What Is My Purpose Here On Earth Quiz

What Is My Purpose Here On Earth Quiz – You like your job, but it no longer excites you. You are entering the job market, but are not sure what you really want. You feel stuck or as if something is missing in your life in some way. You long to find your life’s purpose, but you don’t know where to start.

And from my countless existential crises, self-help books and glasses of wine, I found my purpose. I’ve also helped hundreds of women find their life purpose and take on fulfilling, meaningful roles that make an impact in the world.

What Is My Purpose Here On Earth Quiz

What Is My Purpose Here On Earth Quiz

Without a life purpose, you will continue to feel stuck, as if you are moving in circles and watching as time continues to pass you by.

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A life purpose is like a compass that guides you along the path of life. Keeps you centered, focused and aware of what really matters to you and what you want from life.

Ikigai is a Japanese term which loosely translates to “a reason to live” or our life’s purpose. The diagram below shows the intersection of four main areas of our lives:

Ikigai is the common ground between what we love, what we are good at, what the world needs, and what we can get paid for. It’s a great first step to discovering your purpose.

Finding and realizing your ikigai will not happen overnight. By working towards our ikigai over time, we will continue to grow and develop in our chosen fields or professions. And because our ikigai is our choice, we can feel a sense of autonomy over the journey it takes to get there.

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Ikigai is often nothing grand or extraordinary, which makes it accessible and realistic for many people. In this way, it also improves our well-being because we are always working towards something meaningful.

To create your ikigai, start with each of the four main areas of the circle. Write down the activities and subjects you love and the things you are good at. Then think about what the world needs specifically from you. Finally, what can you be paid for relative to your talents and experience.

Then start making connections between each of the circles. For example, what do you love that the world also needs? What are you good at that you can get paid for? Answering these questions will help you identify ways to balance the circles.

What Is My Purpose Here On Earth Quiz

When you feel you have a sufficient sense of yourself, brainstorm a few things that could be your ikigai, or how all four areas might intersect and what that might look like in your life. Then ask yourself what you need to start and stop doing to get there.

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While the ikigai practice is a great way to start brainstorming and visualizing our life purpose, trying to achieve it can be overwhelming.

We tell ourselves a lot of stories about what we can and can’t do. Fear holds us back from achieving our goals and dreams.

Fear is the biggest killer of confidence. When we fear the outcome or part of the process, we do not move forward. Acting leads to increased trust. Fear creates this vicious cycle that keeps us from realizing our goals and dreams and in the process robs us of our confidence.

Start by making a list of your fears in relation to finding your purpose. What about this discovery process is scary for you? What are the unknowns that overwhelm you? Think about how this contributes to your level of confidence.

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Next, identify the evidence that proves your fear is wrong. What lie is your fear trying to tell you?

Once you’ve erased your fear of pursuing your purpose, you can begin to identify your core values. Start by making a list of everything you value, or use this list of common core values ​​for inspiration. Then narrow the list down to five of your most deeply held values.

As you look at your list, think about how your current life and work supports and reflects these values. How do they show up for you on a daily basis? What examples do you have of times when you have truly lived your values?

What Is My Purpose Here On Earth Quiz

Then think about what values ​​you might be ignoring or not paying enough attention to in your current situation. How can you create more awareness of these values? What do you need to start or stop doing to fully embrace and live these values?

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Our values ​​represent who we are at our core. When we deeply understand and claim our values, decisions become easier to make and we can begin to put our dreams into practice.

Which brings me to the final step. We cannot begin to live our purpose without taking action. The difference between where we are and where we want to go is what we do.

Some of us are already on our way to living out our ikigai. Others have a little more work to do. Start by identifying where you fall on that continuum. Then think about where you want to be next year.

Then break that goal down into 12 concrete actions or changes you need to make. Grab your favorite planner, notebook, or online calendar and assign an action for each month for the next year.

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By focusing on just one area of ​​improvement per month, our goals become more manageable and we are more likely to follow through on these small actions.

Finding your life’s purpose doesn’t have to be a pie-in-the-sky dream. We can all discover our life purpose if we give ourselves the time and space to consider these powerful concepts. We can find what is missing and take realistic, manageable steps to bring more of it into our lives.

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What Is My Purpose Here On Earth Quiz

Previous Previous 8 Resume Tips from a Former Hiring Manager Next Next 7 Questions to Ask to Discover Your Passion Sometimes we begin to wonder, “what is my purpose in life?” and find it difficult to answer the question directly. This quiz aims to help you find your goals by asking about your interests and strengths. However, it is in no way a job talent consultant, and it is more focused on the fun side of the inquiry. Before we jump into the questions, let’s go through some interesting thoughts on the topic.

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There are several ways to define the purpose of life. Therefore, in this quiz we try to follow the ancient Indian philosophy and Japanese ikigai – the concept that represents the reason you live. Of course, some other definitions and conceptions describe the central purpose of an individual’s life. Nevertheless, finding your purpose in life is of vital importance. Because finding your purpose will influence your decisions, help you shape your behavior and define your short-term goals.

For example, a person whose purpose in life is to become famous and receive compliments may help others. However, he is more likely to do so when others are watching. Therefore, he can become more personal in the eyes of others and gain popularity. At the same time, the same person may ignore others when there is no witness to impress. In addition, such a person is more likely to choose a career path that involves being the center of attention. For example, he might prefer to become an influencer or an actor.

With that introduction in mind, let’s find out more about ikigai and purusharthas, the goals of life according to Hindu philosophy.

According to the ikigai concept, there are four main drives in one’s personality: what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for.

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The combination of these principle phenomena will determine other things that matter to you, including your ikigai or intention to live. We can define a profession by mixing what you are good at and what you can get paid for. In addition, passion is a mixture of what you love and what you are good at. Furthermore, your mission can be defined as a mixture of what the world needs and what you love. Last but not least, vocation is composed of what the world needs and what you are paid for. Now put them all together and the shared area will demonstrate your ikigai.

The image above illustrates the area that characterizes ikigai. The What’s Your Purpose quiz will ask questions about these four areas to determine what your life goals are.

Dharma includes the concepts a human should do to survive in society and the universe. In practice, dharma includes duties, laws, virtues and the right way to live. In other words, people should respect dharma to sustain the world and make it a place worth living.

What Is My Purpose Here On Earth Quiz

The term describes the “means of life,” such as your income, work, and activities that lead to wealth and prosperity.

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