What Is The Role Of Security Guard – Security personnel trained to respond to any emergency situation face many responsibilities and roles. The role of a security guard is to protect your property from any theft and protect the place from any emergency. However, in some special situations, the role of security guards is often defined by the employer or clients. In the case of any emergency and the prompt response to a burglar alarm is up to the discretion of the employer, where the role of the security guard is to call the police and notify everyone or investigate the root cause of the alarm and warn more about the area or otherwise. path based on the protocol provided by the client. The security services you hire must understand basic security principles and respond to a variety of alarms.

During emergency situations, the safety of the security guard must be the first priority. Depending on the situation, if they witness any crime, they should call the police, and if there is a problem, report it to another security service or to a supervisor or dispatcher.

What Is The Role Of Security Guard

What Is The Role Of Security Guard

One of the most important responsibilities of this guard is to try to prevent an emergency. Security guards must be vigilant and watch for property protection while on patrol. During a fire, safety personnel should visually inspect fire extinguishers to ensure they are not expired or damaged.

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In any emergency situation, the security personnel are required to call the appropriate party after confirming that an emergency has occurred. And it is not enough to call some people, it is necessary to call them

A fire incident in a crowded place, such as a business center or mall guardhouse, including procedures to direct the public to the nearest emergency exit. The fire marshal must ensure that there are no barriers to egress, as they are the only way to get everyone out of danger.

Depending on the workplace, security personnel may be exposed to harmful and dangerous chemicals if an incident such as a fire has the most chance in the workplace. Thus, it becomes important for security personnel to have adequate prior knowledge to build such capacity in case of such emergencies.

If you are thinking of hiring a security guard in California, make sure you hire potential and experienced security guards who have a plan in place that they can execute when needed. This PDF 1.5 document was created by Microsoft® Word 2013 and was sent from the IP address 108.95.x.x on 11/15/2015 at 4:38 PM. The current document download page has been viewed 62956 times.

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Duties and responsibilities of the security guard. Ensuring the safety of property and people. Avoid trouble and attacks. Always work as a patrol officer on the move. Work as a static guard somewhere. Always be on guard. Make sure everything is under control. May act as a patrol and static guard. Use electronic monitoring equipment. They work with the police when necessary. Know what to do in an emergency. Has working knowledge of first aid. How to turn on the lights in your area. Always be alert for acts of violence. Check bags, luggage and personal belongings. Prevent unauthorized access. Be courteous to everyone you deal with. Don’t be late for assignments. Be alert for unusual situations. Learn how to contact your boss. Be polite and courteous. Ability to react quickly in emergency situations. Be in good physical shape. Be honest and have dedication. Protection from theft and violence. Beware of distractions. Protect yourself from physical and financial losses. Transportation of money and/or valuables. Direct transport and check that the transport is safe. Building control inspection and/or regulation. Make sure the safety equipment is in working order. Inspect the inside of the buildings you protect. Know where emergency alarms are located. Make a detailed note of anything unusual. Write down details of accidents and damage. Track everyone in your patrol area. Certain things are prohibited in restricted areas. Always act in the best interest of your employer. Answer common questions and provide direction. Always present yourself in a professional manner. Maintain knowledge of your electronic equipment. Make sure your personal equipment is always up and running. Know who to call in an emergency. Must have good communication skills. Has the ability to resolve and resolve conflicts. Armed guards must know how to use firearms. Learn how to communicate on the phone. You can find more information about becoming a security guard at the Security Services Career Center

Use the download page’s permalink to share your document on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or by contacting us directly via email, Messenger, Whatsapp, Line. , monitoring surveillance, checking buildings, guarding entry and exit points, checking arrivals, etc. They are also known as employees who have exceeded the actual limit or retirement age.

A security guard is often found in hospitals, offices, ATMs, residential colonies and other places. Just like white-collar workers, security guards come with several skills that they must use while on site.

What Is The Role Of Security Guard

One of the most prominent roles and responsibilities of security personnel is site inspection and surveillance. limited area on a regular basis. This reduces the chances of any accident in a commercial or residential setting.

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Another key aspect of security professionals is training subordinates who are new to the security culture. This includes formal and informal induction regarding property and its maintenance. This training can be real-time for subordinates, including property inspections and patrols, guest check-ins, etc.

Being a security guard is not easy. You must follow a certain predetermined procedure regardless of the income level or status of the person entering the building. Verification of identity, maintaining an entry register, stating the purpose of the meeting and stating the name of the person the visitor is to meet are the basic procedures for entering a guarded commercial or residential facility.

Reporting any suspicious activity inside the building is also one of the important duties of the security guard. The security guard must be active and attentive during working hours to avoid any accidents at the scene. If the security personnel are not attentive, the safety of people and the work of the safety and security department may be questioned.

It may not be the duty of the guards directly, but to be a helping hand to the people. This duty often comes through moral values ​​and the nature of their work. Helping people with navigation and directions, parking, loading or unloading vehicles, and much more will be developed over time among security personnel.

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This is the most important duty of any security guard and should never be neglected. Security personnel undergo special training at the time of joining to face any mishap or accident intelligently. Responding to alarms in time and acting wisely can reduce the risk of death.

It’s true that security personnel are equipped with resources to help prevent any mishap on a commercial or residential site. Monitoring of surveillance cameras is still a mandatory duty for all security personnel to be proactive and stop any activity that may cause disturbance among the people living inside the building.

Providing end-of-day reports to the reporting officer is also an important duty of security personnel. Entrances, exits, visitors and incidents (if any) are key elements that should never be left out of the report. Hence, these are the main roles and responsibilities of security personnel. A skilled security guard can make a great contribution to society. Because there are some things that cannot be done without the help of these gray collar professionals.

What Is The Role Of Security Guard

As we return to work, we must remember that the threat of COVID-19 is far from over and that we are all responsible for reducing the ultimate threat of this pandemic by maintaining proper social distancing. We did it during lockdown, and we can do it at work.

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Why should we practice social distancing? COVID-19 is spread through droplets, and you can become infected if you come in close contact with droplets. This is a virus

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