What Is The Purpose Of The Spleen In The Body – The spleen is an organ found in the upper left quadrant of the abdominal cavity and to the left of the abdomen under normal conditions.

Although the size and shape of a person’s spleen can vary, the organ is usually purple in color, about 4 inches long and shaped like a clenched fist.

What Is The Purpose Of The Spleen In The Body

What Is The Purpose Of The Spleen In The Body

The spleen is made up of two main types of tissue: red pulp and white pulp. The red pulp is responsible for filtering the blood and removing old or damaged red blood cells, as well as foreign substances and abnormal cells. The white pulp is responsible for the production of immune cells, such as T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes, which help fight infection and disease. The spleen also helps fight against certain types of bacteria that can lead to pneumonia and meningitis.

What Does The Spleen Do? (3 Functions)

In addition to these functions, the spleen also stores red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, and it can release these cells into the bloodstream when needed, such as during an injury. or infection. It also helps regulate the amount of blood in the body by removing excess red blood cells and storing them when needed. The spleen is often referred to as the ‘graveyard of RBCs.

Overall, the spleen plays an important role in maintaining the health of the body by filtering blood, storing blood cells, producing immune cells, and regulating blood volume.

Because it keeps a reserve of blood in case of hemorrhagic shock, the spleen is called the blood bank of our body.

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Aussie Spleen Study Helps Combat Disease

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What Is The Purpose Of The Spleen In The Body

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Function Of The Spleen Stock Vector. Illustration Of Biology

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The spleen is part of your body’s lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps remove cellular waste, maintain fluid balance, and produce and activate infection-fighting white blood cells for the immune system. A

Shows that the spleen is also responsible for producing substances that play an important role in inflammation and healing.

The Immune System: Cells, Tissues, Function, And Disease

The spleen sits on the upper left side of your abdomen. It is located behind your ribs, under your diaphragm, and above and behind your stomach.

In healthy individuals. It can be greater if a person is sick or injured. Your spleen is involved in your body’s immune response, and in recycling old blood cells.

The number of red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout your body, and the number of platelets, which are cells that help your blood clot. It does this by destroying and removing cells that are abnormal, old, or damaged.

What Is The Purpose Of The Spleen In The Body

The spleen plays an important role in your immune system’s response. When it detects bacteria, viruses, or other germs in your blood, it produces white blood cells, called lymphocytes, to fight the infections they cause.

Lymphatic System: Function, Conditions & Disorders

The spleen is located on the upper left side of the abdomen. It is found next to the stomach and behind the left rib.

Many different conditions can cause an enlarged spleen, especially diseases that cause blood cells to break down easily. Excessive destruction of blood cells, for example, can overwork the spleen, causing it to enlarge.

When your spleen is enlarged, it can’t filter your blood as efficiently as it used to. It can accidentally filter out normal red blood cells and platelets, leaving fewer healthy blood cells in your body. It’s the same

Above shows that the enlargement of the spleen that leads to the destruction of too many blood cells is a condition called hypersplenism.

Portal Vein: Anatomy, Location & Function

An enlarged spleen may not cause symptoms at first. Eventually, it will become painful. If your spleen becomes too large, it can rupture. The spleen can also be injured or ruptured immediately after a sharp blow to the stomach, a broken rib, or other accident. This can lead to removal of the spleen.

Some spleen problems, such as an enlarged spleen, can be detected through a physical exam performed by your doctor.

A blood test can also be used to evaluate your liver function or determine if you have high levels of white blood cells in your body, which could indicate an infection.

What Is The Purpose Of The Spleen In The Body

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan can also detect tumors and cysts, or can be used to monitor blood flow through the spleen.

The Central Role Of Peripheral Inflammation In Ischemic Stroke

Protecting the health of the spleen is difficult. While many causes of an enlarged spleen, such as cancer or blood cell abnormalities may be unavoidable, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service says there are many treatment options available for other spleen problems. , including:

There are also many ways to prevent an enlarged spleen, such as avoiding infections or injuries that can damage it. Here are some tips to try your best:

If you develop an enlarged spleen, consider following the treatment plan recommended by your doctor. Try to avoid contact sports and other high-impact activities until cleared by your doctor.

The National Health Service says you can live without your spleen. It is an important organ, but not essential. If it is damaged due to disease or injury, it can be removed without danger to life. Surgery to remove your spleen is called a splenectomy.

Spleen Removal Surgery: Prep, Recovery, Long Term Care

Your lymph nodes and liver can take over many important functions of the spleen. However, without your spleen, the organization above also notes that you are more likely to develop certain infections. And if you do get sick, it may take longer than usual to get better.

Says that depending on your age and general health, your doctor will likely recommend that you get these vaccines:

Although your spleen is not a large organ, it plays many important roles in your body. It helps remove old and damaged blood cells, and it produces infection-fighting cells to protect your health. The spleen also produces certain substances that play an important role in inflammation and healing.

What Is The Purpose Of The Spleen In The Body

Infections and injuries can damage your spleen and cause it to enlarge or even rupture. If the damage is extensive, you may need surgery to remove your spleen. You can live a normal, healthy life without a spleen. But you need to take extra precautions to avoid infections.

Understanding How To Keep Yourself Safe Without A Spleen

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What Medical Conditions Affect The Spleen?

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What Is The Purpose Of The Spleen In The Body

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The Lymphatic System 1: Structure, Function And Oedema

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