What Is The Difference Between Perception And Perspective

What Is The Difference Between Perception And Perspective – Perception vs Perspective – What’s the difference? Posted by Kunj R. Atha on April 10, 2021 April 10, 2021

This makes me interested in finding the exact meaning of the words with a certain interpretation to the perception and perspective.

What Is The Difference Between Perception And Perspective

What Is The Difference Between Perception And Perspective

I looked up the brief meaning of these two words and they are the same. It really baffles me what the real difference between them is and at what point do these things degenerate or match.

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Perception by definition refers to the thought, belief or image you have as a result of how you see or understand something – Oxford Dictionary

It is a sensory processing process in which the brain processes information about the target (the target may be an object, person, situation, etc.) based on its accumulated knowledge and understanding of the world and then makes a judgment about the target.

Perception is not reality rather a judgment of reality. This means that whatever the perceiver may perceive about the target is only a perceived thought and may not be true.

It is extracted from objective reality because “perception is a judgment of reality learned through the senses”. And the senses work in coordination with the information provided by objective reality.

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Deepak and Sunil are two friends who went for a walk in the forest in their village and came across a poor man chopping a tree with an axe.

Here, Deepak who is an environmentalist immediately confronted the man and tried to stop the cutting of trees. While Sunil, who belongs to an underprivileged family, asks Deepak to give the woodcutter wood for his survival.

In the above story, both Deepak and Sunil are independent of ethical thinking and act on “ethical rational behavior (Ethical Relativism)” which clearly states that awareness is not an ethical judgment on the situation and may not necessarily be based on rational thinking. .

What Is The Difference Between Perception And Perspective

This concludes that Perception is a judgment about the target based on the knowledge, ability, understanding and experience of the perceiver about the world without regard to ethics or rationality.

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The goal is at the center and the judgment from every angle is perspective. Also represents the Perspective as a Rotary concept.

Perspective is when a judgment of perception is viewed from a certain angle (point of view) which may or may not be traditional to the perceiver.

When the perceiver considers a different point of view towards the judgment of the understanding or the overall goal, it is his point of view.

Attitudes are thoughts regardless of the general experience of the perceiver. It is a more conscious way to aim where all possible views of the judgment are explored and analyzed and the most appropriate conclusion.

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In this situation, both people already have an attitude toward a target but can change their judgment if the attitude changes for either or both;

If Deepak is convinced of Sunil’s idea, he will change his view Deepak changes in his mental state and sympathizes with the woodcutter, this makes him reconsider his judgment and consider the best decision based on the current situation.

Whereas if Sunil changes his judgment and supports Deepak only because he wants to maintain his good friendship with Deepak then there is a personal “objective” of Sunil in reviewing and changing his view, which influences his judgment.

What Is The Difference Between Perception And Perspective

Both perceivers already have an attitude towards the target according to their perception. Let’s call it the main view when they start to consider other views to the goal; This gives them a different view that is different from the main view.

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Therefore, we can conclude that Perspective is a Rotary concept with a central goal and judgment of influence from the situation, the objective of the perceiver, emotional state, physical state, psychological state and other external influences on intelligence.

Perception and perception are part of the same process, perception is the first step and perception is the second. The judgment of the subconscious with a goal based on the accumulated knowledge and experience of the world is Perception while reviewing the judgment of perception from a certain angle is perspective.

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There is what is known and there is what is unknown, and in between is the door of awareness.” – Aldous Huxley “What we see depends largely on what we look for.” – John Lubbock

. There are different senses and stimuli that these organs create. The light that enters the retinas of our eyes. The sound that rings in our ears. The smell in our nostrils. The taste in our tongue. The tantalizing touch in our body.

All these sensory organs work differently to send part of the signal which is then received by our brain. It is the neural network in the brain that takes these received signals to process and produce a return signal. There is a coded message and it has been decoded.

What Is The Difference Between Perception And Perspective

All of our decisions that we take and the actions that follow after that are the result of internal processing within the neural network. Billions and billions of neurons are at work. Perception refers to the way information is received, organized, analyzed, interpreted, and consciously experienced. Ultimately, the way we interact with the world depends on how we interpret the information we receive.

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Our perceptions are not standard or static in nature; In that beauty and abundance of our eternal power that we can maintain the connection. It is constantly evolving and is affected by various factors from our beliefs, values, prejudices, expectations, motivations and experiences.

There are two different aspects to the definition of awareness. One falls in the purview of general philosophy and the other in the scientific view of

. Historically, the concept of awareness of what is around us has been of great interest to great philosophers. Today, as we stand perception has evolved equally with bent the science of the mind and has developed significantly into different disciplines under the broad umbrella of psychology.

A related question is where all these experiences come from. Do all our experiences originate from our external world through the interaction of our sense organs? It is one of the profound questions that quizzically lies in the vast philosophical realm. The existence of the physical world is not questioned when the study of perception is done from a scientific perspective.

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Therefore, the definition is different when viewed from the perspective of a philosopher and when viewed from the perspective of a psychologist. It then boils down to understanding the role of perspective in playing our perceptual cards.

Views have different dimensions with its nuanced definition. It is referred to as an attitude, forming a person’s view or simply referring to a person’s attitude towards things. In a way it is a way of life or a way of thinking about everything. . It also means the ability to think consciously about all things. How we look at problems to make decisions in a rational manner without using our emotions or falling prey to the deception of our deluded senses.

Because of this, we make statements like “let’s look at the problem from a different perspective; We may arrive at a solution” to “try to keep these things in proper perspective.”

What Is The Difference Between Perception And Perspective

Sight is the ability to see things as they really are. Be realistic and aware. We perceive our reality through the window of our perception, and there is always a gap between what is captured and what is transmitted. There are many factors that operate between the curve of vision and the field of hearing. It is impossible to get a perfect view of everything and every time.

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There are so many things happening simultaneously around us that we tend to miss certain things and some things that we have full intention of doing but not fully doing. A perfect view is possible under our complete attention and full intention of harmony which is rare.

In art and geometry, perspective is a technique for drawing to create the effect or illusion of distance and depth.

We are all products of our perceptions. Our perception is a product of our likes and dislikes, desires and wishes, experiences and exposures we receive, our abilities and disabilities. We all see things differently with everything that influences us or how we interact with our lives. Therefore, we are all uniquely different from each other;

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