What Is The Purpose Of Local Government – 2 Standard SS8CG6 Analyze the role of local governments in the state of Georgia. a. Explain the origins and purposes of city, county, and special governments in Georgia. b. Describe how local government is funded and how spending decisions are made.

Just as the United States is divided into 50 states, the state of Georgia is divided into 159 counties. . . • Georgia’s first permanent state constitution, the Constitution of 1777, established the first eight counties (Wilkes, Richmond, Burke, Effingham, Chatham, Liberty, Glenn, Camden) • The county seat of government is called the county seat. The district headquarters were in the center of the city, so people who needed to do business at the district headquarters could get there and back in one day

What Is The Purpose Of Local Government

What Is The Purpose Of Local Government

The state of Georgia is divided into 159 counties, so each county has several cities… • Georgia’s first cities were established in areas that were important trade centers. • The purpose of a city is to provide services beyond those provided by counties: – police protection – fire protection – garbage collection – water services – administration of Augusta state programs • Cities are local governments chartered by the General Assembly. * GA has more than 500 municipalities (cities or towns with organized governments).

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• The original purpose of GA districts was to determine jurisdiction for state representatives. • Over the years, the county’s responsibilities have expanded to include elections, road construction and repair, vehicle licensing, social assistance programs, and local courts. • Most counties in the US are governed by an elected board of commissioners. GA is the only state in the US that allows counties to choose between a single commissioner or a board of commissioners. • As of 2010, eight GA counties are headed by one commissioner. * Since 2/3 of all Georgians live outside the cities, the 1983 constitution gave even more responsibilities to the county government.

There are major differences between counties and cities… 1. Origin: Counties are created by the state constitution, while cities are created by a charter of the state legislature, the general assembly. 2. Services: Counties and cities must agree on who provides which service to avoid duplication. 3. Form of government: Counties have a county commission, while cities have one of three forms of government – strong mayor’s council – weak mayor’s council – council manager vs.

In addition to county and city government, GA also has a form of local government established by cities or counties to meet specific needs and called districts or special purpose authorities… • Special purpose authorities are financed by loans or user fees (not taxes). ). • Special purpose administrations are flexible, can provide services in counties or cities, and focus on a single need. Some special purpose boards include…

8 Funding and Spending  – Local governments generate revenue for programs that are tax and non-tax programs. Taxes Untaxed Ad Valorem Tax – a tax based on the value of the property Sales and Use Tax – a tax on the purchase Franchise Tax – a tax on public services Excise – a tax paid on the purchase of certain goods Regulatory Tax – mandatory fees for a business to operate Revenue generated from non-tax resources – Federal subsidies – Fines – Service fees – 911 user fees – Building permit fees

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9 Funding and Spending – Spending decisions are based on the financial needs of municipalities and counties. Spending decisions affect the availability of funds and whether citizens vote for a referendum. Economic influences such as inflation, economic downturns, interest rates and competition among local governments can affect revenue generation and use.

In order for this website to function, we record user data and share it with processors. To use this website, you must agree to our privacy policy, including our cookie policy. American Civics 5/5/2019 Chapter 9 Local Government Section 1: Units of Local Government Section 2: City, Town, and Village Governments Section 3: City Government Section 4: How Governments Work Together Chapter 9

Main idea Local governments grew as the country grew. As Americans settled in rural communities, towns, cities, and suburbs, they established local governments. Reading Focus How are local governments established and why are they needed? How is the county administration organized and what are the main purposes of each level of the county administration? How do local and state governments work together?

What Is The Purpose Of Local Government

They are established and empowered by state governments. Use the country’s charter to determine their powers, responsibilities and organization. Provision of services for citizens. Maintenance of roads, running water, sewage, sidewalks, street cleaning and garbage collection. Control privately owned power and transportation systems.

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Section 1: Units of Local Government The county system of government in the United States: borrowed from England, began in the agricultural states of the South. The scattered population gathered at the district headquarters to discuss the issues.

Section 1: Units of Local Government Organization and Purpose of County Government: The County Board is elected by the voters and forms the legislative body. The County Board supervises the elections; enforces state laws; collects taxes; and provides health and social services, libraries, roads and schools. County officers include the sheriff and deputies, county clerk, treasurer, auditor, and county attorney. Some districts have elected a district manager and a district executive.

SECTION 1 Question: How are local governments established and why are they needed? How local governments are formed Why are local governments necessary? National governments establish local governments and grant them powers. They provide and manage community services.

Main Idea Although counties are the largest unit of local government, they share the task of governance with other local government units. Reading Center Where did town government begin and what is the purpose of town meeting? Why did districts and special districts develop and how do they work? Why are villages and districts formed and how do they work?

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City governments began in the New England colonies. Today, selected men and women are elected to manage city affairs. Officers discuss city business and vote on each item. Population growth inhibited direct democracy. A larger population requires more local services. Town managers and representative town meetings developed.

Urban settlements First type: developed in the Mid-Atlantic countries; maintained roads and schools and helped the poor. Second type: Land divisions in Midwestern states developed by Congress in 1785 as part of the survey system

Division 2: City, town and village authorities Special districts developed for the specific needs of an area The most numerous form of local government, administered by a commission

What Is The Purpose Of Local Government

Villages and districts Formed when population increases and need to be organized Self-governing municipalities Collect taxes and provide local services Governed by a council with executive power (mayor)

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SECTION 2 Question: Where did city government begin and how did it change? Where did city government begin How has it changed? In the past, citizens could vote directly on matters, but now representatives vote on matters. New England Colonies

Main Idea A town is usually larger than a town or village. Many cities have a large population crammed into a relatively small area, creating many challenges for city administration. Reading Focus How are city administrations organized in the local government system? What are the different forms of city government?

They are larger than other local governments. They often have large populations crammed into a small area. It has to deal with education, health, safety, transport, sanitation, water supply and fire and police protection.

They were established by state legislatures and received charters. Some cities have been granted home rule and can write their own charters. Home towns manage their own affairs. Some countries limit the independence of their city governments.

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Section 3: City Government Different types of city governments and their functions: Mayor’s government – the mayor prepares the budget, proposes laws and appoints officials; the city council passes laws and approves the mayor’s appointments; cities have weak mayor plans and strong mayor plans.

Section 3: City Government The Different Types of City Governments and Their Duties: (Continued) Commission Government – The board of commissioners passes laws and performs the duties of government. Council-Manager Government—The City Council passes laws and appoints the City Manager, who proposes laws and appoints department heads.

SECTION 3 Question: How are city governments established? How City Governments Are Established: The state grants a city permission to write its own charter under a home rule charter granted by the state government

What Is The Purpose Of Local Government

Main Idea You live under three levels of government – local, state and federal. Without the cooperation between these levels, everyday life would not run smoothly. Reading Focus How do different levels of government work together? How do governments work together to meet people’s needs? How do different levels of government compete?

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Section 4: How Governments Work Together Division of Powers Between Levels of Government: Local, state, and federal governments have clearly defined powers. Each level of government has the necessary power to do its job. All levels of government respect the US Constitution. A federal system keeps the responsibilities of each level clearly defined.

Section 4: How governments work together The federal government works together to build roads. Roads were originally local projects. As the country grew, Congress voted for federal funding for roads connecting East to West. The end of the 19th century – first the state funds

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