What Does Lemon Juice Do To Skin

What Does Lemon Juice Do To Skin – I love a refreshing lemonade in the summer. Lemon cheesecake at the end of the special dinner. A whiff of citrus fruits will remind you of the approaching summer.

However, I would never use lemon on my skin care. Putting lemons on the skin is just trouble.

What Does Lemon Juice Do To Skin

What Does Lemon Juice Do To Skin

I know, it’s hard to believe. Lemons are natural. Packed with antioxidants. A key ingredient in many DYI beauty recipes. How can they harm your skin?

Diy Yes Or Diy, No? Lemon Juice

On the surface, lemon is the perfect skin care ingredient. This bright yellow fruit is full of skin-loving benefits that you can never get enough of:

What does all this mean for the skin? Let’s turn these scientific jargons into real benefits for your skin:

Due to its high vitamin C content, lemon is often the best choice for DIY treatments to combat hyperpigmentation. But vitamin C is very acidic. It only has a pH of 2.

What does it mean? The skin’s natural pH is around 5.5 or 6.5. Putting something with a pH as low as 2 on it can damage its protective barrier. You know, that wall that keeps out moisture and bacteria and pollutants and all kinds of dirt?

Does Lemon Juice Really Clear Up Dark Spots On The Skin?

In an effort to reduce dark spots and even out skin tone, you now have inflamed and dry skin. Not the smartest move…

A lemon is a lemon, right? But have you ever noticed how some lemons taste much tarter or tarter than others? There’s a reason for this: even though all lemons are made up of the same compounds, the amounts vary.

It depends on many different factors, such as the type of lemon, where it was grown, the time of year, whether it was refrigerated after picking, and how long it has been in the grocery store…

What Does Lemon Juice Do To Skin

How much goodness does that lemon in your kitchen really contain? Enough to be effective? Is it too much? (FYI, a 61-year-old woman developed spots on her skin after using a lemon toner because it had reduced the dark pigment in her skin too much).

Lemon Juice For Acne: The Complete Guide

You have no way of knowing. Each lemon is a gamble that can result in little improvement, no improvement, or red and irritated skin. Again, why take a chance?

Did you know that fruits, like lemons, are made up of thousands of different substances? Some of them are good, some not so much.

For example, lemons contain fluranocurmarin and psoralens. All you need to know is that when exposed to sunlight, these compounds can irritate and even burn your skin!

This condition is called phytophotodermatitis (or PPD for short), and it’s more common than you think. PPD is tricky because it doesn’t always appear right away.

Incredible Benefits Of Lemon For Healthy Skin And Hair

But it will happen eventually. You’ll know it when it happens: you’ll see red rashes and brown discoloration that worsen the hyperpigmentation you were trying to correct. Ironic, isn’t it?

Oh, in case you were wondering, these phototoxic compounds can be removed from citrus oils during the processing phase, so not all of them are necessarily bad.

However, you cannot remove them at home. So never put lemons on your skin and then go out in the sun unprotected. Never.

What Does Lemon Juice Do To Skin

The right vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is the main ingredient in lemons and has the same whitening properties for skin – without the harsh side effects (unless your skin is super sensitive). Here are my favorite picks:

What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Lemon Water

Lemons are delicious little treats, but when it comes to skin care, they’re too unpredictable. The risks far outweigh the benefits. Do not do it!

About Gio Hi, I’m Joe. I’m a no-nonsense skin coach and writer on a mission to help you achieve the best skin day ever—every day. I debunk skincare myths and debunk the marketing jargon to help you understand what’s worth it and what’s best left on the shelf—using science, not hype. I also offer skin care consultations to help you create the best skin care routine for your unique needs.

Hi, I’m Joe! I’m a skin coach and author dedicated to helping you achieve your best skin day ever – every day. Support me on Patreon If you were to look for ways to use lemon for your skin, you would find all the same information on every site. For years, there have been few homemade skin care products with lemon juice that can help a variety of things.

The interesting thing is that most of these DIYs I’ve tried over the years don’t work! If you don’t know the science of lemon, you won’t understand how to get real benefits from it.

How To Remove Dark Spots On Your Face With Lemon Juice

First, be sure to read this post about the health benefits of lemon. Today we are focusing on the real benefits of lemon for your skin!

In this post we wrote many years ago about why you should eat lemon for your health, we touched on the fact that lemon peel has the most benefits. The juice is great too, but the peel is really full of all kinds of vitamins, minerals and protein. So, let’s see how it does for your skin!

All parts of the lemon contain a high dose of vitamin C. Both the juice and the peel contain vitamin C, so I love making this lemon powder and I ALWAYS add lemon juice to my collagen tea.

What Does Lemon Juice Do To Skin

Lemon is very acidic, more so than most fruits, which is why it tastes so sour. Citric acid is one of the main acids also found in all parts of lemon.

The Secret Between Lemon And The Sun

Have you ever heard of terpenes? Probably not! Terpenes are large groups of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in citrus essential oils. This hydrocarbon is responsible for the smell and taste of lemon, which is mainly found in the lemon peel.

There are all different types of terpenes. According to this research article on the NCBI website, lemon peel oil has three main types of terpenes:

Although there are other chemicals found in lemon in small amounts, these are the main ingredients we will focus on today!

There are many ways to use lemon for skin. Each part of a lemon is useful for different things because of the chemical composition of the juice, peel and oils.

Simple Ways To Use Glycerin With Rose Water And Lemon Juice

Simply squeeze FRESH lemon juice to add to any recipe or information below. Always use fresh lemon to get the full chemical benefits.

To use lemon peels for your skin, you need to be able to extract the oils from the peel. This will be different from how we used lemon peels for cleaning. You want to retain as many vitamins as possible in the oils.

Zest a few lemons and add them to the mortar. Rub the lemons until the oils are released. It won’t be much BUT it is very powerful. The skin does not need much.

What Does Lemon Juice Do To Skin

Contrary to many articles you read online, lemon essential oil does NOT contain vitamins. It all has to do with the chemical nature of oils and vitamins. Essential oils are non-polar substances and most vitamins are polar substances, especially vitamin C. It does not pass through the oil production process. Lemon oils contain terpenes, but as mentioned above, which are still amazing for the skin.

Surprising Lemon Benefits For Skin And Hair

The reason the lemon oil from the peel will still have the vitamins is because of how little you really squeeze it.

Before we talk about all the benefits of lemon for skin, I want to point out some important information. Lemon is very acidic.

Use it directly on the skin. It always needs to be mixed or diluted with something. If you read an article online about applying lemon directly to your face, just click on it. Acids can harm and burn the skin if applied directly.

VERY IMPORTANT: Always use small doses of lemon for everything below and ALWAYS test a small area of ​​skin for sensitivity!

How Is Lemon Good For Your Skin And Is It Even Safe To Use?

Lemon juice is great for lightening the skin. Vitamin C and citric acid remove dead skin, reduce pigmentation and brighten the skin. You can also use lemon peel for this purpose.

As mentioned above, lemon essential oil works a little differently. Terpenes are also good at fixing and brightening, but you want to use them differently. The best way to do this is to add a drop or two (a little) of lemon essential oil to a homemade mask that you wash off. You can also add it to any store-bought mask, such as a clay mask. Again, be sure to only use a drop or two!

You can also try a little lemon oil in our DIY under eye mask for extra brightness.

What Does Lemon Juice Do To Skin

Tea tree oil is always my favorite for blemishes, but lemon can be really good for this too. Dilute lemon peel oil with a little water, apply to the spot before going to bed. This will dry it overnight and also kill any bacteria.

Uses For Lemons 2022

The terpenes in lemon essential oil are also a great anti-inflammatory, so you can

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