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You’ve heard that climate change is causing sea levels to rise and temperatures to rise. And you know the glaciers are melting and the storms are getting stronger. But these are not the only results. As the Earth warms, it will develop many exciting new features. Some you will like, others less… pleasant. Here are some terrestrial wonders coming your way:

What Are The Consequences Of Global Warming

What Are The Consequences Of Global Warming

Warming has expanded the climatic ranges of many invasive and disease-causing insects, from mountain pine beetles in the West to dengue- and malaria-carrying mosquitoes in Europe and North America.

Global Warming Science

It’s not all bad news: climate change may limit other invaders. The big-headed ant, one of the world’s most invasive species, and one that has traditionally invaded almost any ecosystem, could be stopped—or at least slowed—in its tracks: a study of climate projections over the next six decades found that nearly 20 percent of ants’ climate ranges will change as temperatures change. will be destroyed. This may offer little relief to species harried by ants, such as red-tailed tropicbirds or wedge-tailed shearwaters, whose nests frequently fall prey to the dreaded formicidae.

Some fish and amphibians are known to spontaneously change sex mid-life. But this behavior is new in wild reptiles and could be attributed to climate change. Extremely hot temperatures (above 90 degrees Fahrenheit) cause male Australian central bearded dragons to ignore their male chromosomes and grow female organs, scientists report in Nature.

Of the 131 bearded dragons captured, 11 (all from tropical regions) had male chromosomes but lacked male sex organs. These dragons mated with other males and also produced more eggs than true female dragons. The sex of their offspring was determined solely by temperature—many more male-chromosome produced females. This can severely imbalance the population going forward.

More sediment and organic matter will enter the oceans – either washed away by increased rainfall or thrown up by melting glaciers. As a result, scientists predict that some oceans and seas will darken. It is most likely to occur in coastal zones and around estuaries, where many birds and fish feed.

Essay On Causes And Effects Of Global Warming For Students Infinity Learn By Sri Chaitanya

Muddy water makes hunting by sight difficult, meaning marbled murrelets, gannets and kittiwakes struggle to find food. Other species may grow, however. United States Geological Survey research wildlife biologist Dr. “Even if it has a negative effect on some species, it can make things better for others,” says John Piatt.

That’s great if you’re enjoying the ongoing Rise of Slime: increased precipitation in Norway, for example, is carrying organic matter into the ocean, making it cloudy; As a result, some fish populations are declining while jellyfish populations are increasing.

Millions of species of bacteria grow beneath the desert sands, forming a thick, sturdy layer called a bio-crust that helps prevent erosion. Bio-crusts can reduce dust storms and provide resources for desert plants.

What Are The Consequences Of Global Warming

But despite thriving in harsh desert conditions, cold desert bacteria can’t cope with the heat brought on by global warming; Others may replace them, and researchers aren’t sure what that will mean for the ecosystem. And since bacteria play a role in soil fertility, they also help reduce desertification; Replacing one type of bacteria with another could have serious consequences for the spread of deserts around the world.

The Health Effects Of Climate Change, Explained

Could rising temperatures also lead to rising anger? Recent research suggests that it might. According to an analysis of 56 research papers on the topic, increased temperatures and fluctuating precipitation are likely to increase both individual encounters, such as fistfights, and large-scale conflicts, such as wars.

“Heat changes the way people feel and think, increases anger and increases thoughts of aggression,” Richard Larrick, who studied the effects of heat on aggressive acts in baseball players, told the Washington Post. With 2014 being the hottest year on record, it’s good to hope the Ice Bucket Challenge cooled some people off.

Melting glaciers have caused sea levels to rise, but few people are aware of other effects of melting glaciers—such as increased volcanic activity.

Glaciers are so heavy that they weigh down the Earth’s crust. This prevents magma from reaching the Earth’s surface. But as they melt – and they’re doing so very quickly – this weight shifts from land to water, so eventually the oceans may weigh more than the land mass. Scientists theorize that this could lead to more volcanic activity as the pressure on the magma underground changes. “While some effect of surface pressure changes on volcanic activity is very meaningful,” says Roland Bergman of the University of California, Berkeley, “it’s more difficult to say how important that effect is.” But we’re about to find out!

Unexpected Consequences Of Solar Geoengineering

As sea levels rise, it makes sense that beaches are the first to go. Already, 70 to 90 percent of beaches are being washed away by these rising waters, fueled by major storms.

Many governments are trying to preserve their beaches, importing fresh sand—or mining it from the seabed. Although this is already a temporary solution (the sand is washed away again), it is going to be more difficult. There is currently a shortage of sand due to demand from the fracking, glass and cement industries.

Over the past 50 years, trees have grown rapidly in Europe. Researchers at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen in Germany found that in some cases tree growth increased by up to 70 percent. (Trees in the rainforest are expected to follow suit, but according to recent research they haven’t yet.)

What Are The Consequences Of Global Warming

While there are many hypotheses to explain this phenomenon, researchers believe that high levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the atmosphere may have contributed to the growth of trees. Those high levels are thanks to climate change. “It’s slightly warmer than before (up to 1 degree Celsius on average), and that means the growing season is extended in spring and autumn,” says John Grace of the University of Edinburgh.

Global Warming Infographic

The world’s oldest man-made mummies aren’t Egyptian—they’re the Chinchoro, a fishing people who lived along the coast of present-day Chile and Peru. For more than 7,000 years these mummies – created by removing the body’s flesh and stuffing it with plant fibers – have been well-preserved in the bone-dry Atacama Desert, but that is coming to an end.

Over the past decade, the mummies have begun to deteriorate rapidly, with some turning into black ooze. Rising humidity from climate change may be to blame — humid air favors the growth of mummy-chomping bacteria, Harvard researchers announced in March. Climate change can also engulf other historical artifacts, from outdoor marble statues to the ancient frozen tombs of Siberia.

It’s hard to focus when it’s hot. And many places around the world are burning more and more because of climate change. As a result, employee productivity is affected, according to several recent papers.

In warmer-than-average countries like India and Thailand, for example, a 2014 discussion paper by two Ivy League professors found that a mere one-degree Celsius increase could reduce economic output per country by 3.9 percent. Air conditioning mitigates some of these negative effects, but not for outdoor workers or those in poor countries who cannot afford it. (Of course, air conditioners also contribute to climate change.) Math test scores also drop in the heat—though, curiously, not readings—a different group of researchers found in 2012.

Nasa Study Reveals Compounding Climate Risks At Two Degrees Of Warming

Yes, seriously. Warmer temperatures result in smaller goats. Since the 1980s, alpine goats—also known as chamois—have lost an average of 25 percent of their body weight, and climate change is likely to blame.

Over the past 30 years, the temperature of the chamois’ alpine home has risen by 4 degrees Celsius (7.2 degrees Fahrenheit), so chamois now spend more time in the sun and less time searching for food. “If climate change causes similar behavior and body mass changes in domestic livestock,” study co-author Dr. “This could impact agricultural productivity for decades to come,” Stephen Willis said in a press release.

Lightning occurs when an electric charge builds up in the water vapor of a cloud. Warmer temperatures mean more water vapor will be trapped in the atmosphere, leading to more lightning.

What Are The Consequences Of Global Warming

Pledge to stand with elected officials to listen to science and act on climate solutions. Educating individuals and businesses to adapt to what we can no longer avoid! This will help you and your business survive and thrive in the many climate change crises that are soon to come.

Effects Of Climate Change

Our website publishes “big picture” physics and the mathematically-determined interactions of many complex climate systems in easy-to-understand illustrations, descriptions, and documentation. We know of no other website that so clearly presents such a comprehensive window into our global warming future.

Below you will also find links to the many amazing and significant benefits that will accrue to you and humanity as we address the global warming challenges, opportunities and adventures. We must not forget that “our greatest challenges are also our greatest opportunities.”

Major changes in our environment and climate that normally take thousands of years are now happening in decades.

As our

Climate Change Impacts

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