Causes Of Black Stool And Stomach Pain – Seeing dark or black stool during pregnancy is normal and not a cause for concern. In most cases, it can be attributed to factors such as dietary supplements, certain foods, food dyes, medications, or changes in digestion due to pregnancy (1). Although avoiding the trigger may return the stool color to normal, it is not recommended if there are health issues.

However, if you experience other symptoms or concerns, you may ask your doctor during your care. Read on to learn the causes of black stools during pregnancy, how to prevent them, and when to seek medical care.

Causes Of Black Stool And Stomach Pain

Causes Of Black Stool And Stomach Pain

According to Dr. Alan Lindemann, obstetrician and clinical associate professor at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks,

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“The iron in the pills will turn black even though the pills don’t look very dark. The bleeding from your bowels is not the same as black stool when you take iron supplements. Iron can be blackened from your diet, whether it’s from iron in the blood or from iron supplements.

If your stool is black, we can tell that there is more blood in your digestive tract because it has been sitting in your colon for a long time, long enough to turn the color black. Although you can have bleeding in your colon from a tumor, it’s mild or serious, but it’s unlikely for a woman aged 20 to 35. If you have a family history of colon cancer, you may need screening or testing after you give birth.

If you experience dark stools with these symptoms for a long time, consult your healthcare provider for prenatal care to rule out negative effects on the health of the mother and the development of the baby. stomach

A health care provider may learn your health history, perform a physical examination, and order certain tests. You may need to go for a combination of blood tests (Fecal Occult Blood Test), x-rays, and stool tests. If there is no resolution, the doctor may ask you to go for a follow-up examination

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The XA diagnostic method uses a long tube with a camera attached to the colon to examine the colon and help identify the cause. Based on the tests and results, you will receive the appropriate treatment.

Aleah, a young mother, remembers how she faced depression during her pregnancy. She said, “Something really scary happened to me this week: I noticed that I was passing black poop. I was really scared because the symptom of GI bleeding is black stool. I didn’t At first I thought it was okay and let it slide. However, the next day it happened again, and then the day after that. At that time, I was worried. I decided to go to a clinic. emergency care to check, if in danger.

One night, I went to emergency care. While they were waiting, they had to take a stool sample from me. Surprisingly, the color is back to normal and everything is fine. We’re not sure what the cause is, but the doctors told me to keep coming back if there’s a change or if it happens again. Thankfully, it hasn’t come back yet, so I’m not sure what that part is. However, we were very nervous. I found it interesting to just walk (it).”

Causes Of Black Stool And Stomach Pain

Dark stools are listed as one of the side effects of prenatal vitamins, while others include constipation, nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, and low appetite (2).

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In early pregnancy, you may notice some changes in bowel patterns, and dark stools are one of them if you are taking iron and vitamins. Sometimes, changing hormone levels can change the consistency of stools and slow down the movement of stools, which can cause stools to become hard and dark.

Studies indicate that taking iron supplements is the primary cause of black stools (3). Therefore, you should consult a doctor to stop taking it. But depending on the supplement, iron can also be obtained from green leafy vegetables, red meat, and iron grains (9).

There is no strong evidence to suggest that folic acid is a cause of black stools. Folic acid intake does not always cause black stools. Other symptoms may occur, such as nausea, loss of appetite, and bloating (10).

Bleeding in the stools can be caused by a variety of medical conditions, including inflammation in the lining of the stomach, bleeding in the stomach and small intestine, and many other conditions. bowel or colon cancer (4).

I Have Blood In My Stools

Evidence suggests that food poisoning is another cause of black stool in individuals. However, it is important to remember that food poisoning is not the only cause of black stool (11). So, you need to diagnose the disease as a doctor.

Black spotting during pregnancy is not uncommon. Eating iron supplements, foods containing artificial colors, certain medications, and medical conditions such as constipation are common causes of black stools during pregnancy. In most cases, it’s not a cause for concern. However, in some cases, it may indicate an underlying problem. So, see your doctor if you experience abdominal pain or other symptoms of black stool. Changing diet and lifestyle accordingly can help you avoid it.

One of the main reasons for dark stools during pregnancy is the side effects of certain medications or supplements. However, in rare cases, there may be more serious issues, some of which are listed in the infographic below.

Causes Of Black Stool And Stomach Pain

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Dr. Stanley Ngwaru is an Ob/Gyn specialist working at Avenues Women’s University, Harare. Previously, he worked at Harare General Hospital. With nearly 15 years of experience, Dr. Ngwaru specializes in medicine, epidemiology, emergency medicine, and reproductive health.

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Causes Of Black Stool And Stomach Pain

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The black color of your stool is also called melanic stool. Black and tarry stool is caused by the food you ate last night or it can be a sign of some chronic illness that can affect your health as a silent killer. In most cases, after passing, it washes without being seen. As it exists in illusion, it also exists.

If you are tired and have blood in the stool and you see your poop before it is expelled, you can prevent most of the problems that are coming by visiting the doctor in time.

The black appearance of the stool is a red flag of the beginning of different medications. Two main causes of black stool are:

Continue reading to find out what these conditions have to do with black, tarry stools; However, it is important to note that all of these conditions require immediate medical attention.

Possible Causes Of Stomach/intestinal Sounds And Black Stool: Explained

Black stools are a sign of peptic ulcer disease. You may have a peptic ulcer, if you have black stools and stomach pain. Now, the question that might cross your mind is: How can a black and tan colored disc indicate a stomach ulcer?

How it happens

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