What Is The Role Of Tourism In Economic Development – Did you know that every 10th job in the world is a result of global tourism and hospitality? Many reports indicate that this global industry has an annual turnover of over $7.6 billion!

The tourism and hospitality industry will contribute significantly to the economy of any country. For beautiful places like Switzerland and parts of Germany, the sector works as a life support by bringing in jobs and income. Business activities associated with industries such as tourism also provide additional employment opportunities for local residents.

What Is The Role Of Tourism In Economic Development

What Is The Role Of Tourism In Economic Development

For anyone interested in the hospitality industry, it may be interesting to learn more about tourism and economic development before pursuing this industry. Keep reading to know more about the role of tourism in national economic development.

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The most important contribution of tourism and the hospitality industry in any country or region is the immediate creation of new jobs. When people travel abroad, they want to visit beautiful or historical places. This creates new job opportunities as tour operators and operators, site visit guides and travel advisors.

The German hospitality industry is a good example here. According to Statista, the national hospitality industry created more than 3,144,000 direct jobs and 2,172,000 indirect jobs in Germany in 2017.

Tourism’s contribution to economic development cannot be ignored. The revenue generated by the tourism industry helps the government to build important infrastructure such as bridges and railways, which furthers the development of the regions.

By increasing the number of footfalls in the city, the tourism sector also boosts other industries. Local service sectors such as food production, automobiles or the restaurant industry can also benefit from the increasing number of tourists.

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A German government report published in 2014 suggested that urban planning and car repair projects in German cities like Berlin benefited greatly from the increase in the number of tourists that year.

When foreigners visit a country, they bring in demand for foreign exchange that strengthens the host country’s financial security. A well-developed tourism sector can bring in huge amounts of foreign exchange all year round. Apart from this, the tourism industry also helps promote direct foreign investment in local tourist destinations and benefits the local economy.

The tourism sector also helps preserve the arts, history and cultural aspects of the country. People from different parts of the world who come to visit important tourist destinations are taught, along with their culture and history. This, in turn, spreads awareness about the importance of protecting them for future generations.

What Is The Role Of Tourism In Economic Development

A 2007 research paper on German cultural heritage found that the country has seen an increase in the number of tourists due to cultural tourism in the country. In turn, the increase in footfall is expanding awareness of cultural sites in Germany and the need to preserve them.

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Businesses rely on visual communication to better connect with their customers because visuals are attractive, clear and media-friendly. In our daily life, we encounter various animations, infographics and other visual elements that appear in the middle of great content. In this book, there will be a discussion about tourism and economic development. Different sources of information will be discussed. Many examples from different parts of the world about tourism and economic development will be presented.

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What Is The Role Of Tourism In Economic Development

The last paragraph of the paper will provide the conclusion of the paper where there will be a summary of the main points of the discussion.

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The tourism sector is a very important sector in the world economy and serves as one of the main sources of income for developed and developing countries. This sector involves large investments and large-scale planning (Rahmatnia, Vejdan and Eskandarpour 139).

Tourism has been found to contribute significantly to economic development. It is pointed out that this sector is the largest sector in the world and creates the largest number of jobs in the country and the regional economy.

According to Aliqah, a recent study shows that it is expected that by the year 2000, the tourism sector will develop both in the right way and in the way that -Indirectly, 11.7 percent of gross domestic product and about two hundred million jobs. world wealth (Aliqah 173).

Similarly, the projected figure for the year 2010 stands at 11.7 percent of GDP and 255 million jobs respectively (Aliqah 173). It is reported that the jobs that tourism creates “spread across the economy in trade, construction, manufacturing and media and specifically in the travel and tourism industry” (Aliqah 173).

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The creation of the services of the tourism sector is facilitated by direct means including the creation of these opportunities within the sector itself and this includes services such as tourist guidance, providing tourists security visits, and travel and tourism among other similar activities.

Indirect job creation involves the creation of jobs in other sectors that are involved in providing the tourism sector with essentials such as food and health care.

Research shows that the average of job creation in the hotel industry “is between 0.5 – 1 job opportunity for each room in the hotel and the average increase in low-income countries is like 1.5 or more” (Aliqah 178). .

What Is The Role Of Tourism In Economic Development

According to Aliqah, who initiated the study of tourism in Jordan, considering the amount of wages for creating jobs in the tourism sector and other economic activities, there is no complete data available about the countries in the Arab World; However, some of the studies conducted in other parts of the world give assurance that the cost of creating jobs in the tourism sector is less than the cost of creating jobs in the region. any of the traditions (Aliqah 178).

In the Aliqah survey, which is related to tourism in Jordan, it was found that the government of this country is looking for ways to develop work in this sector by promoting development plans and having international cooperation with “International Funds” or IF “The international community will invest in the tourism sector, specifically in places like Aqaba and the Dead Sea” (Aliqah 178).

In such places, investors can enjoy “tax-free”, and the ability to invest in the transfer of their entire capital, and “100 percent foreign ownership and travel” (Aliqah 178 ).

It is explained that, at the present time, a large number of countries depend on the tourism sector for economic development since this sector is currently among the largest in the world and among those responsible for rapid progress (“Tourism, instrument of economic development” 1).

It was reported that in the documents recently published by the “United Nation World Tourism Organization” – UNWTO, it was revealed that “international tourism grew by almost 5% in the first half of 2011, gathered in a new record of 440 million people arrived” (“Tourism, a tool of economic development” 1).

Chapter 3 The Economics Of Tourism And Hospitality

The results give confirmation that, despite many challenges, international tourism continues “to make the return to growth that began in 2010″ (” Tourism, a tool of economic development “1).

In the last decade of the twentieth century, the African continent saw an increase in the number of tourist arrivals to about 10.6 million from 8.4 million “and a growth from 2.3 billion to 3.7 billion” (“Tourism , economic development tool.” 1).

For a large number of countries that have a large number of tourists, their governments have realized the role that tourism can play in the economic development of the country, but there are other countries that cannot understand this role. , application of

What Is The Role Of Tourism In Economic Development

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