avoid contaminating the trap with your scent, which may scare them away. Dishwashing gloves or standard hygiene gloves are suitable for this task. Gloves should also be worn when reloading traps and handling captured rats.

So, if you’ve successfully chased or eliminated your little invaders, how do you get rid of them? In addition to making your home a less attractive place to live, there are some natural deterrents that can help keep rats away. Strong natural scents such as mint plants, mothballs or cotton balls soaked in mint and strong spicy spices such as cayenne or Tabasco sauce can repel mice.

Another remedy is to use natural predators of mice to prevent them from entering your home. The natural scent of a cat or ferret can prevent mice from taking an interest in your home, but this method is not 100% foolproof, and keeping pets solely for pest control is not recommended.

More than just a cleaning service – we are the national industry leader in professional biohazard cleanup; we solve a variety of difficult cleanup situations, from crime scene cleanup to hoarding cleanup. While rats are a common problem that can usually be dealt with on your own, severe infestations should be handled by a professional pest control service.

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Although we do not offer pest control services, we recommend comprehensive disinfection services after a severe rodent infestation. Professional cleaning gives you peace of mind about your family’s health and safety. Mice and rats can transmit serious diseases such as hantavirus and salmonella, both of which can cause severe illness or even death. Our team of highly trained biohazard cleanup technicians can eliminate these and other dangerous bacteria and viruses that may be present in your home. If you have experienced a severe rat infestation, consider calling us today for a free evaluation.

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How To Get Rid Of Mice Outside Your Home

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