How to Increase Your Instagram Followers with These Easy Steps

Understanding the importance of a big follow button

Importance of big follow button

As the world becomes more digital, it is becoming more and more common for businesses, brands, and individuals to have a presence on social media. In particular, Instagram has become one of the biggest and most popular platforms available today. With millions of users and countless accounts, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd. One way to make your account more visible is to have a big follow button. This may seem like a small detail, but it can make a big difference when it comes to attracting and retaining followers.

When people come across your profile, they want to be able to follow you easily and quickly. If your follow button is small or hard to find, they may lose interest and move on. On the other hand, if your follow button is large and prominently displayed, it is much more likely that they will follow you and engage with your content.

Think of it this way: if you were in a store and couldn’t find what you were looking for, you would give up and leave. The same applies to Instagram. If people can’t find what they are looking for, they will move on to someone else’s account.

Another important reason to have a big follow button is that it can help to establish your brand and make your account more recognizable. If your button is big and stands out, it will be easier for people to remember your account and come back to it later. This can lead to more engagement and ultimately more followers.

Finally, having a big follow button can help to increase your credibility. People are more likely to trust accounts that have a strong and professional presence. If your follow button is well-designed and prominently displayed, it can help to convey a sense of professionalism and legitimacy.

Overall, there are many good reasons why you should have a big follow button on Instagram. Whether you are a brand, business, or individual, having a prominent and easy-to-find follow button can help to attract and retain followers, establish your brand, and increase your credibility. So if you haven’t already, it’s time to make sure your follow button is as big and noticeable as possible!

Making your profile public to increase visibility

Public Profile Instagram

The first step in increasing your Instagram followers is by making your profile public. This allows others to view your content even if they are not your followers. Being public provides you with a better chance of increasing your followers. Private accounts restrict the growth of followers as people cannot view your content unless they follow you.

Ensure that your account is set to Public from the privacy settings.

It’s also vital to ensure that you have a profile picture. Ensure that the picture is related to your brand or personality. People tend to follow accounts with an appropriate display picture rather than nameless accounts. Ensure that your username is easy to remember and relevant to your account.

Making your profile public creates a public profile that people can view and follow. It’s essential to use a username that appears professional and is easily recognisable. Avoid using personal names or irrelevant usernames that have no connection with your account.

Keep in mind that if you want to increase your follower count, your profile needs to be visible to everyone. Personal Instagram accounts may have restrictions and cannot gain as many followers as a public Instagram account.

The idea is to make your account as welcoming as possible; this includes using proper profile bios, descriptions and captions. Use hashtags relevant to your account for better visibility. Instagram users use hashtags to search for related content, so using relevant hashtags can increase your visibility on the platform. Ensure you have captions that complement your profile picture and feed. When you use captions and hashtags, your post is more likely to appear in a hashtag search, which can increase your followers.

Use Instagram Stories to increase visibility and encourage followers. Instagram Stories provide an excellent way to communicate with followers and potential followers. Consider using polls, questionnaires, and quizzes to keep your followers engaged.

Engage with your followers and connect with other Instagram accounts in your area of interest. Liking, commenting and following other Instagram accounts can increase your followers and provide more visibility.

Your goal should be to make your account as visible as possible. It’s essential to post regular quality images or content and use hashtags to increase your visibility. Communication and engagement with your followers and other accounts will also help to increase your following and increase your follower count.

Utilizing Instagram insights to optimize your follow button

Instagram insights

Instagram insights is a powerful tool that can help you gain a better understanding of your followers. By utilizing this tool, you can tailor your marketing strategy to cater to your target audience’s interests, behavior, and preferences. In this section, we will be discussing how you can use Instagram insights to optimize your follow button and encourage more users to follow you.

Understanding your audience

The first step to optimizing your follow button is to understand your audience better. With Instagram insights, you can gain valuable information about your followers, such as their age, gender, location, and activity levels. Once you have this information, you can tailor your content to cater to their preferences and interests.

Analyzing your engagement metrics

Instagram metrics

Another critical aspect to analyze is your engagement metrics. Your engagement metrics include your likes, comments, shares and saves. By analyzing these metrics, you can determine the type of content that resonates well with your audience and create more of it. This will help you increase your engagement levels, gain more followers, and boost your presence on the platform.

Optimizing your bio

Optimize your bio

Your bio is the first thing that users see when they visit your profile. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that it’s optimized to encourage them to follow you. Make sure that your bio is concise, engaging, and highlights the value that you bring to your followers. Additionally, including a clear call to action on your bio will help users understand what they need to do to follow you.

Using hashtags effectively

Using hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent way to increase visibility for your posts and attract new followers. When using hashtags, make sure that you are using relevant ones that relate to your niche. Additionally, using a mix of popular and less popular hashtags will help your posts show up on the explore page, which will increase the number of people who see them.

Interacting with your followers

Interacting with followers

Engagement is a crucial element in growing your following on Instagram. The more you engage with your followers, the more likely they will be to follow you. You should aim to respond to comments, tag your followers in your posts, and run contests to encourage them to interact with you. This will increase your engagement levels, which will help you gain more followers and boost your presence on the platform.


Optimizing your follow button involves several different tactics that work together to attract more followers to your Instagram account. By utilizing Instagram insights, understanding your audience, analyzing your engagement metrics, optimizing your bio, using hashtags effectively, and interacting with your followers, you can create an engaged community of followers who are interested in your content and brand. With the right strategy, you can grow your following on Instagram and achieve success on the platform.

Designing a Visually Appealing Follow Button for Your Profile

Instagram follow button

Instagram is a visual platform, and your profile’s follow button should be no exception. Your follow button is an essential element of your profile, allowing other users to quickly connect with you and keep up with your content. A well-designed follow button can help you increase your following and grow your brand presence on the platform.

Here are some tips on how to design a visually appealing follow button for your Instagram profile:

1. Keep It Simple

Simple Instagram button

When it comes to designing your follow button, remember that less is more. Keep the button design simple and avoid cluttering it with too many elements that might be distracting. A simple, clean button design makes it easy for your followers to identify the button and encourages them to click it.

2. Use Your Brand Colors and Typography

Brand colours on button Instagram

Your follow button should be an extension of your brand identity. Incorporate your branding elements, such as your brand colors and typography, to ensure that your followers can easily distinguish your profile from others. This will not only help strengthen your brand identity but also make your profile more visually appealing.

3. Play with Different Shapes and Sizes

Creative Instagram button shapes

You don’t have to stick to the traditional rectangular follow button. You can experiment with different shapes and sizes to create a unique and eye-catching button. Try using shapes that are relevant to your brand or the theme of your profile to make your button stand out.

4. Add a Call-to-Action

Instagram follow button with call-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a prompt that encourages your followers to take a specific action, like following your profile. Adding a CTA to your follow button can encourage more users to follow your account and can increase your following. Examples of CTAs that you can use include “Follow Now,” “Join My Journey,” and “Subscribe to My Feed.”

Designing a visually appealing follow button for your Instagram profile can be a fun and creative process. Remember to keep it simple, use your brand colors and typography, play with different shapes and sizes, and add a call-to-action to encourage more users to follow your account.

Engaging Your Audience to Increase Your Follower Count

Engaging Your Audience on Instagram

Getting a big follow button on Instagram can seem like an impossible feat, but there are some simple steps you can take to encourage engagement with your content and, in turn, boost your follower count. Here are five ways to engage your audience and grow your Instagram presence:

Create Captivating Content

Captivating Content on Instagram

If you want people to follow you on Instagram, you need to give them a reason. To do that, you need to create content that is compelling and engaging. Take the time to plan out your content and make sure it’s visually appealing and tells a story. Use high-quality photos, and make sure your captions are interesting and thought-provoking.

Use Hashtags and Geotags

Using Hashtags and Geotags on Instagram

Hashtags and geotags are essential tools for getting your content seen by a wider audience on Instagram. Use relevant hashtags that relate to your niche and geotags to tag your posts with your location. This makes it easier for people who are interested in your niche or your location to find and engage with your content.

Engage with Your Followers

Engaging with Your Followers on Instagram

Engaging with your followers is one of the best ways to build a loyal fan base on Instagram. Respond to comments, thank people who share your content, and ask questions to encourage conversation. This will make your followers feel valued and invested in your brand, which will make them more likely to stick around and share your content with their own followers.

Host Contests and Giveaways

Hosting Contests and Giveaways on Instagram

Contests and giveaways are a great way to encourage engagement and grow your following on Instagram. Use a prize that is relevant to your niche to attract a targeted audience, and ask people to like, comment, and tag friends to enter. This will not only get more people to engage with your content, but it will also expose your brand to their followers, which can help you gain new followers in the process.

Collaborate with Other Brands and Influencers

Collaborating with Other Brands and Influencers on Instagram

Collaborating with other brands and influencers in your niche is a fantastic way to get your content seen by a wider audience and gain new followers. Reach out to others who have a similar audience or aesthetic to yours and ask to collaborate on a project or post. By cross-promoting each other’s content, you can expose your brand to a whole new group of people who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

In summary, boosting your follower count on Instagram is all about engaging with your audience. Take the time to create captivating content, use hashtags and geotags, engage with your followers, host contests and giveaways, and collaborate with other brands and influencers in your niche. By doing so, you can create a loyal fan base that will help you grow your Instagram presence and get that big follow button.

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