What Is The Purpose Of Our Existence – Whether it’s reading Game of Thrones, linking Wikipedia rabbit holes, or reading celebrity biographies on a Monday morning, we love to be curious about purpose. Why did things turn out the way they did? What does that message mean?

This is the highlight of Simon Sinek’s TED talk, which has been viewed over 43 million times: Why to start to inspire action.

What Is The Purpose Of Our Existence

What Is The Purpose Of Our Existence

Having a clear reason for facing pain or sadness is a deep desire. Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl writes in his book Man’s Search for Meaning:

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“If there is any real meaning in life, then suffering must have meaning… When suffering becomes meaningful, as in sacrifice, it is removed from suffering… When a person is successful in his search for meaning, it not only makes him happy, but also allows him to overcome suffering.”

Our preoccupation with finding purpose—specifically, our personal life purpose—started with trying to figure out why we need to justify our pain… randomly and surprisingly, it creates new pain because if we don’t, we’re afraid we’ll be broken Explain why.

If you’re struggling to find purpose in your life, let me tell you why it’s such a struggle and how to start creating more purpose in your daily life. (Don’t stress: this is an article, not a novel. I promise.)

Why care about purpose? It depends on how you value yourself and who you are as a person without getting too down on yourself.

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If you value your life as having a purpose, you will be miserable if you don’t know your purpose. You can go on endless personal development quests to justify your existence.

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What thought patterns lead to such painful goals? It’s all about the difference between thinking “I…” and thinking “I can…” is a mindset difference called unsustainable development, coined by family psychology researcher (and respected Barnard alumnus) Carol Dweck.

What Is The Purpose Of Our Existence

A specific idea creates personas based on your interests or activities. Individuals who are sensitive, need to justify their existence, and are associated with beautiful things are usually strongly associated with the idea of ​​perfection.

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If you believe that your personality is tied to a purpose (and that your life is meaningless without it), then taking the step to choose a purpose will be difficult because your inner perfection begins to emerge. What if you choose the wrong one? Your mind conjures up disaster, and the subtle cards convince you that your house will come crashing down around you, that you will never be loved, and that the planet will be better off without you.

If this attitude is highly influential, you may belong to the other camp of thinkers, the “growth mindset” crowd. These people believe that everything can be learned or worked on, and they create a psychological disconnect between their personality and their actions. . In fact, your worth is not dependent on your behavior at all.

I said I wouldn’t get too emotional, but your birth doesn’t require a heated conversation with a higher power. . ) You have just been created.

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According to Buddhism, you are valuable for your existence. You are no better or worse than anyone else for that – we are all born without the need to justify our existence in the universe. Your existence is both divine and plebeian. You can choose to do something during that existence. It depends on the date.

To think that you are setting yourself up for excruciating heartache if you find your life to be just one, single, purposeless thing.

“I don’t believe you have a goal. objects have a purpose. hammer for nailing. This weird fish side is for pulling out the nails. to sit on the bed. It might be for building a fort or a pile of clothes, but it’s made for sitting. these things. designed to solve the problem. has a purpose. you are created because of human biology. maybe because of love. you don’t have a capital letter. Can we agree that you are more sophisticated than a hammer? from bed When you put pressure on yourself to set your goals, you are giving yourself a POSSIBLE SICKNESS. WAITING FOR YOU, GI, SEAL, SECRET, FEAR, JOY

What Is The Purpose Of Our Existence

You’re a rich, multidimensional, loving person, so it makes sense that your understanding of meaning would grow over time, just like you.

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If you need permission slips, here’s what you need: not enough purpose. You don’t need a goal to be fair. You don’t need a goal to be valuable. Those qualities are gifts given to you by your creator, whoever you think he is. You don’t have to justify or earn your existence. Goal-seeking is a hidden mechanism that puts perfectionistic pressure on our personalities.

However, the idea that it’s not a hammer gives some comfort, but there’s still an itch for all of us to stick to our purpose. . Think about what it might look like within your business.

A low-pressure tactic for testing is to accept a target project. This idea comes from Jenny Blake’s excellent book Pivot, where she describes a project-based goal: putting the goal on a project that is external to you, but you contribute to it. If you set your goal somewhere other than your psychological self, it makes it easier to move forward.

Because the idea of ​​goal-oriented perfectionism stems from fears about our identity that come from feeling a certain way, projects are less threatening to perfectionism.

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What’s the worst thing that can happen if your business idea isn’t perfect? You’ve managed to create something (which, if not perfect, can be very valuable and useful.) Maybe you realize that you really don’t like the idea of ​​this company or that you’re not particularly successful at creating something meaningful. change with this business model. Good! It’s a feature of the project, not you anymore, and it allows you to reinvent, pivot, and be flexible in a way that doesn’t compromise your identity.

If you’re looking for a purposeful project, start by evaluating what makes sense to you. Look at your values, the qualities you hold dear, and the desires of the world you want to create.

. words that touch your soul.)

What Is The Purpose Of Our Existence

After you’ve gathered a few key words, use the following to complete the sentence: “If I lived a life filled with your values, I would…”

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For my own example: “If I lived a connected life, I would text a few friends every day. Focus on building deep relationships with my clients. Create a community for career changers. Have game nights and dinners at my house once a month. “

This Mad Libs-style exercise will open up the possibility of adding more purpose and intention to your personal and professional life projects. Be open and creative and see what happens! I’m a big believer that the work that feels right to us is what changes us over time, so don’t be afraid if some of the ideas you write about seem a little wild, unusual, or unexpected! A competitive ballroom dancer at age 37.

The next thing to think about is taken from the world of project management and agile methodology: the idea of ​​flexibility

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