How to Reset Your Square Terminal in Easy Steps

Understanding the Square Terminal

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Square Terminal is a credit card processing system built for merchants who don’t necessarily require a full-fledged POS system. The terminal runs on a countertop stand and is always powered on with an easy-to-use interface, ensuring that transactions are fast and versatile. Square Terminal can accept chip and PIN cards, magstripe cards, and contactless transactions, including mobile payments like Apple Pay or Google Wallet. It also has no monthly recurring fees and has transparent transaction fees. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned merchant or a newcomer, Square Terminal is a convenient system that provides flexibility and safety when it comes to payment processing.

However, sometimes the Square Terminal might need to be reset due to malfunction or incorrect network settings. This is a simple process that shouldn’t take too long to complete. Here’s how to reset the Square Terminal.

Resetting the Square Terminal

First, there are two ways of resetting your Square Terminal – via the settings menu or via the hardware button. The hardware reset button is the quickest way to do this, but it’s not recommended since there’s no confirmation and it’s irreversible. In contrast, resetting your Square Terminal via the settings menu will allow you to adjust all other settings and see the “Reset Terminal” button. The two options are discussed below.

Resetting via Hardware Button

When you press and hold down the power button on the Square Terminal for 20 seconds, the Square Terminal will reset to its default settings, including Wi-Fi and network settings, as well as other settings like screen brightness and screen timeout. When it turns back on, you’ll see the initial setup screen, which means that everything has been reset. Like we mentioned above, this method is not recommended since it’s irreversible, but in case of malfunctioning, it’s the fastest way to get back to the initial settings.

Resetting via Settings Menu

Resetting the Square Terminal via the settings menu is simple and clear. It’s also more convenient since you can choose what you want to reset and adjust other settings if necessary before resetting. Go to the Square Terminal app on the terminal and choose “Settings” in the left-hand menu. From the settings menu, you’ll see an option called “Device & Location”. Click on it, and you’ll see the “Reset Terminal” button. Once you press the button, the Square Terminal will reset itself as it did through the hardware button. However, the difference is that this method gives you the chance to adjust other settings that will remain the same after the reset, such as receipt settings, tipping settings, and notifications.


Resetting your Square Terminal is a simple process that any merchant can perform. All you need to know is the difference between the two methods and the pros and cons of each. If you need a more convenient and adjustable way of resetting your Square Terminal, then using the settings menu is the best way to go. On the other hand, if you need a quick fix, then the hardware button option is available. Either way, the Square Terminal is an efficient payment system that is flexible and easy for merchants to use, and resetting it won’t affect its convenience and safety.

Reasons for Resetting the Square Terminal

Square Terminal Resetting

The Square Terminal is a useful device that simplifies and streamlines payment processing for businesses, improving their bottom line. However, there may be instances where resetting the device to factory settings is necessary. Just like any other electronic device, the Square Terminal can experience software issues or bugs that require troubleshooting. Resetting the device can help to resolve these issues and restore the device to functioning correctly. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why you may need to reset your Square Terminal.

1. Reconfiguration of Device Settings

If you’ve made changes to the settings on your Square Terminal and want to revert to the default settings, resetting the device may be necessary. Resetting to the factory settings restores all the default settings, so you can start using the device as if it’s new.

2. Software Issues and Bugs

Square Terminal Issues

There may be times when the Square Terminal experiences software issues or bugs that hinder its performance. These can arise from outdated software or errors during updates. For instance, if you encounter problems where the device freezes, lags, or fails to respond to commands, resetting the terminal to the factory settings may be necessary. This ensures that the terminal is given a clean slate, which eliminates software issues that may have been present on the device.

Additionally, if your Square Terminal has a security breach, you might need to reset the device to ensure it’s safe to use. A security breach can happen when malware, viruses, or other malicious software infiltrate the device. The breach can negatively impact the performance of the device as well as threaten sensitive information, especially payment or customer data. In such a case, resetting the device can eradicate any malicious software that may be on the device and restore its functionality.

3. Transfering of Ownership

If you plan to sell or transfer your Square Terminal to another user, resetting the device to factory settings is essential. This ensures that all previous payment and account information is wiped clean from the device, protecting any sensitive data that was stored on the device. It’s also necessary to deactivate the device from your Square account before resetting it as that will ensure a clean reset and avoid any confusion for the new user.

4. Device Replacement

Occasionally, Square may have to replace your Square Terminal with a new device due to hardware issues, damage, or other reasons beyond your control. In such cases, resetting the new device to the default settings is vital, particularly if it’s a replacement for a damaged device. You’ll need to deactivate the old device before activating the new device, and resetting to factory settings will clear the new device and ready it for use.

Overall, resetting the Square Terminal can solve a myriad of issues that may arise when using the device. It’s a simple process that can be done by any user, regardless of technical skill level. If you experience any issues, try resetting the device to resolve them before seeking further assistance.

Steps to Resetting the Square Terminal

Resetting Square Terminal

Resetting your Square Terminal can be necessary for various reasons such as resolving technical glitches or preparing the device for a new user. Here is a step-by-step guide to resetting your Square Terminal:

Step 1: Turn off the Square Terminal

Turn off Square Terminal

The first step to resetting your Square Terminal is to turn it off. Press and hold the power button located at the top of the device. When prompted, use the touch screen to select the “Power Off” option. Wait for the device to shut down completely.

Step 2: Locate the Reset Button

Location of Reset Button

Next, locate the reset button on the back of the device. The reset button is a small hole next to the power connector port. You will need a paperclip or a similar tool to press the button inside the hole. This button is designed to reset the terminal to its default factory settings.

Step 3: Press the Reset Button

Press Reset Button

Using a paperclip, press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds. You will feel a slight click when you press the button. Keep holding the button until the touch screen lights up, and the device starts to reboot. Once the reboot is complete, the device will display the “Welcome” screen.

Step 4: Set up the Square Terminal

Set Up Square Terminal

After the reset and reboot, the Square Terminal is now ready to be set up again. Follow the prompts on the touch screen to connect your Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and sign in to your Square account. You will then need to enter your bank and payment information, and customize the settings to your preferences. Once the setup process is complete, you can start accepting payments on your Square Terminal.

In conclusion, resetting your Square Terminal is a straightforward process that requires few steps. By following the outlined steps, you can reset your Square Terminal in no time. If you are still experiencing issues with your Square Terminal after resetting and rebooting, contact Square Support for assistance.

Troubleshooting the Square Terminal after Reset

Troubleshooting the Square Terminal after Reset

Resetting the Square Terminal may sometimes be necessary to resolve any issues you might encounter. In most cases, the reset process will fix any issues you might have experienced. However, if this doesn’t resolve the problem, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take.

1. Check the Connection

Check the Connection

One of the most common reasons why the Square Terminal may not function correctly is because of connectivity issues. Check that the device is properly connected to a stable internet connection. You can confirm this by navigating to the settings menu and checking for the Wi-Fi signal.

If the device is connected to a network, and the connection is stable, try restarting your router or modem. Sometimes, network connectivity issues are caused by the hardware being overloaded.

Another option is to check if any other devices connected to the same network are experiencing connectivity issues. If they are, this could be an indication of a broader network issue that might require a service technician’s intervention.

2. Check the Power Source

Check the Power Source

A poor power source can cause issues with the Square Terminal’s functionality. Ensure that the device is connected to a stable power source. Check if the power outlet you’re using is functioning correctly by plugging in another device. If the socket is fully functional, try plugging the device into a different outlet, or use another power cable to charge the Square Terminal battery.

3. Confirm Payment Method Settings

Confirm Payment Method Settings

If the Square Terminal is not processing payments, go to the device’s settings menu and check the payment method settings. Ensure that you’re set up to accept the payment method you’re trying to process, and if required, configure the payment settings appropriately.

If using the device outdoors, make sure it can connect to GPS to identify the correct state or region for sales tax processing. Check if the device’s state or region settings are correct in the Square Dashboard.

4. Contact Customer Support

Contact Customer Support

If none of the troubleshooting steps above have resolved the issue, contact Square customer support. Square offers a variety of support options, including email and phone support, community forums, and comprehensive resource articles. Ensure you have your account and device information ready before contacting customer support.

When contacting support, be detailed about the issues you’ve had and the steps you’ve taken thus far. Having this information at hand will make it easier for the technician to diagnose the issue, and provide a resolution to the problem you’re experiencing.



Resetting the Square Terminal can resolve most issues encountered with the device. However, if the device’s functionality issues persist, try the troubleshooting steps described above. In case none of the solutions work, contact Square customer support for help.

Best Practices for Using the Square Terminal

Square Terminal logo

If you’re a small business owner who frequently accepts payments in person, you may find the Square Terminal to be an essential tool in your daily operations. The Square Terminal is an all-in-one device that accepts all types of payments, including chip cards, contactless payments like Apple Pay, and magstripe cards. Not only does it streamline the payment process, but it also helps you keep track of your sales, customers, and inventory. However, like any technology, there may be instances where you need to reset the Square Terminal to resolve any issues or update the software. Here are some best practices for using and resetting the Square Terminal.

1. Keep Your Terminal Charged

Square Terminal battery

The Square Terminal has a powerful battery that can last all day with typical use. However, it’s critical to keep the device fully charged, especially if you plan to use it for extended periods or multiple transactions. You can charge the Terminal using the USB-C cable and adapter that came with it. If you get a low battery alert, plug it in as soon as possible to avoid any interruption in service. If you need to reset the device, make sure it’s not on low battery or charging to prevent any data loss or corruption.

2. Connect Your Terminal to Wi-Fi

Square Terminal Wi-Fi

To enable all the features of the Square Terminal, including the ability to process refunds, connect it to a stable Wi-Fi network. You can connect the Terminal to Wi-Fi by going to the Settings menu, choosing Wi-Fi, and selecting your network. Once connected, keep your Wi-Fi network stable and avoid any network interference or connectivity issues. If you experience any troubles with connecting the Terminal to Wi-Fi, you may need to reset the device to fix the network settings.

3. Update Your Terminal Software

Square Terminal software update

Like any technology, the Square Terminal requires software updates to improve its features and security. Make sure to update your Terminal’s software regularly to ensure it’s operating correctly and securely. You can check for updates by going to the Settings menu and choosing Device > About Terminal > Software Update. If there’s an update available, download and install it promptly. If you encounter any issues during or after the update, reset the device by following the instructions below.

4. Protect Your Terminal from Damage

Protecting Square Terminal

The Square Terminal is designed to withstand everyday use, but it still requires proper care and maintenance to prevent damage or malfunctions. Protect your Terminal from drops, spills, and other physical damage by using a protective case or sleeve. Avoid exposing the device to extreme temperatures, sunlight, or moisture, as it can affect the internal components and battery life. If you notice any physical damage or functionality issues with the Terminal, you may need to reset it to fix the issue.

5. How to Reset Your Square Terminal

Resetting Square Terminal

In some cases, you may need to reset your Square Terminal to troubleshoot certain issues or update the device. Here’s how to reset the device:

  1. Press and hold down the power button until the device turns off.
  2. Remove the power cable and wait for ten seconds.
  3. Reconnect the power cable and wait until the device turns on.

After resetting the Square Terminal, you may need to reconfigure some of the settings, like network connectivity, payment options, or apps. Make sure to follow the instructions on the screen carefully. If the issue persists after resetting, contact Square’s customer support for further assistance.

By following these best practices for using and resetting your Square Terminal, you can ensure the device operates smoothly and securely for you and your customers.

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