Everything You Need To Know About The First Trimester – I have always been a list maker. My office is full of random notes, lists written on a whiteboard, notes on my computer screen, the notes app on my cell phone, and notes saved in several different productivity apps. As you can imagine, having notes in all those places isn’t really that helpful. It’s actually quite overwhelming, but it doesn’t change the fact that making lists and crossing things off keeps me motivated. When I first stumbled upon Bullet Journal, I knew it could be just the solution to organizing all those notes in one place.

Let’s start with a warning. Don’t be fooled by all the creative Bullet Journals you see online. Yes, the Bullet Journal system is very versatile and you can make it as simple or fancy as you want, but it’s best to keep it simple at first so you don’t get overwhelmed and add embellishments as you go.

Everything You Need To Know About The First Trimester

Everything You Need To Know About The First Trimester

The best way to learn about Bullet Journal is to start at the source. Here’s a simple video on the basics by creator Ryder Carroll.

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Love the idea of ​​bullet journaling but feel a little overwhelmed about how to get started? Don’t worry, you are not alone. I hear it all the time.

All you need to get started is a notebook and a pen. Seriously. Any notebook will do. It’s not about having a fancy planner or special pens. In fact, I recommend starting with an inexpensive notebook and creating the basic pages listed above. Add collections when you think of something you want to track. Just open the next page of your journal, start your collection, and add it to your index.

When you’re starting out, it’s helpful to think about what you want your Bullet Journal to do for you. A few questions to consider.

The key to figuring out what to add to your Bullet Journal is to create a mind map. Identify key areas of your life and things that would be helpful to include in your journal.

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As I mentioned above, you really need a notebook and pen to start Bullet Journaling, but once you get started, you’ll probably want to get a few other supplies. Here are some of my favorites.

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These are the most popular notebooks in the Bullet Journal community, and for good reason. They come in a variety of fun, bright colors and are a high quality notebook. The paper has a dotted pattern to simplify the creation of layouts. They also have ribbon tabs and a pocket in the back.

Everything You Need To Know About The First Trimester

This is the basic black pen I use for most of my journaling. Make sure you get a Sharpie pen and not a Sharpie Marker. The cheapest way to buy them I’ve found is in a 12-pack on Amazon.

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I’m still new to pen writing, but these are the pens I use to create more beautiful letters in my journal. The Bright collection is my favorite.

Staedtler’s is a great pen with a fine nib. I use them for finer color details and color coding.

Papermate Flairs is a staple marker you can find anywhere. They are great because they don’t bleed and come in a variety of colors. They have a medium tip so I use them for larger writing. News Amid Boston’s overdose crisis, a pair of Harvard students bring Narcan to the Red Line. Upbeat Reactions From Student Climate Activists News ‘Sunroof’ Singer Nicki Yure Lights Up Harvard Yard Crimson JamNews ‘The Architect of the Whole Plan’; Harvard Law alumnus Ken Chesebro’s track through Jan. 6.

“Bridgerton” season two preview. Everything you need to know about Anthony Bridgerton’s character arc and new characters on the show

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Last week, Netflix gave viewers the highly-anticipated second season of their show Bridgerton with a short but juicy scene that raised many questions about the characters, plot and drama of the upcoming season.

“Bridgerton” is a vivid example of the romantic period drama genre. an entertaining, not-quite-historically-accurate spectacle full of Regency-era costumes, glittering ballrooms and romantic escapades. The television show is based on the popular series of eight novels of the same name by Harvard graduate Julia Quinn ’92. The story of the show’s first season is largely taken from the first book, The Duke and I, featuring eldest daughter Daphne Bridgerton (played by Phoebe H. Dynevor) as the main character and her whirlwind romance with the Duke of Hastings, Simon Bassett (Regé-Jean Page) as the center of its plot. The Shonda Rhimes-produced show attracted a whopping 82 million viewers after its first month on air, prompting Netflix to quickly confirm a second, third and fourth season.

Following the pattern of the novels, each focusing on a different brother of the Bridgerton clan, the second season of “Bridgerton” centers around the oldest son, Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan S. Bailey), the dashing, duty-bound older brother and viscount. The Bridgerton family. While his character’s cute charm and Bale’s on-screen charisma seem to make for a beloved character, Anthony’s reckless behavior and misguided actions in the name of misguided defense have left a bad taste in many viewers’ mouths. If Season One showed the need for his character to grow further, Season Two could be a pivotal moment in Anthony’s story as he learns to take responsibility for his actions and the people he promised to protect.

Everything You Need To Know About The First Trimester

By the end of the first season, Anthony seems to have matured a bit, deciding to let go of the romantic entanglements that led him astray in favor of finding a suitable partner to lead the Bridgerton household. This exciting first look revealed that he is determined to pursue Edwina Sharma (Charitra Chandra), a young lady who is eagerly looking for her love match as she makes her debut in London society. However, the actual released scene introduces another new character and potential romantic interest: whip-smart, headstrong noblewoman Kate Sharma, played by Sex Education’s Simone Ashley. Although his novel co-star Kate Sheffield is Anthony’s main love interest, there doesn’t seem to be any love between the two of them here. Kate believes Anthony is unworthy of her younger sister Edwina, and his shallow standards for a woman have ruffled her feathers.

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In the clip, Anthony finds Kate on the balcony during the evening ball, where she proceeds to tell him off about her ridiculously high standards for her match. Anthony willfully ignores Kate’s snarky remarks and captures her comment that she hides her poor figure with a pleasant smile; After she delivers a satisfying final blow and storms out, leaving Anthony thoroughly surprised, the viewer can only hope that Kate’s words made a lasting impression.

In a special interview for a Netflix fan event, actors Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey talked about the perfect experience working together on the set of “Bridgerton” season two. The actors’ chemistry was palpable even off-screen, making viewers excited for the plot of their potential enemies and lovers this season. Perhaps Kate’s defiant wit and stubborn rejection of Anthony’s unreasonable expectations will force her to reevaluate her mindset and mature as a person, though hopefully Kate is also given her own space to grow as a character rather than just serving Anthony’s story and character arc.

Kate is introduced along with a host of new characters and faces, including the rest of the Sharma family. This inclusion of Indian nobility continues the show’s tradition of casting diverse actors for their characters, a departure from the typical all-white casts of most period dramas, which has generated corresponding debate and criticism over the show’s racially sensitive issues.

While pictures and videos of the cast on set have excited fans of the show, many viewers were disappointed to learn that Regge-Jean Page will not be reprising his role as the Duke of Hastings this season. Daphne and Simon’s story was relatively wrapped up at the end of the first season, and since the writing mostly stays true to the books, viewers will see a lot less of Paige’s dark side this season. Luckily, Phoebe Dynevor will make an appearance, though the absence of her handsome romantic partner may turn some viewers off the show.

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As production resumed in mid-August of this year after being halted due to the pandemic, Season Two will likely premiere in mid-to-late 2022. Viewers can only hope that Anthony Bridgerton gets the character development he needs this season as he searches for a romantic partner and learns to temper his recklessness with responsibility, as befits his position as heir.

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