What Is The Purpose Of Armpit Hair

What Is The Purpose Of Armpit Hair – While self-isolating during the pandemic’s infancy, I decided to stop shaving my armpit hair. My normally well-groomed appearance was in jeopardy, but it was a great relief to be freed from this obligation. My daily personal interactions were limited to laptop chats, ironing my face on a virtual screen; the rest of my body was protected by the perimeter of the monitor. For months, no one could see how much weight I had gained and how much body hair I had grown. So… what was the harm in stopping this small part of my maintenance routine?

In this new world of virtual communication, my obsessive body concerns were pushed to the edge of my mind, just as my body itself was pushed to the edge of the computer screen. Removing a strict grooming regimen felt more than just relaxing—it was cathartic.

What Is The Purpose Of Armpit Hair

What Is The Purpose Of Armpit Hair

I spent my entire sophomore year witnessing the unstoppable growth of my armpit hair, where I shaved every day to keep stubble off my baby-soft skin. Alone in my bedroom, I would raise my arms and stare intently at the wild and uncultivated curls, marveling at their length and density. I realized that I had never seen my skin so bare, yet so hairy. I was content with my thick underarm hair, even surprised.

Should You Shave Armpit Hair?

I thought I would return to school with the new self-acceptance I had nurtured during my isolation; after all, I had developed not only my armpit hair, but also a firm belief that I was unshaven.

But the day before the semester started, I threw myself back into the rigorous maintenance routine I’d been putting off all year. I shaved a year’s worth of hair so hard that my skin bled from the many tiny cuts left by my razor. It was a testament to my “zero tolerance policy”: I refused to accept even a hard-to-find dash of pepper.

Despite my strict routine, I was still worried. Tiny hair follicles showing under my arms, especially on days when I’m wearing a t-shirt or tank top? When I was wearing tank tops at the gym, I tried to stay away from exercises that required me to lift my arms up. Sometimes I’d put on a tank top and check my body in front of the bathroom mirror, only to throw it back in my closet in favor of something that covered half my arms.

Since I’ve been back on campus, I’ve been very disappointed with how I’ve managed my grooming regimen. I began to question myself. Why am I forced to shave my armpit hair when I know I’ll only be around other people? What was so gross about showing my armpit hair in public?

Ashley Graham Has Been Growing Out Her Armpit Hair During Quarantine

These are rhetorical questions, I already knew the answers. When it came to my public appearance, I was fully aware of the problematic association of “respectability” with “femininity.” The truth is that such associations are taught from a very young age. I grew up incredibly self-conscious about my appearance and immediately started shaving my armpit hair when I hit puberty. As I grew older, I equated my appearance with self-respect: the feeling of having smooth and clean armpits satisfied me and made me feel worthy of successfully conforming to what was expected of me as a girl and now as a woman. This kind of conformity meant that my self-worth depended on the degree to which I devalued my body, and frankly, I didn’t have the self-esteem to be comfortable in my own skin.

Body hair was uncomfortable. While unattractive to women, it was acceptable to men. In order to feel attractive or complete in my body, I had to get rid of natural and essential parts of myself that they considered inappropriate and embarrassing. I was guilty of hiding this inner shame. For fear of being seen as unattractive or being singled out for bad hygiene, I kept a neat grooming routine. However, I was also confused as to what would happen next. How was I supposed to feel after a clean shave?

A few years ago, I remember reading about an Australian campaign called “Get Hairy in February” that encouraged women to stop shaving their body hair for an entire month. The campaign, aimed at denigrating the natural female body, also raised funds for the non-profit organization Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia. Similarly, many female celebrities around the world have taken to social media platforms to post natural bathroom selfies and advocate for the normalization of female body hair. Articles

What Is The Purpose Of Armpit Hair

“Body hair, don’t care! Stars Who Are Not Afraid to Show Armpit and Leg Hair.”

Women Who Dye Their (armpit) Hair

What interested and saddened me about this movement was that we needed a movement at all. Why did we need celebrity selfies and exaggerated headlines to encourage women to break free from the shackles of their body expectations?

We live in a society where women’s bodies are battlegrounds for freedom, and we constantly struggle to control—and reject, anyway—restrictive ideals that are taken as gospel. Like many women, I am a product of social norms and customs that try to control my appearance and internalize feeling inadequate about my body.

In a perfect world, the female body would not be mediated or constrained by society; women simply showing their bodies in their natural state will not be considered revolutionary, rebellious, radical and fearless. Having body hair will not be considered an act of resistance against society’s rigid idea of ​​femininity. To shave or not to shave would be a simple matter of personal choice.

As I reflected on my sometimes uncomfortable relationship with my appearance, I realized the need for me to walk the path of strong love for my body, because I don’t need to have a “clean looking” body to gain self-respect.

Armpit Hair Is Back, Whether You Like It Or Not

It’s a tough journey to say the least, and I’ve seen more setbacks than progress. My mind works in interesting ways: sometimes I’m bombarded by my own insecurities, and I have a hard time dealing with this self-love. Sometimes my armpit hair makes me feel unwanted, unhygienic, ugly. There are times when I feel empowered to see the steady growth of my armpit hair; it makes me feel more secure, as if my body is validating itself and letting me know that it will always accompany me on my path to self-acceptance.

It is painful to admit that I have learned to love myself, because self-deprecation is deeply ingrained in me. My long-term goal is to be unapologetic and content with armpit hair and to walk freely and boldly in a restrictive world.

I have not achieved an effective internal revolution where I no longer care about beauty standards and social norms. Nor am I suggesting that I’ve grown to fully accept my body, or that I’m even comfortable being unshaven. It is not a self-reflection that ends in possession or physical reclamation. Even though I have resumed my shaving routine, I still shave occasionally and I still feel insecure about my body. But I’m constantly reevaluating my habits and routines to make sure I’m not conforming to sexist beauty standards — and trying to shed ingrained thoughts that make me feel vulnerable and less than. I reject the assumption that female body hair is unattractive or unattractive and remind myself to be more content with my appearance. You have a preview of this article while checking your login. The full content of the article will be uploaded when we approve the entry.

What Is The Purpose Of Armpit Hair

Destiny Moreno, 17, went to Sally Beauty Supply near her home in Seattle last September with a new plan. He asked a grandmotherly employee questions about hair bleaches, developers and dyes and asked if she could dye her hair.

My Armpit Hair Is A Feminist Statement

“I said, ‘Oh, I’m dying my armpit hair,'” Ms. Moreno said. “He looked at me in shock for five seconds and then started laughing and laughed throughout the entire interaction.”

She was decked out in Voodoo Blue by Manic Panic and the next day posted a video on YouTube of herself wearing a tee and proudly lifting her arms to show off her turquoise armpit hair. The video has over 264,000 views. After she stopped shaving her armpits a few months ago, Ms. Moreno drew a lot of negative comments and dyed her armpits bright colors — hot pinks, purples, greens, neon yellows and oranges since then. an act of disobedience.

Part-time model Alyssa Bishop, 38, dyed everything blue: dimples, hair, eyebrows. Credit… Jeremy Koreski for The New York Times

“No one asks if a guy in a shirt takes a selfie showing his armpit hair,” he said. “But if I

Underarm Hair Is Back

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