Read My Wife is a Hacker | Summer’s captivating novel, My Wife is a Hacker, immerses readers in the thrilling world of technology, conspiracy, and romance. Through the eyes of the protagonist, Nicole, and her enigmatic protector, Ethan, readers embark on a journey filled with danger, secrets, and unexpected twists.


Title My Wife is a Hacker
Author Summer
Publisher GoodNovel
Status Updated just now
Language English
Genre Billionaire
Average Rating 9.3
Number of Ratings 301
Number of Chapters 3217
Number of Views 1.4M

My Wife is a Hacker by Summer is a billionaire novel updated recently on GoodNovel. With an impressive average rating of 9.3 based on 301 ratings and over 1.4 million views, this story is gaining significant attention. With a substantial 3217 chapters, it promises to offer a lengthy and intriguing narrative.

Synopsis My Wife is a Hacker

Nicole, a talented and beautiful hacker, leads a peaceful life with her five brothers, each successful in their own right. However, her world turns upside down when she inadvertently hacks into a mysterious organization embroiled in a global conspiracy. Suddenly, Nicole finds herself targeted by powerful adversaries who seek to exploit her skills for their nefarious purposes.

Amidst the chaos, Nicole encounters Ethan, a charismatic hacker with his own enigmatic agenda. Despite their initial mistrust, Ethan becomes Nicole’s protector, guiding her through the perilous landscape of cyber threats and shadowy adversaries. As their bond deepens, Nicole and Ethan uncover shocking truths about their intertwined destinies and the dark forces conspiring against them.


Nicole’s idyllic life takes a dramatic turn when her curiosity leads her to hack into a clandestine organization. Unbeknownst to her, this act of cyber espionage thrusts her into a perilous web of conspiracy and danger. Faced with powerful adversaries intent on silencing her, Nicole must rely on her wits and skills to survive.

Enter Ethan, a mysterious figure with a shadowy past and a compelling presence. Drawn together by fate, Nicole and Ethan form an unlikely alliance as they navigate the treacherous terrain of espionage and betrayal. Along the way, they confront hidden agendas, unravel long-buried secrets, and forge a bond that transcends the chaos surrounding them.

As the stakes escalate and the danger mounts, Nicole and Ethan must confront their own demons and confront the sinister forces threatening their world. With danger lurking at every turn, they must rely on their ingenuity, resourcefulness, and, ultimately, their love for each other to emerge victorious.

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Main Characters

  • Nicole: The protagonist of the story, Nicole is a talented hacker with a penchant for adventure and curiosity. Despite her independent spirit, she finds herself embroiled in a world of intrigue and danger after inadvertently hacking into a clandestine organization. As she navigates the perilous landscape of cyber threats, Nicole must confront her own vulnerabilities and trust in the enigmatic Ethan to guide her through the storm.
  • Ethan: The enigmatic male lead and Nicole’s protector, Ethan is a skilled hacker with a mysterious past and hidden motives. Charismatic and resourceful, he becomes Nicole’s steadfast ally as they unravel the secrets of the conspiracy threatening their world. Despite his guarded demeanor, Ethan harbors genuine feelings for Nicole and will stop at nothing to keep her safe from harm.


  • Technology and Intrigue: At its core, My Wife is a Hacker explores the intersection of technology and intrigue, weaving a narrative of cyber espionage, conspiracy, and danger. Through the lens of hacking, the novel delves into the dark underbelly of the digital world, where secrets lurk behind every firewall and danger lurks in the shadows.
  • Trust and Betrayal: The novel delves into the themes of trust and betrayal, highlighting the delicate balance between loyalty and deception. As Nicole and Ethan navigate the murky waters of espionage and conspiracy, they must confront their own doubts and insecurities while learning to trust each other in a world where nothing is as it seems.
  • Love and Redemption: Amidst the chaos and danger, My Wife is a Hacker explores the transformative power of love and redemption. Through the evolving relationship between Nicole and Ethan, the novel celebrates the healing power of love and the possibility of redemption, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.


My Wife is a Hacker by Summer offers readers a thrilling and romantic journey through the world of technology, conspiracy, and love. With its compelling plot, dynamic characters, and pulse-pounding suspense, the novel captivates audiences from start to finish. Whether you’re a fan of romance, suspense, or technology, My Wife is a Hacker promises an unforgettable reading experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.