Read The Long-lasting Tree by Lamittan Minsah, is a captivating tale set against the backdrop of colonial invasion and cultural upheaval in the Seme Clan. The novel explores themes of resistance, identity, and the clash between tradition and modernity. With its richly developed characters and intricate plot, the story promises to take readers on a journey filled with drama, intrigue, and supernatural elements.


The story begins with a bloody resistance against colonial invasion, which fractures the indigenous leadership of the Seme Clan. Osayo, the clan’s priest, strives to protect their religious system from erosion by the colonists, known as the Blue-eyed. However, his efforts are complicated by internal conflicts, including his son’s departure to a distant mission center, where he falls in love with a convert.

Meanwhile, a devastating plague ravages the clan, leaving the land barren and exacerbating tensions between converts to the new faith and tradi

ionalists. A cultural marriage between the two groups further deepens the divide. After Osayo’s death, his son Okayo realizes the importance of his role in reconciling the conflicting religions and safeguarding the clan’s ancient traditions.

The central conflict arises when a witch steals the supernormal powers of the clan’s sacred tree, leading Okayo on a perilous mission to retrieve them. Along the way, he confronts witchcraft and combats the influence of the Blue-eyed, all while striving to protect his people from the forces of evil.


“The Long-lasting Tree” by Lamittan Minsah is a captivating novel that transports readers to the Seme Clan, where colonial invasion and cultural upheaval threaten to tear apart the fabric of society. The story follows Osayo, the clan’s priest, as he strives to protect their religious traditions from erosion by the Blue-eyed colonists. However, internal conflicts and a devastating plague further complicate matters, leading to a cultural rift between converts to the new faith and traditionalists.

After Osayo’s death, his son Okayo must confront the theft of the clan’s sacred tree powers by a witch, setting off a perilous mission to reunite the conflicting religions and safeguard the clan’s heritage. Along the way, Okayo grapples with supernatural forces, confronts the influence of the colonists, and strives to protect his people from the forces of evil.

With its richly imagined world, complex characters, and thought-provoking themes, “The Long-lasting Tree” offers readers a compelling narrative that explores the enduring power of tradition, the resilience of the human spirit, and the complexities of cultural identity. Through its vivid imagery and engaging storytelling, the novel invites readers on a journey of discovery and reflection, leaving a lasting impression long after the final page is turned.

Critical Reception

The reception for “The Long-lasting Tree” has been diverse among readers, evoking a spectrum of opinions regarding its narrative and execution. Despite its commendable aspects, the novel has elicited both praise and critique from its audience.

On the positive side, numerous readers have celebrated the novel for its immersive storytelling and richly depicted characters. The intricate tapestry of cultural and supernatural elements has been lauded for its ability to transport readers to the world of the Seme Clan, where they find themselves deeply engrossed in its struggles and triumphs. Additionally, the novel’s exploration of themes such as resistance against colonialism and the clash between tradition and modernity has resonated with readers, prompting thought-provoking discussions and reflections.

However, the novel has also encountered criticism from certain readers, particularly concerning its pacing and exposition. Some have expressed frustration with the slow buildup of the plot and the extensive descriptions, which they feel detract from the overall momentum of the story. Additionally, a few readers have noted inconsistencies in character development and plot progression, which have impacted their immersion in the narrative.

Despite these critiques, “The Long-lasting Tree” has garnered a considerable following and appreciation, boasting over 2.4K views and maintaining an impressive 9.8-star rating on GoodNovel. The novel’s ability to captivate readers with its compelling narrative and thematic depth underscores its enduring appeal and impact within the literary landscape.

Reader Comments:

  • snyder Akowe 
I’m greatly enjoying this book. I fell in love with Okayo, such a stupid thing though😅, but i love his courage and attentiveness to issues. Won’t relent until i finish the book. This is truly African. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Mr X 
An amazing read, I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to go back in time to get a bit of the feeling associated with the colonial period ? Thanks to the Author for this great book
  • Peshine Golan 
A book to pick from the shelf. Felt i was reliving times here, those wonderful moments in the history of a people. The Blue-eyed’s intention with the bell and the tree’s inexplicable powers are itchy… felt like I just wanted to know it all. This is a five-star novel, can’t hesitate to say. ???

Some Additional Details About The Novel

Attribute Value
Genre Historical Fiction, Fantasy
Author Lamittan Minsah
Status Completed
Language English
Platform GoodNovel
Total Chapters 20
Views 2.4K
Average Rating 9.8


  • Resistance against colonialism
  • Cultural identity and heritage
  • Tradition versus modernity
  • Supernatural forces and mythology
  • Love and sacrifice


  • Osayo: The clan’s priest and guardian of its religious traditions.
  • Okayo: Osayo’s son, who must navigate the complexities of his heritage and destiny.
  • Blue-eyed: The colonists who threaten the clan’s way of life.
  • Witch: A mysterious antagonist who seeks to exploit the clan’s vulnerabilities.
  • Converts: Individuals torn between their newfound faith and their allegiance to tradition.

How to Read the Novel

For readers interested in delving into “The Long-lasting Tree,” it’s best approached with an open mind and a willingness to immerse oneself in the richly textured world of the Seme Clan. Pay close attention to the nuances of cultural dynamics, as well as the intricate relationships between characters. Allow yourself to be swept away by the novel’s compelling narrative and thought-provoking themes, and don’t be afraid to engage with the story on multiple levels.


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