What is the Income Potential for Biggby Franchise Owners?

Biggby is a popular coffee franchise in the United States. If you’re considering investing in a Biggby franchise, you may be wondering how much money you can expect to make. The income potential for a Biggby franchise owner can vary depending on a range of factors, including the location of the franchise, the owner’s experience, and the local market. However, franchise owners can generally expect to make a decent profit if they are diligent and have a good business sense. According to the Biggby website, the initial investment for a Biggby franchise can range from $165,000 to $325,000. The company also charges a royalty fee of 5% and an advertising fee of 2%. While these fees may seem steep, they are typical for the industry. With the right location and business plan, Biggby franchise owners can expect to make an annual income of between $50,000 and $100,000 or more. Most franchise owners see a return on investment within two to three years. Keep in mind that running a successful franchise takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and results may vary. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort, a Biggby franchise could be an excellent investment opportunity.

Understanding Biggby Franchise Ownership

Biggby Franchise

If you love coffee and want to be your own boss, then owning a Biggby franchise might be the perfect opportunity for you. However, before you decide to invest, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of Biggby franchise ownership. One of the most significant things you’ll want to know upfront is how much money you could potentially make as a Biggby franchise owner.

While the amount of money you can make owning a Biggby franchise will depend on several factors, such as location and operating costs, most Biggby franchise owners make a comfortable living. According to the 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document, the average annual gross revenue for a Biggby Coffee location was $721,858. However, this figure does not take into account expenses such as labor costs, inventory expenses, and rent or mortgage payments, so the net income will be lower than that.

Another factor to consider when determining how much money you can make as a Biggby franchise owner is the initial investment required to start operations. According to Franchise Direct, it typically costs between $162,850 and $465,000 to open a Biggby franchise. This initial investment includes expenses such as franchise fees, equipment, inventory, and marketing. However, Biggby does offer financing options to qualified franchisees, which can make it easier to meet these costs.

As with any franchise, owning a Biggby comes with ongoing fees as well. According to the 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document, franchisees are required to pay a royalty fee of 5% of gross sales and an advertising fee of 3% of gross sales. This means that if your Biggby coffee shop brings in $500,000 in gross sales for the year, you will be required to pay $25,000 for royalties and $15,000 for advertising fees. These fees go towards national advertising campaigns, marketing materials, and other advertising expenses.

The good news is that unlike some other franchises, Biggby does not charge franchisees for ongoing support and training. The franchisor provides initial training for all new franchisees, and there are ongoing training programs available to help franchisees stay up to date with industry trends and keep their skills sharp. Additionally, Biggby provides franchisees with a dedicated support team to help with operational and business-related issues.

In summary, owning a Biggby franchise can be a profitable and fulfilling venture, but it does require a significant upfront investment and ongoing fees. While it’s impossible to predict exactly how much money you will make as a Biggby franchisee, the average annual gross revenue of $721,858 provides a rough estimate. Potential franchisees should carefully consider all of the costs and benefits of owning a Biggby before making any commitments.

The Initial Investment Required to Start a Biggby Franchise

Biggby Coffee Store

Investing in a Biggby franchise is a lucrative option for aspiring business owners who have a passion for coffee, customer service, and community engagement. While owning a Biggby franchise can provide you with the freedom of being your own boss and working independently, it also requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and financial investment on your part.

The initial investment required to start a Biggby franchise ranges between $181,775 to $342,125. The investment amount varies, depending on numerous factors such as the franchise location, size of the store, equipment, inventory, and operating expenses. However, it’s important to remember that the investment covers all the requirements to set up and operate a fully functional Biggby coffee shop.

The initial investment breaks down into several categories:

Franchise Fee

Franchise Fee

The franchise fee of a Biggby coffee shop is $30,000. The franchise fee provides the franchisee with access to training, support, and management tools that the franchisor provides. The franchisee can seek assistance from the Biggby team in store operations, management, and marketing, allowing them to operate their business with confidence.

Real Estate and Leasing Costs

Real Estate

Real estate and leasing costs are usually the most significant expense when starting a Biggby franchise. These expenses include leasing the storefront, construction costs, and utilities.You’ll need to choose a location that is easily accessible, visible, and has high foot traffic. The Real Estate cost varies depending on the location and rental agreement length.

Equipment and Inventory

Coffee Shop Equipment

When opening a Biggby franchise, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality equipment and inventory. Basic equipment includes coffee machines, grinders, refrigerators, ovens, furniture, and utensils. Moreover, coffee inventory is essential to keep the shop running successfully. The inventory cost varies depending on the location, seasonal needs, and customer preferences.

Marketing and Advertising


Marketing and advertising are essential for any business; it’s no exception for a Biggby franchise. Franchisees must attract potential customers by showing off their brand, products, and services. Marketing and advertising costs can include events, promotional materials, signs, and online advertisements. But the investment is worthwhile as it helps you gain customers and promote your brand.

Working Capital and Personal Expenses


It’s necessary to have working capital and personal expenses for a few months, even if you’re starting a successful Biggby franchise. It ensures you have enough funds to cover ongoing expenses such as rent, utilities, and employee salaries. Franchise owners must have reserve funds to help them survive until breaking even.

Overall, owning a Biggby coffee franchise requires a significant investment. But the good news is that the investment is worth it. Biggby Coffee provides an excellent franchise support network that helps the franchisee set up and operate the business successfully. Biggby provides a reputable brand, robust customer base, and loyal fanbase that attracts new customers to your franchise.

Typical Revenue for Biggby Franchise Owners

Biggby Franchise Owner Revenue

Biggby Coffee is a popular cafe chain that serves a wide range of coffee, tea, and other beverages. The cafe chain has been in business for several years and has grown to become a well-known brand in America. One of the ways Biggby Coffee has expanded its reach is by offering franchise opportunities to investors.

If you’re thinking of becoming a Biggby franchise owner, one of the questions that may be on your mind is “how much money can I make?” The answer to that question depends on a variety of factors. But first, let’s dive into the typical revenue for Biggby franchise owners.

On average, a Biggby franchise generates between $534,000 to $854,000 in annual revenue. However, the revenue can vary depending on the location, size of the cafe, and other factors. For example, a Biggby franchise located in a densely populated area with high foot traffic is likely to generate more revenue than one located in a less busy area.

Aside from the location, another factor that may affect the revenue of a Biggby franchise is the size of the cafe. Bigger cafes are usually able to serve more customers and offer more products, which can translate to higher revenue. However, bigger cafes also require more investment, which may affect the profitability of the franchise.

Biggby Coffee logo

The time of year can also affect the revenue of a Biggby franchise. For instance, sales may rise during the holiday season when customers are looking for special treats and gifts for their loved ones. On the other hand, sales may decline during the summer months when folks are busy with outdoor activities and vacations.

It’s important to note that the revenue generated by a Biggby franchise is not the same as the profit. After deducting expenses such as rent, utilities, supplies, and franchise fees, the profit margin can range from 6% to 20%. This means that a Biggby franchise owner generating $500,000 in revenue may only make $30,000 to $100,000 in profit after expenses.

Therefore, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and analysis before investing in a Biggby franchise. You should also consult with a financial advisor or a franchise attorney to understand the financial obligations that come with owning a cafe franchise. It’s better to be armed with a realistic idea of the potential revenue and profit of a Biggby franchise before diving in.

In conclusion, the typical revenue for a Biggby franchise owner is between $534,000 to $854,000. However, the revenue can vary greatly depending on factors such as location, size, and time of year. It’s important to conduct thorough research and analysis before investing in a Biggby franchise to understand the financial obligations and potential profit.

Profit Margins for Biggby Franchise Owners

Profit Margins for Biggby Franchise Owners

Having a Biggby franchise can be a lucrative business venture. The brand has a strong following and reputation, and the company is known for providing great support and resources to its franchise owners. However, as with any business, the amount of profit you can make as a Biggby franchise owner will depend on a variety of factors.



One of the biggest factors that will affect your profit margins is the location of your Biggby franchise. If you are located in a high-traffic area with lots of foot traffic and easy access, you will likely have higher sales and therefore higher profits. On the other hand, if your store is located in a less-visible area or a less-populated area, you may struggle to attract customers and profitability may take longer to achieve.



The revenue generated by your Biggby franchise will also be a major factor in determining your profit margins. This will depend on several factors, including the location of your store, the number of customers you are able to attract, and the average amount that each customer spends. It is important to set ambitious revenue targets and work hard to achieve them, while also managing your expenses carefully to ensure that your profits remain strong.



Another factor that will affect your profit margins is the costs associated with running your Biggby franchise. Some of the major costs you will face include the initial investment required to open your store, the ongoing rent or mortgage payments for your location, the cost of equipment and inventory, and the cost of hiring and training your staff. Managing these costs carefully and finding ways to minimize them will be important in ensuring that you are able to achieve strong profit margins.



Marketing is also an important factor in determining the success of your Biggby franchise. You will need to invest in a variety of marketing strategies, such as advertising, social media, and community events, in order to attract and retain customers. The success of your marketing efforts will depend on a variety of factors, including how well you understand your target audience and how effectively you are able to communicate the unique value of your Biggby franchise to them.


Overall, owning a Biggby franchise can be a profitable and rewarding business venture, but it does require hard work, careful planning, and a significant investment. By focusing on the key factors outlined above, such as location, revenue, costs, and marketing, you can maximize your chances of success and achieve strong profit margins for your Biggby franchise.

Factors that Determine the Success and Earnings of Biggby Franchise Owners

Biggby franchise owner

Biggby Coffee is well-known for providing quality beverages and food. The Biggby franchise is a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs who want to start their own coffee shop without the hassle of building a brand from scratch. However, investing in a Biggby franchise requires a significant amount of capital. Therefore, every potential franchisee wants to know how much a Biggby franchise owner makes. The success and earnings of a Biggby franchise owner depend on a number of factors. Here are the key factors that determine the success and earnings of Biggby franchise owners:

1. Location of the Franchise

Biggby franchise location

The location of a coffee shop is a crucial factor for its success. The same is true for Biggby franchises. A franchise located in a busy shopping mall or a bustling commercial area will generate more revenue than one in a residential area. The location of the Biggby coffee franchise must be easily accessible to attract foot traffic and generate more business. A franchise located near a college or university can also be a great location.

2. Size of the Coffee Shop

Biggby coffee shop size

The size of the coffee shop also affects its earnings. A larger shop has more seats, which means more customers can be accommodated at the same time. A franchisee also has to pay for the staff and rent of the coffee shop. Therefore, a bigger size also leads to more expenses. In this case, a balance must be found to ensure the franchise’s success isn’t compromised. A larger shop may require more investment, but it also opens up more possibilities for earnings.

3. Marketing Strategy of the Franchisee

Biggby marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is an important factor in determining the success of a Biggby franchise. A well-structured marketing strategy draws customers to the franchise owner’s coffee shop. Marketing strategies can include promotions, loyalty programs, social media ads, giveaways, or events. A franchisee must research the best marketing strategy to reach the target audience. Investing in a marketing strategy that works yields a great return on investment and contributes to the franchise’s success.

4. Competition in the Area

Biggby competition

The competition in the area can greatly impact the earnings of a Biggby franchise. There may be many established coffee shops, cafes, or fast-food chains in the area, making it harder for the franchisee to draw coffee lovers to their shop. However, a franchise owner can leverage a competitive advantage through excellent customer service, quality food and beverages, and a unique experience for customers. A clear concept and outstanding service can help a franchisee stand out in a crowded coffee shop market.

5. Management and Operations of the Franchise

Biggby coffee shop management

The personal management and operations of a franchisee determine the success of a Biggby franchise. A franchisee must be willing to manage and oversee daily operations. The franchisee has to train the baristas, manage inventory, ensure equipment works properly, and control operational expenses. A franchisee also has to maintain hygiene and safety standards to comply with health regulations. A well-managed and operated coffee shop increases customer satisfaction, improves employee motivation, and contributes to the franchise’s success.

In conclusion, the success and earnings of a Biggby franchise owner depend on various factors. The location, size, marketing strategy, competition, management, and operations of the coffee shop play a vital role. Investing in a Biggby franchise is a great opportunity to start a new business and venture in the coffee shop industry. However, it requires a comprehensive understanding of the franchise’s variables, and to manage them effectively and efficiently. Good luck!

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