How to Print Multiple Business Cards on One Sheet Using Canva

Understanding the Basics of Printing Multiple Business Cards on One Sheet in Canva

multiple business cards on one sheet canva

If you’ve ever been to a networking event or handed out business cards to potential clients, then you know the importance of having a professional-looking business card. However, printing business cards can be a bit expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of paper and ink. One solution to this problem is to print multiple business cards on one sheet, which is not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly. In this guide, we will walk you through the basics of printing multiple business cards on one sheet in Canva.

Canva is a free graphic design platform where you can create and design business cards for your business. It has an easy-to-use interface and offers a variety of design templates, including business cards. With Canva, you can customize the design, fonts, colors, and layout of your business card to suit your brand and business needs.

Before diving into the printing process, it’s important to note that Canva currently doesn’t have a feature that allows you to print multiple business cards on one sheet. However, there are still ways to achieve this by using some of Canva’s features and third-party tools.

Step 1: Design Your Business Card

The first step is to design your business card using Canva. You can choose from a variety of templates, or you can create your own design from scratch. When designing your business card, keep in mind the size of the card and the amount of space you will need for each card. Make sure to include all the necessary information, such as your name, business name, email address, and phone number.

design business card canva

Once you’re finished designing your business card, save the design as a PDF file. This will allow you to print the design without losing any quality or resolution.

Step 2: Use Third-Party Tools

Since Canva doesn’t have a built-in feature for printing multiple business cards on one sheet, you’ll need to use a third-party tool to achieve this. One such tool is the “Multiple Pages” feature in Adobe Acrobat DC.

To use this feature, open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat DC. Go to the “Print” dialog box and select “Multiple Pages” under the “Page Sizing & Handling” section. Here, you can choose how many pages you want to print on one sheet. For example, if you want to print eight business cards on one sheet, select “2 by 4” under the “Pages per sheet” option.

adobe acrobat dc multiple pages

Step 3: Print Your Business Cards

Once you’ve selected the number of pages you want to print on one sheet, you can proceed to printing your business cards. Make sure to select the appropriate paper size and orientation for your printer. Load the paper into your printer and hit “Print.”

After printing your business cards, use a paper cutter or scissors to cut the sheet along the guidelines. Make sure to cut carefully and accurately to avoid damaging the cards.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Now that your business cards are printed, you can do some finishing touches to make them stand out. You can round the edges using a corner punch or add a glossy finish using a laminating machine. You can also use a hole punch to create a hole at the top of each card and attach them to a keyring or lanyard.

Printing multiple business cards on one sheet in Canva may require some extra steps, but it’s an easy and cost-effective way to produce professional-looking business cards. By using third-party tools and some creativity, you can create unique business cards that will help your business stand out from the competition.

Creating a Design Template for Multiple Business Cards in Canva

Business cards on one sheet Canva

Multiple business cards on one sheet can save cost, time and resources. However, instead of designing each business card one by one, creating a design template for multiple business cards in Canva will make things easier and more efficient. Here’s how:

First, open Canva and create a new design. Select custom dimensions and input the size of the sheet that you plan to print the business cards on. It’s important to note the size of the sheet to avoid misalignment in printing.

Second, choose a layout that’s suitable for multiple business cards, such as a grid, table, or table with rows and columns. For example, if you are printing business cards with a standard size of 3.5 x 2 inches and an A4 size sheet, you can create a layout with 5 rows and 2 columns. This means that the sheet can accommodate a total of 10 business cards.

Third, design a business card that you intend to replicate on the sheet. Don’t forget to customize it with your own branding and contact details. Once you’re satisfied with the design, duplicate the business card and place it on the other cells of the layout. This step will save you a lot of time, as you only need to design one business card instead of multiple cards.

Fourth, finalize the design by ensuring that all of the business cards are properly aligned and spaced. You can also add crop marks and bleed lines to indicate where the sheet should be trimmed to size. Finally, save the design as a PDF file, which is the most suitable file format for printing.

When printing, make sure that your printer is set to print a full sheet instead of just one business card. This will ensure that all of the business cards are printed correctly on the sheet.

In conclusion, creating a design template for multiple business cards in Canva is a great way to save time and resources without sacrificing the quality of the design. By following these steps, you can create a professional-looking design that’s suitable for any business or occasion.

Efficiently Printing and Cutting Multiple Business Cards on One Sheet

Business Cards

Printing multiple business cards on one sheet is a smart option for saving money and resources. With the Canva design platform, you can create your own business card template and replicate it multiple times within one sheet, thus cutting printing and cutting costs. This is particularly useful for small businesses that need to print out a range of business cards frequently. In this article, we will show you how to efficiently print and cut multiple business cards on one sheet using Canva.

Step 1: Create a business card template

Business Card Template

The first step in printing multiple business cards on one sheet is to create a business card template. Using Canva, you can easily design your own business card by selecting the correct layout and design elements. It’s important to make sure your design is aligned correctly and that all important information such as your business’s name, logo, and contact details are clearly visible. Once your template is ready, you can duplicate it multiple times to fit onto one sheet.

Step 2: Duplicate your business card template and place it onto a document

Multiple Business Cards

Once you have your template design, it can be easily duplicated. This process can be done by copying and pasting the design into separate Canva pages. Once all your designs are ready, you can place them onto a single document. Arrange the business cards in a way that makes them easy to cut out afterward. Canva has a feature called “grid view” that can help you with this task. It will help you ensure that the cards are aligned correctly and spaced correctly to avoid cutting off important information.

Step 3: Print and cut your business card sheet

Cutting Business Cards

After you finish placing your templates onto the document, you can print them out on a single sheet. Once you have printed the sheet, you can cut the cards using scissors, a guillotine cutter, or a paper cutter. Make sure to follow the lines of the design carefully to get a clean and neat cut. Once finished, you will have multiple business cards ready to hand out.

The Benefits of Efficiently Printing and Cutting Multiple Business Cards on One Sheet

Benefits of Printing Business Cards

Printing business cards is essential for many businesses, but it can be an expensive process. By printing and cutting multiple business cards on one sheet, you can greatly reduce the cost of printing and also reduce waste. Additionally, this method provides a great opportunity to promote your brand as you can distribute your cards without worry of running out soon. You also reduce the carbon print of a business since you print less frequently and save more trees. Lastly, this process is particularly useful for testing out new business card designs before committing to mass-printing.


Printing multiple business cards on one sheet is a great way to save time, money, and resources while still promoting your business. With Canva, this process can be completed quickly and efficiently by creating a business card template, duplicating it, and fitting the duplicates onto a single sheet of paper. This option can be useful for small to medium-sized businesses that require frequent printing of different kinds of business cards.

Tips for Maximizing Space and Arrangement of Multiple Business Cards on One Sheet in Canva

Multiple Business Cards on One Sheet in Canva

Printing multiple business cards on a single sheet in Canva is a smart and cost-effective way to print your personalised creative design. Doing so not only reduces printing costs but also saves time and effort. You can get professional-looking business cards in bulk that are easy to cut and distribute. Consolidating multiple cards into one sheet is easily achievable using Canva’s user-friendly platform. Below are some tips for maximizing space and arrangements of multiple business cards on one sheet in Canva.

1. Make use of Grids and Gutters

Canva has the Grids and Gutters tool that you can utilise to make sure your business cards are well-aligned. Grids allow you to add multiple cards quickly and adjust them uniformly, ensuring uniformity and alignment of all the cards on the sheet. The Gutter tool, on the other hand, enables you to add space between the cards, making it easier to cut and separate them. This option is ideal if you intend to use a cutting machine.

2. Use a Standard Size Business Card

It may be tempting to print an oversized business card or a card with an unusual shape. However, it’s best to stick to the traditional 3.5 x 2 inches size, which is a standard size that fits in most wallets. This way, you can be sure that your card will fit in standard cardholders, wallets, and business card holders. Additionally, you can draft your design with precise measurements and scale them down accordingly to fit the available space on the sheet.

3. Set Up Bleeds and Margins

Bleeds and margins are essential when printing business cards. Bleeds are essential if you wish to allow a colour or design element to extend to the edge of the cut card. Margins, on the other hand, are helpful in ensuring elements like text and logos don’t bleed over the edge of the card. Setting up bleeds and margins may seem like a daunting task, but Canva has a simple easy-to-use configuration that guides you. If you need assistance, you can find handy guides and tutorials online.

4. Test Print and Adjust

Printing Multiple Business Cards on One Sheet in Canva

Before committing to a big print run, it’s essential to do a test print. Printing one sheet will give you an idea of how the final print will look like. From there, you can adjust the design as needed, including making sure that everything is aligned correctly and that there are no sizing issues. Though printing multiple cards on one sheet can be cost-effective, this approach can save you material costs, time, and effort when done correctly. Adequate preparation and attention to detail make a massive difference in the final outcome of your business cards.


In conclusion, maximizing space and arrangement of multiple business cards on one sheet in Canva is a simple and effective way to print your custom made business cards. Applying the above tips improves your chances of achieving optimal alignment, uniformity, and efficiency when printing so that your business card will come out looking professional and polished.

Saving Time and Money with Multiple Business Card Printing in Canva

multiple business card printing in canva

Printing multiple business cards in a single sheet is an effective way of saving both time and money. With Canva, it’s easy to create your own business cards over and over again with just a few clicks. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to print multiple business cards on one sheet in Canva.

First and foremost, make sure that your design is print-ready. This means your design must be set to the correct dimensions, the image resolution is high, and that all the colors are accurate. Once your design is ready, follow these simple steps to print multiple business cards in Canva.

Create a New Design

Log in to your Canva account and create a new design with a size that fits your business cards. You can choose from the pre-set sizes offered by Canva, or you can customize the dimensions to match the size you need. When choosing a template or designing from scratch, be sure to include crop marks in your design. Crop marks make it easier for you to cut your business cards accurately after printing.

canva design size

Add Text and Graphics

Add your text and graphics to the design using the Canva tools. You can choose from thousands of pre-designed templates, or you can start from scratch and create your own design that reflects your brand and business personality. Customize the fonts, colors, and layout to your liking until you get the perfect look for your design.

canva adding text

Copy and Paste Your Design

Once you have your design ready, copy and paste it onto your Canva sheet. Re-position and resize your design to make sure that it fits within the margins, leaving enough space for the crop marks. You can create as many copies of your design as you need on the sheet, as long as they all fit within the margins.

canva copying design

Save Your Design and Download

Once you have your design ready and all the copies positioned on your sheet, save your work and download it. Make sure you choose the right format for your card—usually a PDF or JPG file—that is compatible with your printer. Also, make sure to select the option to include crop marks in your print. Finally, print the sheet and cut along the crop marks using a paper cutter or scissors.

canva crop marks

That’s it! Printing business cards in Canva is easy, and it allows you to create a professional-looking design that reflects your business without spending a lot of money. Moreover, it saves you time and effort since you can print multiple business cards at once. Just follow the steps above, and you’ll have your printed business cards in no time.

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