Theosis The True Purpose Of Human Life

Theosis The True Purpose Of Human Life – The Unitarian Christian Project is a ministry representing the Orthodox Church. The project therefore required the formulation of a statement defending the truth of Orthodox Christianity from its earliest days.

My defense is divided into two stages: the first argument is used to reaffirm the faith of Christians who are already Orthodox, and the second defense is used to convince Christians that Orthodoxy, and not other forms, is the correct version of Christianity. Part Two considers Protestantism and Catholicism as rivals of Orthodoxy.

Theosis The True Purpose Of Human Life

Theosis The True Purpose Of Human Life

Neither defense will convince those who reject the divinity of Christ that Orthodoxy is the correct religion. This does not mean that arguments for advancing such a position cannot be constructed, but that the arguments needed to defend Christianity before non-Christians are different from those needed to defend Orthodoxy before Orthodox, Catholics, and Protestants.

Partakers Of Divine Nature

Now, Orthodoxy is the correct form of the correct religion. Jesus was real and He taught the Apostles the correct way to come to the Father, the Apostles taught their successors what they learned directly from Christ, and the Orthodox Church retains the original practices and teachings of Christ.

These teachings and practices that form the core of Orthodox worship come from Christ. Therefore, they cannot be wrong. To do otherwise is to deny the divinity of Christ and to claim that Christ’s teachings were false, which is a rejection of the first commandment.

Now, the Orthodox add something to what they got, but that doesn’t invalidate the faith. This is because the few novelties adopted by Orthodoxy since the time of Christ do not eliminate anything that originally existed.

The Catholic Church understands the truth of Orthodox Christianity, and as such, its leaders recognize the validity of the Orthodox sacraments. Their scholastic theology was different from ours. Throughout Christian history, monks in the Catholic Church have asked many questions that they did not know enough to answer. However, these monks, despite lacking the knowledge necessary to answer their own questions, attempted to provide answers anyway. The Catholic Monks’ Misguided Tome Is Their Reverence

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Thus, Catholics introduce error into their teachings by exaggerating their knowledge. The result of centuries of Catholic scholasticism was the accumulation of a vast body of opinions that were supported more by human error and arrogance than by revelation or sound reason.

In short, Catholics pretend to know much more than they actually do. It is this insincerity, a failure that stems from Catholic scholasticism, that Orthodoxy rightly rejects. The modern Catholic Church is finally beginning to see the error of its ways, the same error that the Orthodox Church has seen for centuries, and the Church is beginning to turn its back on many of its accumulated teachings.

At the same time, in countries where Protestantism and its ten thousand offshoots have become the dominant form of Christianity, the religion is rapidly dying out and being replaced by secularism, progressivism, and Islam. Furthermore, Protestant church attendance is collapsing as they no longer value their religion, and those who remain in their institutions are rapidly changing their practices to better fit the increasingly secular world in which they live.

Theosis The True Purpose Of Human Life

The tendency of Protestants to change their teachings to fit the world around them is evidence that Protestants do not believe they possess the truth. Because if they believe their church provides the truth, then they will be very reluctant to change their own teachings. If their teachings are correct, if these teachings change, then their validity will be called into question; if these changes occur frequently, then they will inevitably become false.

David Armstrong: The Dangers Of Dualism — Jacob’s Well

Therefore, we can tell whether members of a sect believe they have the correct doctrine by observing how often they change their doctrine. People who believe they are right will be reluctant to change. This is because whenever changes are made, they run the risk of falling into errors. At the same time, people who have already made mistakes don’t mind changing because they don’t risk losing anything by doing so.

Protestants often changed their practices. This proves that Protestants don’t believe they are right, and if Protestants don’t believe they are right, then why should we?

The defense included a strong case against the notion that Catholicism was the church founded by Jesus, the true church. It then argued that Protestantism was wrong and asserted that Orthodoxy, as the only remaining form of Christianity, must therefore be right. The Protestant claims are easy to refute, but I would not include these refutations in the arguments given to Catholics, who already accept the falsity of Protestantism.

The pope has the power to declare papal infallibility. He may enter into a program, perform a ritual, and then make a statement that is believed to be infallible. These declarations must be accepted as dogma of the Church because they are inerrant. Furthermore, the pope can only make statements on religious matters. Any Catholic who rejects infallible dogma is, at best, wrong, and at worst, a heretic or apostate.

Archpriest Alexis Pena Alfaro, The Inner Man, Inner, Man, Alexis, Pena, Alfaro, Holy Scriptures, Holy Fathers

Now, suppose the pope was to perform the necessary rituals to prove the pope’s validity. Let us suppose that he ascended the throne of St. Peter and issued a proclamation which had nothing to do with religion.

Next, let us assume that his declaration was: “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

If that happened, then the Pope would be apostate, and the fact that the Shahada suddenly became Catholic dogma would require all Catholics to become apostates as well.

Theosis The True Purpose Of Human Life

Furthermore, invoking papal inerrancy does not carry any restrictions that prevent this from happening. The rituals that the pope must participate in in order to make an inerrant declaration do not contain any safeguards to prevent him from speaking the Shahadah. The sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church that deal with papal inerrancy do not contain any safeguards to prevent this from happening.

Resource Library — St. Paul Orthodox Church

Furthermore, declaring Islam to be the correct religion is certainly a religious matter within which the Pope can adjudicate.

To refute Catholicism is because of the teaching of papal inerrancy, which means that Catholicism can be refuted according to its own standards.

If Catholicism were true, its own dogma would make the faith irrefutable. And anything that can be disproven must not be true. Truth cannot be refuted, so the fact that the Pope has not refuted Catholicism by inerrantly affirming the Shahada is unimportant. The very fact that he was able to refute Catholicism proves that Catholicism is refutable and therefore false.

Furthermore, the fact that papal infallibility is a dogma of the Catholic Church means that it can never be abandoned or changed.

Theosis, Humanness, Personhood And Race

Truth can never be refuted. The truth is irrefutable. However, the dogma of papal inerrancy can refute itself and all other dogmas within the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church refutes itself, and the problems that cause the faith to refute itself can never be changed and therefore cannot be solved.

If Catholicism is not the true religion, then the true church must be with either the Protestants or the Orthodox. However, Protestantism lacks apostolic authority, while Orthodoxy retains it. Therefore, Catholics who must affirm the Nicene Creed and the Apostolic Church cannot admit that the true Church is one with the Protestants.

Theosis The True Purpose Of Human Life

This is tricky because there is no consistent doctrine among the ten thousand sects of Protestants. Therefore, in order for my defense of Orthodoxy to be effective against all Protestant groups simultaneously, I need to address what they have in common.

Spirituality: The Meaning Of Theosis As The Goal In Life For An Orthodox Christian

Now, every protestant denomination has its own teachings, and every protestant has its own views, and these denominations and people often pretend that their views are representative of protestantism as a whole, so I would expect that if this list was given, a lot of protestants would Do this, ask questions.

The views advanced by various factions within the Protestant community are so slippery, intangible, contradictory, incoherent, and ill-defined that this disappointing list of common views held by Protestants is actually the most coherent account of the Protestant view description of.

The fact that this list is so unremarkable says more about the chaos of the Protestant world than it does about the author’s ability.

Therefore, since it is impossible to provide a coherent account of the Protestant view beyond the brief list I have given, I will address three of these points.

Icons Are Dynamic Letters Of Love Between God And Man

First, Protestants were right to reject papal supremacy and sell indulgences. The Orthodox do the same. They are mistaken, however, when they pretend that the Pope has no authority over religious matters, which brings us to the second point.

Protestants rejected apostleship. they believe

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