Energy-saving Innovations: Las Vegas Startups Leading The Way – Boxabl CEO Paolo Tiramani describes the assembly line-style process for building his company’s accessory living units in North Las Vegas in August 2021. (Ellen Smith/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

The kitchen in the 375-square-foot Boxabl Casita includes a full-size refrigerator along with an oven and microwave in August 2021 in North Las Vegas. (Ellen Smith/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Energy-saving Innovations: Las Vegas Startups Leading The Way

Energy-saving Innovations: Las Vegas Startups Leading The Way

StartUpNV Executive Director Jeff Salling will speak at the International Innovation Center in Las Vegas in August 2022. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

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A recent study named Las Vegas the best place in the U.S. for early-stage startups. ranked as a top tech city in and pointed out some local tech firms like Boxabl, which last year ranked no. 9 to now no. 1 helped boost the city’s ranking.

Boxabl co-founder Galliano Thiramani said the company was not approached for the study, but the acknowledgment made sense since it had raised $140 million in funding.

He mentioned that Boxabl, operating in the greater Las Vegas area, has allowed the company to grow quickly with its friendly regulatory environment and large number of visitors. The company makes modular homes, or casitas, that can be boxed up and shipped around the world.

“We noticed that we were able to move quickly. We were able to quickly get these warehouse buildings that we needed for production,” Thiramani said. “Another advantage is that all the conventions are here and a lot of people travel here.”

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A study by research firm Crowdfund Capital Advisors has ranked the 15 best cities for pre-IPO startups in 2023. It’s based on several data points, such as crowdfunding disclosure forms filed with Securities and Exchange Commission filings, average valuations. companies, among other data points.

Las Vegas beats several popular tech hubs such as Austin, Texas at no. defeated in 2; Wilmington, Delaware no. 3; Seattle is No.4, and Atlanta is No.5.

Jeff Saling, executive director of nonprofit business incubator and accelerator StartupNV, said the report’s findings are impressive because other cities have focused on growing startups longer than Las Vegas.

Energy-saving Innovations: Las Vegas Startups Leading The Way

Kevin Farrow founded shipping tech firm Rollo in 2016 in Las Vegas. Having moved to Las Vegas, a San Francisco Bay Area-transplant, the startup environment is quite developed and shows great potential, he said.

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“In 2016, I don’t know if you can really call it a tech scene,” Farrow said. “I mean there used to be some people here, but what I’ve seen lately, it’s more young people, more infrastructure, more events.”

Others in the state celebrated the study, including the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance and Gov. Joe Lombardo, who declared, “Nevada is open for business!” He tweeted. When the results of the study were published last week.

The study cited several factors working in Las Vegas’ favor, including its robust convention industry, low cost of living, mentorship programs, welcoming business climate and favorable tax structure.

It said: “Nevada is a business-friendly state, and the standard of living is lower than that found in the Las Vegas Bay Area, Southern California, and many tech hotspots in places like Seattle and Austin. Las Vegas is a beautiful city with lots of good food and tons of great golf.

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In addition to Boxabl, the report cited Snowball Industries, a family of HVAC and plumbing companies, and Reset IV, an on-demand mobile IV drip therapy service, as some of the tech firms that helped drive Las Vegas to the top this year.

Along with the positive news, Saling said there is still room for growth in Las Vegas’ startup environment and the market needs to attract more capital.

“Hopefully, (this study) will inspire some capital allocators, venture funds and angel (investors) and others … to take a hard look at Vegas,” he said. “We still have to check that box for the big (investors) who are working with more mature companies that invest millions of dollars a round and millions of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars a round.”

Energy-saving Innovations: Las Vegas Startups Leading The Way

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Cass Holland, a beverage cart driver at Chimera Golf Club, showcases her service skills and everyday life to her nearly 3 million online followers.

A local tech company is taking the music festival experience — and fans’ wallets — beyond the audience and into clubs, restaurants and VIP spots across the city.

Jet.AI is all set to launch an app that uses ChatGPT technology to ease the process of booking private jet flights and create greater efficiency for operators.

The economic impact of hosting the Super Bowl and the upcoming Raiders season is expected to exceed $1 billion.

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Corporate interests and big businesses may dominate the Strip, but some of the country’s favorite mom-and-pop shops are in Las Vegas, according to a new survey by Yelp and entrepreneurs.

The company has secured $250,000 worth of resources from Google to help expand the company’s drug delivery business to six new markets across the country.

Clean and Green Landscape won a $100,000 sponsorship deal with the Las Vegas Raiders, which the company will use to promote water conservation efforts.

Energy-saving Innovations: Las Vegas Startups Leading The Way

The company has been operating its remote-controlled cars on the streets of Las Vegas since last year.

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The Birthday Suite, a Las Vegas waxing spa, has been open for the past 12 years but began looking for national expansion in the past year.

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Heating and plumbing use a lot of energy resources. Installing fixtures that don’t waste as much heat can reduce your home’s energy consumption. Instead of waiting a minute or two for water to heat up, or dealing with leaky air ducts that account for 30% of the hot air produced by your heat pump or furnace, these systems reduce heat loss and wasted resources. This results in a smaller carbon footprint. Choosing efficient systems gives you the confidence to make the best choices for the environment and future generations.

If you’re tired of your utility bills rising month after month and year after year, replacing old, inefficient plumbing and heating systems with new, higher efficiency systems can save you money on your monthly utility bills. An Energy Star-certified heating system uses 30% less energy to heat your home. Energy-efficient plumbing fixtures not only reduce how much water you use, but also reduce the amount of energy needed to heat water.

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Energy-efficient heating and plumbing systems improve your comfort. High-efficiency heating systems use a variable-speed motor. These motors cycle less frequently but for longer periods of time. When they cycle, they use the lowest necessary speed. Longer heating cycles mean more of your home’s air is filtered. It purifies the air and makes breathing easier. Longer heating cycles give your home more heat so the temperature stays constant for longer. The startup phase of the heating cycle consumes a lot of energy, so shorter startups will save you a lot of money.

Homes with energy-efficient plumbing and heating systems command higher resale value. Prospective buyers may have a small amount of monthly cash flow after purchasing a home. If they were considering two houses, all things being equal, energy-efficient fixtures and lower utility bills would be more desirable. You can get more bids on your home and get a better offer after updating your heating and plumbing system.

Heating systems that are not cycled frequently have a longer lifespan. The start of the heating cycle puts a lot of stress on important parts, including the capacitor and the igniter. Shorter heating cycles reduce wear and tear on the motor. With less wear and tear, the heating system is less likely to break or fail. High efficiency solutions reduce leaks and drips into plumbing systems that cause cracks, rust and corrosion.

Energy-saving Innovations: Las Vegas Startups Leading The Way

When installing an energy-efficient plumbing system or fixture, appliances that use water have a longer lifespan. A leaky pipe or drippy can put a lot of pressure on washing machines, garbage disposals, ice machines, dishwashers and other appliances. You can be a couple

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