Best Deal For Switching Cell Phone Providers

Best Deal For Switching Cell Phone Providers – Was hard to do. (NASDAQ: TMUS ) today added innovative new features to its flagship app to simplify the frustrating, friction-filled and time-consuming process of switching wireless carriers. Now with Easy Switch, people can switch to Un-carrier in just five minutes using their current unlocked eSIM compatible smartphone, taking the process from an hours-long ordeal to a few simple steps that can be completed from the comfort of your own home. their sofa. And they can do so with confidence thanks to Network Pass, a new feature that allows consumers and businesses to enjoy unlimited data on the award-winning network FREE for three months. Un-carrier also helps these users compare their current network to network with a customized Network Scorecard so they can be sure they have coverage where they live, work and play. These new features are already available in the iOS app and coming soon to Android.

“Change is just another crazy artifact left over from a stupid, broken, arrogant industry… and it’s hard on purpose. As industry leaders in the 3G and 4G eras, Verizon and AT&T have created a complex transition by preventing their customers from leaving the network to protect their billions in revenue,” said Mike Siewert, CEO . “At Un-carrier, we’re focused on being the wireless provider you want to stay with, not the one you’re stuck with. Now, thanks to digital innovation, we’re making switching easier than ever, with less fuss, less hassle and far more value than ever before, with .

Best Deal For Switching Cell Phone Providers

Best Deal For Switching Cell Phone Providers

Easy Switch is the new easy way to switch your phone or your whole family (up to five lines via the app) without a call or a trip to the store. No queue. There is no waiting seat. Easy Switch uses the latest technology to switch your current compatible phone and number to , and the whole process can be completed in just a few minutes. Boost Mobile Prepaid Sim Card

Until now, switching wireless providers has been a headache. After you go through all the confusing information and decide to switch, you’ll have to argue with everyone involved in your family plan, spend most of the day at a wireless store, pay hundreds – maybe thousands – to pay off phones, swap devices, transfer data and pray everything works as planned. Not surprisingly, nearly two-thirds of people who started the transition process said in a survey that they quit before they finished.

With Easy Switch in the app, consumers with unlocked eSIM enabled phones can simply switch their phone and number – and their family – in just a few clicks. Since most of the latest smartphones work great on any network and have eSIM technology, most people can keep their phone and number at a significant savings (a family of four can save up to $900 a year compared to Verizon and $650 on year compared to AT&T) and get America’s leading 5G network in minutes. That’s right… you no longer have to choose between a great network and a great price. Not to mention over $225 in added value EVERY MONTH – with 2 or more lines on Magenta Max – with benefits like Netflix on us, free in-flight Wi-Fi, international high-speed data and more. It really is that simple. And if you have a device that doesn’t support eSIM, no problem. will send you a physical SIM card.

But the cons: AT&T customers will have an added hardship because Big Blue keeps their phones locked even after they’re fully charged. #lame. For this reason, the app includes information to help AT&T and Verizon customers unlock their devices and break free from their carrier. And if you still have debt on your smartphone, we’ve got you covered by offering to pay off your device up to $1,000 with the Keep & Switch offer!

Switchers are taking a huge leap of faith. They have no way of knowing if the network will actually work for them. Sure, there are coverage maps, but only 6% of people said in the survey that they look at the maps before switching. Instead, more than 75% of people say they want to experience the network before switching.

Want To Switch Mobile Phone Providers? Here’s How

And now they can. With the new Network Pass, people and businesses with unlocked eSIM compatible phones can try the award-winning network for FREE for 3 MONTHS with unlimited data, including 5G. They keep their phone, their number, their plan … and they don’t even have to share their credit card number. Then people and companies can switch with confidence, knowing it works for them.

Un-carrier also allows Network Pass users to see how their network matches up with their current provider with a custom report based on their zip code. And it is available to any user, regardless of their phone! The Network Scorecard compares overall 5G core performance, 5G coverage availability and average 5G download speed. Users can also track their individual network experience, see how often they connect to the network, and check speed tests on their phone in near real-time. And it’s all based on third-party data that measures the experiences of real people everywhere they use their smartphones, so you can make sure it’s the right network for you or your business BEFORE you make the switch. #transparency

“Every wireless network has areas where the signal drops, but the difference between all the others is that we’ll actually let you experience the nation’s leading 5G network BEFORE you make the switch. That’s how confident we are in the network,” said Neville Ray, president of technology at . “There’s a reason why experts in nearly 30 reports have given 5G top marks for speed and availability. Un-carrier is leading the way in the 5G era and we want people to see it for themselves!”

Best Deal For Switching Cell Phone Providers

Easy Switch, Network Pass, and Network Scorecard are available today as an app in the App Store, and soon as an app in the Google Play Store. Customers with unlocked eSIM-compatible phones, including most new smartphones released in the last three years, get the best experience, but there’s something for everyone. You can learn more about eSIM technology and see if your phone is compatible here. Business customers can learn more here.

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Network pass: for non-customers only; 1 trial version per user. Customers of this plan use >50GB/month when overloaded. may experience reduced speed until the next monthly cycle due to data prioritization. Easy Switch: qualified credit and required maintenance. 5G: Compatible device required; coverage not available in some regions. Some uses may require a specific plan or feature; to see Fastest: Based on average overall 5G speed according to Speedtest Intelligence® 5G data analysis for Q2 2022 by Ookla®. Ookla trademarks are used under license and reprinted with permission. Pay by Phone: Up to $1,000 via Virtual Prepaid Mastercard. Qualifying credit required; card usually lasts 15 days.

US, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS ) is a US mobile operator that delivers cutting-edge 4G LTE and a transformative nationwide 5G network that will deliver reliable connectivity for all. Customers benefit from an unmatched combination of value and quality, an unwavering obsession with providing them with the best service experience, and an undeniable commitment to the disruption that drives competition and innovation in wireless and beyond. Based in Bellevue, Washington, it provides services through its subsidiaries and operates its flagship brands, Metro by and Sprint. For more information visit: https://.Among the many great deals this month, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 for free with no trade-in.

T-Mobile is the second-largest wireless carrier in the United States, moving up from third place following its merger with Sprint. Its growth is fueled by T-Mobile’s great deals and offers available to new and existing customers, with discounts on phones and other accessories.

Below you’ll find the best T-Mobile deals available. Take a look and you might be able to save some money on your next smartphone, tablet or wearable purchase.

How To Unlock Your Verizon Phone: A Step By Step Guide

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 are the talk of the tech world, and T-Mobile might have the best deals on the market for the new devices. While other carriers and retailers require you to trade in your old phone to get deep discounts on long-awaited foldable phones, T-Mobile will drop $1,000 just for adding a new line of service.

Considering the retail price, this bill credit discount lets you get the Galaxy Z Flip 5 for free. The balance to pay for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is down to just $799.99, and thanks to a general pre-order promotion, ordering any device before it launches on August 11 will entitle you to a free memory upgrade.

New customers can avail this amazing offer by adding a new line to their Go5G Plus or Magenta Max plan. You will then receive your $1,000 rebate over the 24 month contract

Best Deal For Switching Cell Phone Providers

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