Example Of Company Vision And Mission Statement

Example Of Company Vision And Mission Statement – A mission statement focuses on what the organization does (and, sometimes, why it does it). It answers the questions: What do we do? Who do we serve? How do we serve them?

A vision statement focuses on what the company wants to become. The intention is to give the team clarity of the direction of the business and inspire them to get there. In other words, it gives them purpose.

Example Of Company Vision And Mission Statement

Example Of Company Vision And Mission Statement

Can you remember the last time you were inspired by a vision or mission statement? Let’s be honest, most are boring because the company:

Vision And Mission

A business that knows where it’s going is more likely to get there, however, and it’s even more likely if that business can communicate where it plans to go in a way that inspires the entire team to push toward that vision.

In fact, a study that surveyed 183 entrepreneurs, whose businesses had an average revenue of $2.5 million, the average growth of those with a vision versus those without was more than double.

But it is up to the entrepreneur, the CEO or the founder to communicate that vision to the people who are needed to make it a reality.

In 1997, the income of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? it had stopped at $1M for eight years. CEO Brian Scudmore, and COO Cameron Herold, didn’t know what to do. But a few years later, they turned the business into a $100M multinational company that was featured on Oprah, featured in aHarvard Business Case Study, and was listed as the second best workplace culture in Canada.

Vision And Mission Statement

What helped guide them was what Cameron called Vivid Vision, and it changed their lives so much that he wrote a book called, Vivid Vision: A Remarkable Tool for Aligning Your Business Around a Shared Vision of the Future.

You can read more about what a Living Vision is and how you can write your own, with tons of examples, here.

In it, he discusses how mission statements don’t do much to motivate employees, inspire customers, or attract investors/partners, and instead shares how a clear and compelling Vivid Vision can help you:

Example Of Company Vision And Mission Statement

A Vivid Vision is a document that differs from regular mission or vision statements by painting the picture of what your company will look like in the future as if it has already happened, so that everyone you share it with can literally see and feel the vision. .

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You can use it to inspire your team, attract top talent, and get partners/vendors/customers signed up where you’re going.

For example, let’s say you run a community bank in a small rural area. Here’s what a normal mission or vision statement looks like:

Vision Statement: We are the leading financial institution for residents who are moving forward in their lives, and local business owners who are growing and need our help.

It’s December 31, 2023 and Grand City Community Bank has helped small businesses in our local communities create jobs, grow sustainably, and provide hope to the people of our state.

Team Mission Statements: Get The Most Out Of Yours

Through innovative solutions that go beyond the traditional bureaucratic norms of the financial industry, and an unwavering commitment to serve the best interests of our clients, we have not only spurred economic growth…

Our remarkable team has come together to create a culture in which our clients feel supported, and know that we are partners in their success; they finally found a bank that “gets them.”

This gives everyone who should be aligned with your vision a clear picture of what that vision is. To see more in-depth examples, you can click here.

Example Of Company Vision And Mission Statement

Sure, you can still write a mission or vision statement, but a Living Vision is possibly the most important document your business is missing.

Vision And Mission Statement Travel Agency Company Profile

If you would like to create a Living Vision for your company, here are several resources to help you get started:

This guide provides you with a template that you can use to begin crafting your Vivid Vision. It contains questions to follow and examples to refer to.

At Conscious Copy & Co., we’ve helped 300+ companies create their Vivid Vision: a document that gives a picture of how your company looks and feels three years into the future, as if it’s already happened. If you want to write one for your business, we’ve taken hundreds of entrepreneurs through this easy-to-follow Vivid Vision Process™.

Use this checklist when running the above process to paint a crystal clear picture of what your company will look like in three years. This 13-point Vivid Vision checklist ensures that every part of your vision document is rich with detail, so anyone reading knows exactly where the business is going.

What Is Mission Vs. Vision

When it comes to crafting your business vision, it’s incredibly valuable to have an expert walk you through the process. That’s why at Conscious Copy & Co., we’ve developed our proven and signature Vid Vision Method™, and you can click here to schedule a Vision Clarity Call to go through the process:

From your company’s core values ​​and culture to marketing and finance, we guide you through the 12 key areas of your company by mapping out how you want it to look.

Our Vivid Visioneers will interview you (the Founder or CEO) about your three year vision. We’ll dig deep to help you get crystal clear on how you want every area of ​​your company to look, feel and sound—but as if you’ve already got it. We’ll help you sort through your thoughts so you can simply show and share.

Example Of Company Vision And Mission Statement

Our team of seasoned Vivid Vision copywriters will help craft your vision and make the words pop off the page. We make the vision clear, powerful, and exciting, so that your team, clients, partners, etc., are inspired to help you make it happen.

Compelling Vision & Mission Statement Examples (+how To Make Yours)

After the copy is complete, our Vivid Vision Design Team will breathe life into your vision with beautiful, on-brand design, and put powerful images to the words for your custom Vivid Vision your

The final product is a custom document, 5-6 pages Vivid Vision. It will get your emotions racing with excitement when you, your team, your customers, and your vendors read it. We’ll also share best practices on rolling out your Vivid Vision in your organization, embedding it in your culture, and where to start to execute it.

The Vivid Vision is the most important document that your company may be missing, and if you are ready to turn your vision into reality, and you want to know more about how The Vivid Vision Process™ works , you can click here to see how Aware. Copy & Co. they can guide you through the same process we’ve used to help several hundred businesses create their own Vivid Vision.

Cameron Herold’s Living Vision Example You Can Model to Design Your Business Future (Plus a PDF Resource With 23 More Living Vision Examples)

Vision To Values

Cameron Herold’s Living Vision Example You Can Model to Shape Your Business Future (Plus a PDF Resource With 23 More Living Vision Examples) Read More

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Example Of Company Vision And Mission Statement

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