Energy Efficiency In Las Vegas’s Warehousing And Distribution Centers – Las Vegas is a popular location for industrial development and the need for warehouse facilities is in high demand. As developers and owners look to build industrial warehouse facilities throughout the valley, choosing the right HVAC system is important. Location, cost, and type of business will all play a role in deciding whether evaporative cooling or air conditioning is best for your industrial project.

Air conditioning removes heat and humidity from the interior of the occupied space and is used to cool and dehumidify rooms full of heat-producing electronic devices, or to safely store delicate or perishable items. The temperature can be adjusted and maintained at all times.

Energy Efficiency In Las Vegas’s Warehousing And Distribution Centers

Energy Efficiency In Las Vegas's Warehousing And Distribution Centers

Evaporative cooling is the reduction in temperature resulting from the evaporation of a liquid, which removes latent heat from the surface from which the evaporation occurs. This process is used in industrial cooling systems to keep facilities about 20 degrees cooler than outside temperatures.

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Below is a comparison to easily show the differences between evaporative cooling and traditional air conditioning in the Las Vegas Valley all summer long.

Understanding these two options is essential to choosing the system that is most beneficial and profitable for the company. “As a general rule, evaporative cooling will keep the warehouse facility about 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. This system works best if you are a 3PL that stores items that can withstand moderate temperatures. However, if the warehouse has to be below 80 degrees due to storage of food or other perishables, you may need to condition the space due to the high temperatures the valley experiences during the summer months,” said Brenden Graves, Chief Customer Officer. Services, DC Building Group. “This can be an important decision, as air conditioning can typically cost five times more than using an evaporative cooling system. “

Ultimately, in Las Vegas using evaporative cooling in an industrial warehouse is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to cool a large space. It also adds moisture to the air which is in short supply here in the Mojave Desert.

As the growth of the industrial industry in Las Vegas continues to expand and e-commerce changes the way consumers shop, it is important for developers and owners to understand their HVAC needs from the beginning and work with a team of qualified professionals to ensure that they use it. the most effective system. Sin City is going solar, thanks to MGM Resorts International ($MGM), which just launched a new 100-megawatt (MW) solar array capable of providing up to 90% of daytime power to the company’s 13 resorts scattered across the Las Vegas Strip. This includes hotels like Aria, MGM Grand and The Mirage. The solar array will support the hospitality company’s 2030 climate goals.

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MGM Resorts International is a Fortune 500 company with 31 different resorts worldwide, although its largest hotel hub remains in Las Vegas, where the company was founded in the mid-1980s. For perspective , MGM’s 13 Las Vegas resorts alone offer more than 36,000 rooms and occupy 65 million square feet.

Add in all the flashing lights, equipment and air conditioning in a desert environment celebrated for its 24/7 lifestyle, and that’s a lot of energy. MGM has recognized its huge carbon footprint in recent years and has turned to energy solutions such as installing energy-efficient lighting, heating and air in all its hotels and ensuring that any resort built after the 2009 received the ecological building certification.

MGM has also used solar panels to help make destinations like Las Vegas more environmentally sustainable as well. In 2015, the company developed an 8.3-megawatt array on the roof of the convention center at its Mandalay Bay resort.

Energy Efficiency In Las Vegas's Warehousing And Distribution Centers

In an official press release from MGM Resorts, the company has now launched a 100 megawatt solar array in the desert north of Las Vegas on 640 acres, with 323,000 individual panels.

Mgm Resorts Introduces 100 Megawatt Solar Array To Power 13 Hotels On Las Vegas Strip

According to MGM, this array is now the world’s largest directly sourced renewable electricity project in the hospitality industry. In true Las Vegas competitiveness, MGM Resorts is the only entity with access to all the renewable energy generated by the new solar panel. How do you like that, Caesar?

With MGM Resorts’ significant scale and resources, we are positioned to make a significant difference in the fight against climate change and recognize our responsibility to build a more environmentally sustainable future. Today we are marking an important step in our environmental sustainability initiatives in Las Vegas and our long-term vision to protect the planet and achieve a positive and lasting impact in our communities around the world.

The integration of this Las Vegas-sized solar array should help MGM work toward some of its aforementioned climate goals, including reducing the company’s emissions per square foot by 45%. In addition to the solar array announcement, MGM has also revealed two even more ambitious goals for its future energy use:

Big goals for a company that is constantly trying to be bigger than its competition. Looking ahead, MGM Resorts looks set to shine brighter and greener than the rest of Las Vegas with the help of its second massive solar array.

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Scooter Doll is a writer, designer and tech enthusiast born in Chicago and based on the West Coast. When he’s not offering the latest technology or knowledge, he’s probably watching Chicago sports. Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Allegiant Stadium is a domed stadium and is the home of the NFL’s Raiders. istockphoto/wellesenterprises

Located in the middle of the desert, one of the National Football League’s newest stadiums has proven sustainability and sports are good teammates. Allegiant Stadium is home to the Las Vegas Raiders football team, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) football team and the PAC-12 Championship Game. Although it is an entertainment venue, the stadium’s sustainable features help conserve energy and other resources.

Energy Efficiency In Las Vegas's Warehousing And Distribution Centers

“We are leveraging technology to redefine the hospitality experience at Allegiant Stadium,” said Vikrant Bodalia, vice president of technology operations for Allegiant Stadium.

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Stadium sustainability initiatives encourage major events to use sustainable practices, such as energy optimization based on event type, waste diversion, use of water efficient fixtures and participation in guest sustainability, said Sam Johnson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Allegiant Stadium.

The stadium’s refrigeration plant and air handling units are some of the most energy efficient features. Allegiant’s HVAC system is divided into quadrants, two of which are an air handling unit and a bowl unit serving each quadrant. Energy recovery ventilation that assists in dehumidification serves the locker rooms and fan coil units that can heat and cool, depending on seasonal needs, serve the administrative areas.

The weather in Las Vegas is difficult due to the extended cooling periods from March to May. To help, Allegiant schedules the air handling units to not overcool during the spring and early summer months and arranges the air handling units on dark days, non-event days, so they do not use loads unnecessary electricity.

Allegiant also controls its electric load, so it doesn’t exceed a 5-megawatt block during peak price periods. Starting with the 5 megawatt block structure, anything above this during peak demands is charged a higher rate which dramatically affects monthly bills from a financial perspective as well as best practices for energy management. inefficient facilities. Using a cloud-based system, the building system is accessed remotely via portable devices and has unlimited storage capacity to store trend data.

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Its lighting system has its own building management system that can switch from sports lighting mode (ambient high-intensity lighting) to concert mode (when all the lights in the bowl are blackouts) and schedule lighting systems as needed on a monthly and daily basis. Allegiant’s sports lighting uses 1 megawatt of power, so they stay off during non-event hours to further save on monthly energy usage.

From a construction and design perspective, the electrical engineers did not know how energy efficient the building would actually be based on the selection of all air handling units, LED lighting and plant selection of cooling, according to Joseph Wright, Allegiant Stadium’s chief engineer.

The design was based on 20 to 25 megawatts, but now that Allegiant has hosted a full season of games with fans in the building, it has more concrete numbers. During an NFL game day, the stadium uses a maximum of 9 megawatts. With 65,000 fans in the stadium, it is providing a level of climate-controlled comfort that is more than adequate for the Las Vegas region that can reach triple-digit degree summers. Caesars Entertainment CEO Tom Reeg learned this during a recent earnings conference call. might ask a question or two about how the more expensive utility bills in Nevada cut into the company’s cash flow.

Energy Efficiency In Las Vegas's Warehousing And Distribution Centers

Several analysts said he raised high energy prices on the Strip during fund meetings with investors while they were in Las Vegas for the Global Gaming Expo in October. Caesars Cash Flow

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