What Does Taking A Cold Shower Do

What Does Taking A Cold Shower Do – Brad Rose Wilson, PhD, MSN, RN

Cold and hot showers can have different benefits A cold shower can help reduce pain, inflammation and swelling, while a hot shower can boost circulation and improve sleep.

What Does Taking A Cold Shower Do

What Does Taking A Cold Shower Do

Most studies on the health benefits of cold and hot water have used immersion therapy During water immersion therapy, a person submerges their body or part of their body in a vat of water for a specified period of time.

Ways Cold Showers Can Improve Your Health, According To Science

This article describes the results of such studies, the potential health benefits and risks of cold and hot showers.

Although taking a cold shower may not be a pleasant experience, it can have some health benefits One

, investigated the effects of different water temperatures on the body’s response In the cold water condition, researchers immersed participants in 57.2°F (14°C) water for 1 hour. Participants experienced the following effects (some of which may not be beneficial to health):

Exposure to cold water causes the blood vessels on the surface of the skin to constrict. It diverts blood flow away from the surface of the skin In fact, a small 2019 study found that taking a cold shower after exercise can improve general hydration by cooling the body.

I Tried Taking Cold Showers For A Week And Now I Get Why People Are So Hyped About Them

As blood moves away from the skin, the blood vessels in the deeper tissues of the body dilate It improves blood circulation in deep tissues

SIA decreases during exposure to or following a stressful stimulus, such as immersion in cold water.

Examined the effects of cold water immersion on physical performance in athletes Following sports, some athletes dive in cold water, others in tepid water.

What Does Taking A Cold Shower Do

The researchers found no differences in subsequent physical performance between the two groups, nor in the amount of muscle damage or inflammation the participants experienced.

Cold Showers Are Good For You And Your Kids

However, the perception of muscle soreness and general fatigue was significantly lower in the cold water immersion group. This psychological effect can prove beneficial during competitive sports

Of hydrotherapy notes, warm water baths improve blood flow in people with chronic heart failure. This is due to the natural dilation of blood vessels due to exposure to high temperatures

A 2012 study investigated the effects of immersion in warm water on arterial stiffness, when arteries within the body become less flexible. Arterial stiffness plays a major role in cardiovascular atherosclerosis, which can lead to high blood pressure.

The study found that participants who immersed their feet and lower legs in warm water for 30 minutes had reduced arterial stiffness. Participants who did not soak in warm water did not show this effect

Hot Or Cold Shower After Workout — Which Is Better?

As mentioned above, hot showers can increase blood flow, helping to soothe stiff joints and tired muscles. A cold shower during this time can reduce inflammation and help with chronic pain

Investigated the effects of heat and cold therapy on knee osteoarthritis The researchers divided 96 participants into three groups A control group received only standard osteoarthritis treatment The other two groups received standard osteoarthritis treatment with heat therapy or cold therapy.

The heat therapy group applied heat to the affected knee twice daily for 3 weeks, while the cold therapy group applied cold to the affected knee twice for 3 weeks.

What Does Taking A Cold Shower Do

At the end of the study, both groups showed a slight reduction in pain and a slight improvement in knee function However, these effects were not significantly stronger than those experienced by the control group

Reasons To Take A Cold Shower

One 2018 study investigated the effects of hot water immersion on brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF is a protein that has many important functions in the brain and spinal cord, including:

The study was small, involving only eight men One group bathed for 20 minutes in hot water with a temperature of 107.6°F (42°C). The other group bathed for 20 minutes in warm water with a temperature of 95°F (35°C).

BDNF levels were significantly higher in participants who took a hot bath The researchers concluded that hyperthermia induced by hot baths increased the production of BDNF.

A hot shower can improve sleep quality due to the combination of how the body relaxes during bathing and body temperature afterward.

What Is Cold Water Therapy, And How Does It Help Our Health?

Doctors sometimes recommend heat or cold therapy for people with muscle or bone injuries However, it is not yet clear whether cold or hot showers have the same benefits as applying ice or hot pads.

Some people with arthritis enjoy a warm shower in the morning because it helps them feel more mobile However, cold showers are beneficial for injuries with inflammation

As for taking a hot shower to improve sleep, a 2019 study found that the best time to take a bath or shower is 1-2 hours before bedtime.

What Does Taking A Cold Shower Do

People with eczema and other rashes should avoid hot showers, as it can further dry out the skin.

Shower Temperature? This Is The Ideal To Keep Your Skin Soft And Smooth

Long baths or showers that may be too cold or too hot can lower or raise body temperature too much.

As long as a person avoids extreme temperatures, both cold and hot showers have some health benefits. Hydrotherapy is usually a

Further studies are needed to investigate and confirm the long-term effects of cold and hot showers

Most of the research on the health effects of cold and hot water is related to immersion therapy Studies have shown that both cold and hot temperatures are beneficial to the body, but in different ways.

Amazing Facts About Cold Water Therapy

It is not clear whether bathing produces the same effects as immersion therapy. If so, a person should consider the type of effect they want to achieve before deciding whether to take a cold or hot shower.

As with water immersion therapy, cold or hot baths are likely to be safe However, people should avoid extremely cold or extremely hot showers, as doing so can be harmful to health

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What Does Taking A Cold Shower Do

For those who aren’t ready to dive into an ice bath or cryotherapy, a cold shower can provide a way to ease the physical benefits of experiencing the low temperature of the water.

Are Cold Showers Actually Beneficial Or Just Another Social Media Trend?

According to Kyle Jagrodzki, founder and CEO of OsteoStrong, Cold Rain and Winter Rain were inspired by Dutch world record-setting Wim Hof, who combined a unique breathing technique to withstand cold temperatures for long periods of time. in Nashville, Tennessee

Benefits of Cold Water: We “have the power” to heal disease, says health guru and extreme athlete Wim Hof.

Jagrodzki, who has long worked in the health and fitness industry, incorporates cold water therapy into her practice.

“Cold water stimulates blood flow, increases overall circulation and gets your heart pumping,” Jagrodzki told Fox News Digital in an email.

Cold Shower For Anxiety: Research, Efficacy, And More

Exposure to cold water can also stimulate the release of endorphins, which can reduce stress, reduce pain and instantly improve mood, experts say.

“Personally, I’ve noticed a change in mood after taking a cold shower,” Jagrodzki said.

Cold showers can also have an aesthetic benefit, as they help tighten pores and improve skin and hair health.

What Does Taking A Cold Shower Do

“Personally, I’ve experienced a mood swing after taking a cold shower when feeling emotionally low and disconnected.”

Are Cold Showers Good For You, Or Even Worth It?

Contrary to the common association of cold exposure with catching a cold, Jagrodzki says freezing rain can strengthen the immune system.

“Another unexpected benefit is weight loss, because your body burns extra calories to maintain body temperature in the winter,” he said.

While cold showers are generally safe for most healthy adults, they can come with some risks — especially for those with certain medical conditions, warns Dr. Raj Raj Dasgupta, chief medical officer of Sleepopolis, California.

While cold showers are generally safe for most healthy adults, experts say they can be dangerous, especially for those with certain medical conditions. (iStock)

Why Taking A Cold Shower Is Beneficial, According To Studies

“Cold exposure constricts blood vessels and can increase the risk of high blood pressure, which can have negative effects for people with heart disease, including high blood pressure,” he told Fox News Digital via email.

Those with heart conditions such as high blood pressure and coronary artery disease may need to avoid cold exposure, as it can put more strain on the heart, warns Dasgupta.

People who have cold urticaria (hives), which is a skin reaction to cold exposure, or numbness in the fingers and toes in response to cold temperatures, should consult a doctor before starting a cold shower.

What Does Taking A Cold Shower Do

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