What's The Difference Between A Phd And A Doctorate Degree – An In-Depth Look at the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 and Oyster Perpetual 39 Bigger – but is it better?

I will not mince words here or try to play both sides: When the newest group of Rolex releases came out, I was angry to see that the Oyster Perpetual 39 had been removed from the collection. It was my favorite modern Rolex, hands down, and the watch I recommended to beginning “fine watch” buyers above all others. Come to think of it, it is one of the watches that I would recommend to any watch buyer over the others. It’s a Rolex through and through: It’s an impressive size that works on almost any wrist, and the white dial has given it something special that sets it apart from many black sport Rolex watches. And they killed it. No announcement and no fanfare. The king is dead.

What's The Difference Between A Phd And A Doctorate Degree

What's The Difference Between A Phd And A Doctorate Degree

OP 39 was replaced by the new OP 41. Instead of offering Oyster Perpetuals in 28, 31, 34, 36, and 39mm, there is now a 5mm jump between 36mm and 41mm. I like the OP 36 and think it’s the right size for my wrist, but that leaves a pretty big gap in the watch size area for the OP.

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When people started freaking out online because the Submariner got one millimeter on paper, we were among the commentators who pointed out that the actual size difference is less than a millimeter. one, but that the rounding done for certain pages led to the idea of ​​a larger change. . With Oyster Perpetuals, there is no such mathematical pattern to be seen. The OP 41 is larger than the OP 39 and should be considered a completely new watch, not a minor modification of an existing one.

With that in mind, I wanted to get the OP 39 and OP 41 in hand to do a fair side by side comparison and see if maybe I had a smaller watch than nothing.

First, let’s give this watch a fair chance of its own accord. It’s still an Oyster Perpetual, which means it’s an over-built, over-engineered three-hand wristwatch in the Rolex style. The case is as strong as a tank but beautifully polished with the right techniques, the Oyster bracelet is comfortable and sturdy, and you have Rolex’s unique blend of quality and precision in everything from the crystal top to the to the brush. in the back part. So, despite my reservations, this is still a very nice watch at first glance.

And that first impression lives on. The watch feels great in the wrist, and I think Rolex did a great job with the new dial design and updated colors for the OP 41. nine are more balanced than before. two times (old OP 36, I’m looking at you), and from silver-and-gold to bright turquoise, the color options are many and high. Another interesting fact is that Rolex chose not to offer a pink dial in the 41mm size, perhaps because they expect pink to appeal more to female customers, and the 41 appeals more to male customers. Potential market research aside, it’s good old fashioned thinking, so I’m hoping the line will be updated at some point (but I won’t hold my breath).

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New features are a big part of what OP 41 has to offer. There are two new “basic” dials, one new sunburst silver with gold hands and markers and the other a new black with a subtle sunburst finish to it. The silver actually replaces the white dial found on the OP 39, but more on that in a minute. There are also bright options, including the new turquoise, coral red, yellow, green, and solar blue that appeared in the OP collection this year. We’ll have more to come on these new bright colors soon, but I think they’re unique across the board and I’ve already talked about buying the yellow and coral OPs a few weeks ago . We will see where I end up….

Underneath the surface, Rolex has installed a new generation movement in the OP 41, caliber 3230. This is the movement you’ll find in the new non-solar Submariner, and it’s a powerhouse. It has a Chronergy escapement for accuracy and longevity, has a 70-hour power reserve, and has COSC and Rolex certifications for performance. It’s everything you want in a modern outfit meant for everyday wear.

In itself, the Oyster Perpetual 41 represents a fine addition to the Rolex line. I have nothing bad to say about the watch itself. Judging by the comments of friends and acquaintances who bought them and showed them on Instagram, there are already many happy customers in almost every corner of the world. It’s hard to argue with that.

What's The Difference Between A Phd And A Doctorate Degree

But now we have the Oyster Perpetual 39 to consider. The OP 41 isn’t just a new watch, it’s a new replacement for a beloved watch that had a very short run in the Rolex lineup. Does that spoil my view of OP 41? You bet it is.

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A quick disclaimer here: Rolex has never suggested that the OP 41 is an “addition” to my beloved OP 39. According to their discussion, OP 41 is a new watch and OP 39 has been removed. catalog. Empty comments are given, and the two are not connected at all. I’m saying this mostly to cover my ass here, but I also think it’s a view worth floating. Schedules change, we make our own decisions.

Okay, back to business. On the other hand, the OP 39 is where I start to disagree with the OP 41. Yes, it’s a great watch, but in my mind, it’s not an improvement on the 39, it’s something completely different. And I don’t think I like it.

When it comes to the width of the two watches, you get what Rolex says you get – there’s a 2mm difference between the two, and you can only see it by looking at the watches side-by-side. But that’s not the only dimension that matters, especially when you’re looking at the small tonneau-shaped watches that Rolex uses. Lug-to-lug measurements are also important, and at 47.35mm, the OP 41 is actually larger than the OP 39, which measures 44.06mm top to bottom. That’s more than a 3mm difference in how the watch sits on the wrist. Thickness, on the other hand, is not a big concern, since the difference is a fraction of a millimeter, and both come in around the 12mm mark. To be clear, both of these watches are very wearable, and I like both sizes, but one is bigger than the other, and that’s probably what will make or break your relationship with the OP. 41.

If you dig deeper, you will notice that the dial designs are also different. While I love the design and texture of the new OP 41, I can’t help but prefer the OP 39 when you put the two side by side. The perfect circle of 11 markers around the outer edge of the dial, the sub-minute track, and the timeless finish of the white dial all give the watch unparalleled purity and clarity. To my eye, the OP 39 with a white dial is the clearest Rolex you can find. It was one perfect unit of a unique watch. Although the OP 41 is somewhat of a better watch because of that new movement, it doesn’t impress the watch for me.

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In the end, what really matters is how the watch works on the wrist. And, in that department, OP 41 is excellent. Yes, it’s bigger than I’d like, but you already know that. I will not belabor that point further. If a 41mm watch with a sporty, everyday feel is what you’re looking for, Rolex has something great for you here. The watch feels slimmer than other OP models thanks to the large width-to-thickness ratio, and despite the small strap, it’s still comfortable thanks to the smooth connection between the case and the heel.

When it comes to choosing different colors, I think that soft colors like silver and turquoise work better than hard colors. There is so much dial on this watch that too much red or yellow (or black) ends up being too strong. With OP, I want to enjoy the whole package, the harmony, more

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